Deus Officinarum
Construct of the Gods












380 lbs





Godhood tier

low 5

Deus OfficinarumIs an experiment created by several mad scientists under the order of a Sliskean wight. This experiment is an attempt to create a new god, one that has the power of those that exists on Gielinor now. Note that this character is strictly for The Godless role-playing plot and is not meant for any freelance role-play. Anyone interested to have an interaction with this character, please talk in the comment section, or message Adventurers.



Deus, before being experimented on was a homeless man who preferred seeing the world in a war-free zone than what it is now. One day he was kidnapped by a group of wights and took him to a lab where he was given essence of each gods. Saradomin's and Zamorak's energy from the battle of Lumbridge. Bandos' energy left in the stone, Armadyl's in the tower. Tuska's anima energy. Seren's and Zaros's crystals. V's essence left behind after his death and Guthix's divine energy left across the world. Each of these were all given to the man, making him slowly turn into each of the gods. He had to be stitched up as his body couldn't handle the energy of the gods going into him all at once. Soon the man lost conscience and had been in a coma for a year. Around this time he was woken up, and was manipulated into believing that the Godless were responsible for what he had become. He was soon teleported to a new location, in order to test the man's new power. He decided to name himself Deus Officinarum and swears his revenge on the Godless, and the world.


During his time in his new location, he was given a number of tests, these included fragments memories of the gods, and abilities as well. his creators label him as a success, being able to conjure up divine lightnings, powerful tornado, infernal flames, a divine/anima barrier to protect him from anything that might harm him. He has shown abilities to control crystal and shape them freely. He also has the ability to cast godly divine blasts. He has also shown Tuska's ability to absorb the anima mundi, sadly he is only limited to the amount he can absorb, and was instructed to avoid using that unless he needs more power or to heal, as Vorago is a being they wish to avoid at all cost. He soon is instructed by the Sliskean wight, known as the Mad Hatter, to prepare himself. The Hatter manipulative skill convinced Deus that Taverly is the main location of the Godless, and to test his godly power there. Enraged Deus would unleash a blast of divine wave in the lab, where scientists are preparing him.

Travelers soon found the cave Deus and the scientists were located at. Word spread of the construct of abomination known to not only the Godless, but probably Asgarnia also. Unaware of this knowledge, the scientists continue to prepare Deus.

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