Dentor Sharpshield

Full Name:

Dentor Thorvaldsson


Sharpshield, Captain, Robertssworn






Captain of V's Fist, Explorer

Place of Birth:



Fremennik Beliefs, Ancestor-worship, Heroism


Rellekka Council, Robertssworn


Neutral Good

Current Status:


Dentor Thorvaldsson is a Fremennik character roleplayed by MortigaDawn.

Will be written at some point.



Early Life

Around the World

Noobs and Trolls

A Light of Hope



Always a cheerful person, his time in the wilderness made Dentor see the world from a new perspective. Appreciating the small things in life, he does not care about being the grandest, biggest or strongest person around.

That said, he still retains a sense of honour and pride, often engaging in drinking and hunting contests, though he does not mind losing to a worthy victor.

Being Fremennik, and having seen the best and worst of people during his travels, Dentor is suspicious of outlanders who seek contact with his people, and will seldom stay quiet when they are present in the Province. Even so, he can respect their warriors, if not trust them in times of need. And like the majority of his people, he disapproves of the use of runecrafting and magic with runes.




Having travelled the world and distinguished himself in both combat and battles of wit, Dentor has amassed a small treasure of items, including but not limited to:

  • A gilded helmet from Neitiznot, a gift when he departed after negotiating alongside Thorkir Bravery
  • A sword of honor, one of five unique sword, he was given this finely crafted weapon by Thorkir as a mark of esteem and trust, a reward for Dentor's loyalty towards Thorkir.
  • A cloak made out of the hide of Hati, Dentor got this after felling the avatar of the great wolf alongside his comrades.
  • A set of Daggermouth armour, lighter than bronze, stronger than adamantite, Dentor felled the Dagannoths during his earlier years, crafting this exquisite set of armour.
  • The longship, V's Fist, purchased shortly after Dentor's return from the mountains.
  • Two chests of silver coins, several bags containing jewelry and other valuables from Dentor's raiding, trading and fighting.
  • And more.


  • Ruald
  • Rex
  • Ulfhoinn
  • Sfet
  • Raul

Other Information


  • Like the creator, Dentor has arachnophobia, the fear of spiders. This is a trait shared by most of the creator's characters.
  • All possessions were either given in actual role-play, or purchased with coin gained from role-play.
  • During his hangover, Dentor married multiple figures, including: A one armed zombie woman in Mos'lee, whom was pushed overboard and dragged to the depths by sharks, a monkey that Dentor keeps around as a pet, an Elf who also was eaten by sharks, and a Lunar mage, who presumably still is alive.


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