The Cruorian Flag, also known as "Circles and Snakes," "Red and Black," and "The Gonzo Banner" is the official flag of the empire known as Das Kaiserreich der Cruor. The flag is the Gonzo Seal on a black background, with the initials of the current ruler in bold, white letters on both sides of the seal. The flag was created after some time into das Kaiserreich's creation, as the Gonzo Seal was used for mostly anything to do with the nation. The seal represents the loyalty to the Royal and Noble House of Gonzo, Kaiser Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo I, and the initials are added to show loyalty to the current monarch. The flag is often displayed upon castles in capital cities, der Mittelturm and other important buildings, as well as graveyards for fallen soldiers.


The flag of das Kaiserreich was established soon after the army of Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo had conquered Al Kharid and formed the empire. When the flag was in the designing process, the ultimate goal was something "simple, however effective." Using a black base, the Gonzo Seal was placed onto the black background and in bold, white lettering, was the rulers initials. Aztarwyn approved of this, and the flag was made official. 

Originally, the flag had been carried by banner carriers and used as a sail for boats, however now the flag has been used to adorn buildings with nationalism and often kept in the homes of citizens, for when the time comes to bring out the flags and show how Cruorian you are.


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  • The flag is always raised above graveyards, Hauptsitz, important buildings and etc. It isn't uncommon to see a flag raised above houses of citizens.
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