I am Draka Blaen, Emperor of Manadras, Master Battlemage, High Priest of Zamorak, God Wars Veteran, Father of a murdered child and loving husband. You have shown either great bravery or great stupidity to threaten me. Let us prove which it is!
Draka Blaen screenshot

Draka Blaen in Taverly

Draka Blaen is an Aeladi character roleplayed by the user also known as Draka Blaen. He is 8500 years old, and has lived on Gielinor for 7000 of them. He is married to Valarena Dreath.


Draka has long, blood red hair and beard. He stands at 7' tall, and has slightly tanned skin. He is usually seen in his Zamorak Vestments and symbol, leather or dragon boots, Lederhosen hat and long staff. In battle he wears zamorak plate armour with a plumed rune helmet, rune boots and rune gauntlets, and carries a dragon longsword and a rune shield with a painted dragon.


Draka is intelligent and strong-minded, which showed from an early age. He is an excellent mage in both Aeladi and RuneScape magics, and his vast knowledge of magical theory and quick and reliable reaction time has served him well in many a trouble. He is a very loyal man, and holds honour as one of the highest values. He is very protective of his friends and family, and has been known to cause painful deaths to those who threaten them.


Draka Blaen was born in the land of Manadras, a large country on the planet of Tornaer to the Manadrasi Royal Family. During his childhood years, he showed high levels of intelligence, and was tutored in advanced magic and swordsmanship, and in crafting and smithing. When he turned 1500, his father Daraeg, the Emperor of Manadras, sent him on a mission to a land that his mages had found through scrying. That land was RuneScape, and by extension, Gielinor. When he arrived, he had no knowledge of the land, people, or culture, and only knew a little of the language by observation. He quickly filled the gaps in his knowledge, and became an eloquent speaker. During the 3rd Age, he became involved in politics behind-the-scenes, and ended up fighting in the God Wars for Zamorak. He was a fierce fighter, but was seriously injured during a surprise invasion of a temporary camp. He still bears a large scar which runs from his ankle to his neck, caused by an enchanted sword. Like many veterans of the God Wars, he remembers the horrors vividly, and is not quick to fight, and looks for other ways to end disputes. After the God Wars, he is commanded to lay low until the 5th Age. During the 5th Age, he meets his future wife Valarena Dreath . After her then-husband betrayed her, Draka took her in, and they eventually married.

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