Delmoran's Unfinished Tales in Mazcab


Janus Delmoran


Year 7, Sixth Age


The Gielinor Times


Expedition; Scholarly

Type of Artifact



Sounds boring. Pass.



The Unfinished Tales in Mazcab is a book written by Janus Delmoran which logged his travels through the realm of Mazcab.

Following publication of Innocuous Spells, Delmoran sought to go on an expedition to Mazcab where he'd write his experiences for publication. Unfortunately, his adventure was cut short to take up the post of Headmaster Grey at the Wizard's Tower.

The book serves as a travel guide for any wishing to visit Mazcab and interact with the Goeb race.


38 Ire of Phyrrys, Year 7, Sixth Age

Arrived in Al Kharid via lodestone. The city hasn't changed very much since I last saw it. The Khalam, although briefly overthrown, seemed to have regained their hereditary status over the city.

I stopped into the bazaar for some supplies and bought an orb of oculus from the trinket vendor, Faruq. This should help me scout my journey ahead- and maybe even become more useful once I reach Mazcab.

I decided to stay the night at Shantay's Pass. Nothing pressing in this area of town. It seems the city has enjoyed a more peaceful transition since an agreement was signed between Al Kharid and the Menaphite Empire. Shantay tells me there's no longer the need for turning away most migrants so long as they have good intentions. Most of the visitors are caravans or nomads just looking to visit the bazaar.

He also mentions an excavation site where the archaeologists believe they're uncovering Zarosian ruins. I'll wager the Tower and Varrock Museum will be all over that soon. It's best that I wait until the craze settles before embarking on my own adventures there. Besides, I have plenty of expeditions I've left undone before archaeology becomes another consuming endeavor.

For the first time, I don't regret setting out on an uncertain journey. The peace at Shantay's Pass offers good omens and a hopeful future.

40 Ire of Phyrrys, Year 7, Sixth Age

I've made it to Tuska's corpse. One of the Bedabin boatmen was hesitant to give me a ride since he said the Godless have been a nuisance ever since they claimed the corpse-island. When I assured him I could pacify the group- given my past affiliations, he was willing to do it but for the heinous price of sixty gold pieces. I don't mind paying such a toll. The Bedabin are a gentle, curious tribe.

Kara-Meir greeted me on Tuska, followed by Scopulus, a creature spawned from the Anima Mundi. Curious being. This would have been a great time for me to bring the manipulator orb that I acquired on my Godless adventures. Allegedly, they've been keeping the Airut shamans at bay near the portal. Despite staying the night here, I've yet to see a single Godless troop approach the portal to Mazcab. In fact, despite some tents and supply crates along with the few Godless on Tuska, there doesn't seem to be much of an effort to liberate Mazcab.

I'll have to find out myself.

3 Novtumber, Year 7, Sixth Age

I've made it. I crossed the portal and arrived in Mazcab on the first of Novtumber and set out north of the portal towards the Goebie temple. After being briefed by a local scout- my first encounter with a Goebie, she let me know there was a village to the east called Kanatah.

The scout, named Deera, offered me a cudgel. Although I've seen depictions of these Goebies, it's still very hard to understand their expressions and mannerisms. When I showed her my wand, I suppose Deera was chuckling because it sounded like a bowl of stones jumbling at her core and her eyes filled with tears. After shoving the cudgel in my grasp, she continued onward into the thicket of Mazcab fauna. I think she assumed my wand was some mahogany dagger.

Oddly shaped fauna and the environment is more humid than I prepared for. Rocks. Rocks. Rocks, rocks, rocks. It's like thousands of Goebies are staring at you everywhere you walk. I started gaining a fear of stepping on smaller stones for fear that these are considered baby Goeb. Eventually one has to consider that if the Goebies were that abundant, maybe they would've stood a better chance against the Airut invasion.

A pall of smoke helped me find the village of Kanatah. The Airut had been burning and looting Kanatah for the last several days. A campaign to seemingly no end was set upon the villagers and it's no wonder they couldn't repair most of their shelters. After the guardsmen at the gate assured me that I would be welcome, I proceeded to the Acca Kanatah at their direction.

Acca means "lord". Remember to address the elder of each village by this title followed by the village name.

4 Novtumber, Year 7, Sixth Age

Acca Kanatah is an old, wise Goeb. He offered me haven in Kanatah and bunked me with some of the orphans. I don't mind. They're all very curious of human 'artifacts'. I've had to stop them from emptying my entire satchel though at the cost of losing my entire stash of sweets to these critters. The Goeb children can eat chocolate like a wild giant rat sets upon adventurers. Savages, but adorable.

I think the old Acca wants me to do a favor for him. He informed me that there are other villages but they're nestled past the thick Nemi Forest. Gaining a consistent supply route is impossible with the Airut raids so the goebies in Kanatah rely on adventurers like myself and their own, less conspicuous ways of resupplying the village-

Authors Note: We were beset upon by an Airut raid as I was writing the previous text. Please continue.

We finished a three hour firefight with those grotesque Airut. My first defense against raids here on Mazcab. Luckily, the Airut haven't experienced very many battles with Gielinorian magi, but that wasn't stopping them from seeing a worthy challenge. The Airut are vicious opponents. Had Tuska and Bandos ever clashed, such a battle would've shattered all worlds. That's the extent of my worry about leaving the helpless Goeb to defend for themselves.

Still- this has become a way of life for them. They regain hope and are sure the Airut threat will one day be defeated. I can't say I feel the same. Even on Gielinor where we believed the gods had finally left us to decide for our own fates- with the most help from Guthix, respectively, we can't seem to shake the same fate for ourselves. This kind of fundamental belief in an infinite engagement has been a part of my life for a few years now. Serving the Godless didn't sate the desire for change since so many are self-serving or ruthlessly quirky.

Acca Kanatah, while calm about the entire battle, has used it to stress the village's need for more supplies. He's instructed me to go with a scouting party to the edge of the Nemi Forest and seek out the village of Otot.

I'm glad to be of service to them.

9 Novtumber, Year 7, Sixth Age

I've nearly forgotten about the journal. This was one of my fears about undertaking this journey into Mazcab.

Otherwise, I can say that I made it to the city of Otot, northwest of the Nemi Forest. One of Mazcab's most sacred, lasting settlements, Otot has a charm about it but also naive Goeb. These Goeb haven't seen a battle in years or so it sounds. They're aware of the plight of their people but so many have recluse themselves to Otot for so long that flee is better for survival than fight.

The Goeb children took to calling me Inahual, which basically means wizard. One almost takes offense because some of the Airut are given the same name. I think that's just a linguistic divide between older and younger generations of Goebies.

Acca Otot gave me a much clearer summary of the world. The Goeb were a culture dependent on ancestor worship as their spirituality. Just like Geilinor since the death of Guthix, the anima of their world was bleeding which attracted the "destroyer spirit" Tuska. Acca Otot affirmed that he was aware the Gielinorians killed Tuska and was very satisfied with the news from

prior adventurers. Still, the Goeb flock to these sites such as Otot and the temple north of the world window because this is where anima is supposedly meant to be contained or returned to Mazcab. The Airut, despite the death of their matron, continue the goal of depleting anima or preventing the Goeb of "refueling" their world so to speak.

As I said, the Goeb practiced a form of ancestor worship and preserving what anima they can from seeping outside of Mazcab. Once belonging to a world called Chantli, the Goeb "moved" to Mazcab once the anima and Tuska's feeding was destroying their world. The entire story seems more oral telling than studied history- considering Acca Otot couldn't provide a more precise explanation for how the Goebies migrated to Mazcab from an entirely different world.

I've been in Otot for eight or nine days. Acca Otot says the Airut can't seem to take on Otot due to getting lost in the Nemi Forest. That's a saving grace for the Goeb that live here. I've floated the idea around of setting up some defenses in Nemi, given most of the Goeb know their way around the forest. Fear of heavy losses, exposure, and vulnerability, are a great concern to the Acca and he wouldn't want to risk any more of his remaining fighters.

14 Novtumber, Year 7, Sixth Age

Nothing new to jot down. I've been making supply runs from Otot to Kanatah for the Acca's. The Goeb mentioned some relics but I haven't found the time to look into that further.

Finally returned to Kanatah tonight where I can peacefully bathe until the next Airut raid. The Kanatah villagers keep their settlement close to the sea which, as far as I've seen, is the only place I can clean myself up. The concept of a bath is foreign to the rock species.

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