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The Nashuko Isles
Nashuko flag
The provincial flag of the Nashuko Isles

Established on

21st of Rintra, Year 4 of the Sixth Age


The isles east of the coast of Crotauzan

Ruled by

Queen Rachel Gonzo and King Setomus Clough

The Nashuko Isles is a province of the massive empire known as Das Kaiserreich der Cruor, established on the 21st of Rintra, Year 4 of the Sixth Age. The Nashuko Isles are a province of das Kaiserreich, out of five provinces. The formation of the isles are much like the in-real life Hawaii Islands. The isles are located east off of Crotauzan's shores, and they are ruled by Queen Rachel Gonzo and King Setomus Clough.


The Nashuko Isles are located east of Crotauzan's shores, and had been annexed into das Kaiserreich as the last act of Kaiser Zephon Altus Gonzo. Later, at the beginning of Kaiser Aztarwyn's second reign, the Nashuko were established as their own province in addition to the four provinces on the mainland. Currently, the isles are currently ruled by Queen Rachel Gonzo and her husband, King Setomus Clough.

Nashuko is very unique, being the only land not completely on the mainland that has it's own official province, however it is considered part of the continent. There are three islands, one of which is only a resource island. 

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Lands under the province of the Nashuko Isles.


Ha'un is the most western island, an isle that is used for the resources and resources only. Unlike it's other fellow isles, it is colder, and snows more often. Ha'un is rich with coal and mithril. The snowy part north of Jatizso and Neitiznot is used for land-scaling. No other settlements are present, except for mines, and a military base.


Ka'han is the beautiful forest region of the Nashuko Isles. Ka'han in reality only has two or three settlements that you could live in. For the entire forest, we use the forests of Isafdar.


Telinsburger is the major settlement of the Ka'han island. Unlike any other major settlements, this major settlement is a small village, due to the foresty region of the island. The village itself is guarded fairly well, and is a happy place to be. Rimmington is used for land-scaling.


Utuku is the capital of the Nashuko Isles, where Nashuko City lies.


Raktan is a desert town off into the wild west of Utuku, where people live happily. Surely, the desert is hot, however a fresh supply of water and food makes its way to Raktan. Raktan is land-scaled Pollniveach.

Nashuko City

Nashuko City is a beautiful city that is on the southern tip of Utuku. With a port, the city thrives as a fishing colony. Nashuko Palace itself is beautiful, with vines perfectly placing themselves to decorate the palace even more, the palace huge in itself. It is a very colorful palace. For the city, Seers' Village and Catherby is used, and Nashuko Palace is land-scaled Al Kharid Palace.



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