Drater Gib

A picture of Drater Gib.

Former Lumbridge guard Drater Gib is a human male character local to Misthalin. He was on patrol in the Lumbridge forest when he was ambushed and left to die by a group of goblins. He was injured to the extent that a lung and stomach transplant would be needed to save his life. Found in the forest by a wandering wizard, he was quickly teleported to the Wizard tower to undergo a lifesaving operation by the wizards who inhabited it. His lungs were replaced with air orbs. He was blinded during the attack and his eyes were replaced with golf ball sized fire orbs. He must make trips to the elemental alters every month to recharge his orbs and keep himself alive.

Eventualy his first set of Air Orb lungs were replaced with a specialy crafted set of air orb lungs, designed and shaped like actual lungs.

The Death of Drater Gib and the Resurrection of Captain Nius of the Sarothic Order

Drater Gib was killed by Lord Vile and his body was used in a Ritual to Resurrect Captian Nius of the Sarothic order who's soul now inhabits his body. As a result Captian Nius now has all of Drater's Abilities

Captian Nius was killed by Lord Dion Magnan for treason and resurrected by Lord Vile with the intent to assassinate Dion in a revenge plot. However, Captian Nius informed Lord Dion Magnan and Sir Bool about an attack on Falador. Betreying Lord Vile, Captian Nius was given full amnesty by the Sarothic Order. To this day Lord Vile still has no knowledge of his betreyal. Shortly after the battle, he vanished nd began to wander in search of a brighter future.

Special Abilities

  1. His air orbs lungs give him the ability to breathe underwater and blow arrows and bolts off their targets.
  2. He can launch various air and earth attacks from his mouth.
  3. His sneezes are deadly.
  4. He can shoot flames from his eyes.
  5. His vision is based on heat difference.
  6. He can blow air below him to raise up to 8 feet off the ground.
  7. He can channel the power of his orbs to his hands and feet.
  8. He can shoot flames from the fire orbs replacing his eyes
  9. His lungs are constantly charged and only his fire orb eyes have to be charged for attacks.
  10. When hit by fire or air spells, the orbs in his body will absorb the power making him effectively stronger.


  • "Drater Gib"  spelled backwards is "Big Retard".
  • Often called by the name Mr. Gibs, it is a reference to the man from "Pirates of the Caribbean".
  • He has 3 main weaknesses, but those are for the smart ones to figure out.
  • He dislikes those who make fun of his eyes and will torch them on sight.
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