Denton, tracking down a Kebbit.

Denton is a strong, intelligent, kind-hearted man from the Mountain Camp. He is roleplayed by Czar.


Denton is 6'1" with black hair, he has a muscular build and dirty armour. Pale blue eyes along with an almost scarless face and body. He carries around a Yew bow with a small assortment of arrows, two iron battle-axes on each side, an iron dagger on his left boot, and an iron sword behind the battle-axe on his right side.

Birth and Childhood

Denton was born in Fremennik and was taught by his father Jarrak Riklar, who was a hunter. Eventually his family headed to the Mountain Camp due to fights between his family with another. Living in the camp was a better life, and his father taught him everything he knew. As a kid he would always get into trouble, and was almost killed by a bear who resides in a cave by the camp, though he was witty enough to escape. It wasn't long until Denton began to think of adventure, and his father knew he would eventually head off to it.

The Birth of Ullr

Denton goes by Ullr to anyone he meets, unless he has full reason of using his real name. The people of the camp began to call him this from the glory he brought himself. He defended the camp from trolls and saved the people from starvation by setting out on a hunting trip for two months when a shortage of food began to appear. He became a small hero to the camp and, after training settlers in the camp, decided to go on an adventure to help other people. People only know him as Ullr now, and all he does is to do his best to make the right choices and help the right people.


  • Ullr is Old Norse for "glory"
  • Denton tends to look at both sides during a fight.
  • Denton has never killed a man, as he feels he should never be the ender of one's life, though he has come close, which inspired his journey to help everyone and anyone.
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