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The Province of Ubalkzaun
Ubalkzaun flag
The provincial flag of Ubalkzaun

Established on

21st of Rintra, Year 4 of the Sixth Age


King Arrondal Gonzo

The Province of Ubalkzaun is a province of the massive empire known as Das Kaiserreich der Cruor, established on the 21st of Rintra, Year 4 of the Sixth Age. Ubalkzaun is one of the four provinces on the mainland of the continent of Cruor, and one of the five provinces of das Kaiserreich. It is located in the central-western area of the continent, and is ruled by King Arrondal Gonzo.



Lands under the province of Ubalkzaun.


Blutstadt und Todesstadt get their names from the amount of blood spilled and the death toll from each of the battles. Blutstadt is the money-making city, as well as the port city, of Das Kaiserreich, a huge city. The inner city is guarded fairly well, while the port is said to be as heavily guarded as Hauptsitz Castle. The village within the city is also pretty well defended, as it saw military action quite frequently during the war, between Das Kaiserreich soldiers and Fremennik warriors. Blutstadt is also the capital city for Ubalkzaun, where the King resides in the Castle of Blutstadt. Blutstadt is land-scaled, Falador, Rimmington, and Port Sarim are used.


Todesstadt is given it's name due to the death toll from the battle between Fremennik and Das Kaiserreich forces. Todesstadt itself is fairly well guarded, the slums less guarded then the rest of the city. The city does not receive as many attacks as it's neighbor Blutstadt does. Todesstadt is land-scaled, Varrock is used.

Village of Orphus

North of Todesstadt, is a little village a little bigger than the village in Blutstadt. The village is a fishing colony, guarded fairly well, the village is completely repaired after the invasion. The village still see's some raids from Fremennik Warriors, however these raids are quickly ended. The Village of Orphus is land-scaled, Draynor Village is used.

War History



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