Dane by Adam Pieratt

Duke Howlracio, often affectionately just called Duke, is a great dane who lives as a work dog on a farm on the border of Rimmington. He is the loyal pet of a farmer known as Mr. Jeod Browning who spends most of his days tending to his wheat and onions and caring for his sheep.

Duke is a spirited great dane who fits the breed's reputation as a gentle giant. He's always excited to see friends, new and old, and is familiar with the townsfolk because he likes to wander off of the farm when Jeod isn't calling for him.


Duke is a younger dog, not a puppy anymore, but not quite fully sized yet. He is mostly black, with a well-groomed layer of fuzz covering him up and a brow that loves to wrinkle with curiosity. He has a white patch that streaks down frm his chest to his belly. His eyes are very dark brown, close to black, and he has proportionately long legs that make him look a little giraffe-like.


  • Following Jeod around
  • Playing fetch
  • Exploring
  • Sniffing butts
  • Humping wells
    • and legs
  • Investigating trash piles
  • Racing into town to say hello to people
  • Finding Jeod
  • Playing with sheep
  • Chasing sheep
  • Tromping through wheat fields
  • Chasing squirrels
  • Getting things for Jeod
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