Dianna is the wife of Leif Drake and lady of Keystone Castle. Her Elvish name is Dya'enya (dy-in-ya, the last syllable is rolled on the tongue).


Joining the League

Dianna lived in the area conquered by the League that I now called Port Cadarn. She went to the human lands with a group of elves led by Caelwin, Elwin's brother. She, along with the rest of the group, settled in Ravensgarth.

Meeting Leif

While in Ravensgarth Dianna had a formal meeting with Leif, who was the ruler of Ravensgarth at the time. They fell in love and married two months later. Dianna gave birth to their first child, Elric Drake.

Leaving the League

When Leif resigned from the League Dianna was quick to follow. She went with the caravan Leif took with him and helped build castle keystone and is.


Dianna prefers traditional elven dress, but she usually wears human clothing except at formal occasions.
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