Darvald Larlahsson is a former Kinshra Knight played by EvilJens. Who is currently working as a bartender in the Hair of the Dog inn in Canafis.


Darvald is 6" and weighs 220 lbs, he has a fairly muscular body, and usually wears his "Casual" outfit which consists of a basic pair of pants,a white silk shirt a red silk vest, Fremennik boots, fingerless gloves and a basic black eyepatch on his left eye.

Darvald has a scar running through his left eye and one on his right cheek, as well as multiple combat inflicted scars on his arms, legs and torso.


Darvald is a quite stubborn and confident person, who usually keeps to himself, but at times, and usually those times involve mead or ale, He can be a very friendly and outgoing person.

He is a decent strategist and tactitian, has a decent intelligence, and has a high pain and alcohol tolerance.

And unlike most other fremmenik, Darvald does not fully distrust magic or discriminate against magic users, but if given the choice, would rather pick up a bow and arrow then magical runes when it comes to ranged attacks.

Darvald is pasifistic to Women, He will never hurt one or let one get hurt delibirately.

Skills and Abilities:


Darvald is skilled in multiple different styles of combat, Including Hand to Hand, Swordmanship and archery. Aswell as combat with Daggers, spears and shields.


Darvald is fluent in Commonspeak and Fremennik, and after living there for some time, Darvald is somewhat skilled in Canic, the language of the town of Canafis.

Strenghts and weaknesses:


- Alcoholism

- Fear of Arachnoids (Tarantulas and Giant spiders, No fear of small spiders.)

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