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The Province of Helsgrunn
Bassira flag
The provincial flag of Helsgrunn

Established on

21st of Rintra, Year 4 of the Sixth Age


Central-East part of the continent

Ruled by

King Zephon Altus Gonzo and Queen Akiza Gonzo

The Province of Helsgrunn is a province of the massive empire known as Das Kaiserreich der Cruor, established on the 21st of Rintra, Year 4 of the Sixth Age. Helsgrunn is one of the four provinces on the mainland of the continent of Cruor, and one of the five provinces of das Kaiserreich. It is located on the central-eastern part of the continent, and is ruled by King Zephon Altus Gonzo and Queen Akiza Gonzo.



Lands under the province of Helsgrunn.


Freiheitsstadt is the free city of Helsgrunn, the most powerful. After the settlement was taken during the war, it was structured to have a powerful military defence. Soon enough, it became the capital city of the province, being enriched with resources such as gold and silk. Freiheitsstadt also takes on a whole new meaning to desert cities, with walls surrounding it and many archers placed on top, also able to operate artillery. Freiheitsstadt is located in the only desert of the continent, a small desert at that. Freiheitsstadt is land-scaled, and Al-Kharid is used.


Bassira is a military town near the east coast, in the middle of a few forests. Bassira has a glider in the air, and with walls that have archers scouting the woods. Bassira is home to retired military veterans, and current soldiers on inactive duty, or on active duty. North of Bassira is a port, and a good day and a half wa lk west is a military fort, so military action is seen often. Bassira is land-scaled, and Yanille is used.

Port Versaius

Port Versaius is the port north of the military town of Bassira. The port is used mostly as a fort for naval officers and soldiers in the army, however it also serves as a shelter for citizens during wartime. The port, on the east coast of the continent, has several warships docked, providing naval protection. Port Versaius is Land-Scaled, and Port Khazard is used.

Fort Versaius

Fort Versaius is an officially established fort west of the military town of Bassira. Sharing the Versaius name with it's naval fort north-east from the location of the fort, the fort is owned by the Army and a hundred soldiers are garrisoned. The fort holds weapons, artillery, and air support, and a watchtower provides an aerial view, while many guards are on the outside. Fort Versaius is land-scaled, and Mobilising Armies is used.

War History



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