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The Province of Crotauzan
Crotauzan flag
The provincial flag of Crotauzan

Established on

21st of Rintra, Year 4 of the Sixth Age


Northern part of the continent


Queen Blaire Gonzo and King Azeroth I

The Province of Crotauzan is a province of the massive empire known as Das Kaiserreich der Cruor, established on the 21st of Rintra, Year 4 of the Sixth Age. Crotauzan is one of the four provinces on the mainland of the continent of Cruor, and one of the five provinces of das Kaiserreich. It is located on the northern part of the continent and is ruled by Queen Blaire Gonzo.



Lands under the province of Crotauzan.

The Grand City

The Grand City is unlike any other of the lands of Das Kaiserreich. Once the capital for the Fremennik Empire of Cruor, the city consists of three other cities, big enough for an entire Kingdom. The city is divided into three different sections: The Western Sector, the Central Sector, and the Eastern Sector. The Western Sector is probably the biggest, with a slums in the west and the eastern part of the city prospiring. This sector of the city faces reconstruction due to the war. The Eastern Sector is fairly big, the entire city in fairly good shape. The western part of the city needs to be repaired. The Central Sector is what runs the show, being maybe the smallest, much of it nowadays is in ruin due to warfare, however the castle still stands with a chun k of the second floor missing. The military has several cannons, gliders, and a lot of stuff protecting the city. The Grand City is the capital of the province, the Central Sector is where the King and Queen reside. The entire city is land-scaled, and made up of Ardougne(East and West) as the Western Sector, Varrock as the Central Sector, and Falador as the Eastern Sector.


Freistadt is where immigrants go to when they want to become official Das Kaiserreich citizens. The town use to be a grand city, before the war was taken to it. Now, it's a slums, where people struggle to live. Soldiers come and go to protect the town, however it is not regularly guarded. Freistadt is land-scaled, and West Ardougne is used.

War History



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