Darren Holdigger (Pronounced hole digger)

Darren is an immature child in a man's body, cast out into the harsh world to try and repay his brother; but with some secret ambitions of his own.


Darren was born in Keldagrim, to the noble family Holdiger. His older brother, Orozen, is two years older than him; and much more mature. As a child, Darren was the apple of his mother's eye; the youngest, the cutest, and the smartest. Darren was popular amongst his peers, an expert at sports, and an amazing student. His older brother, however, wasn't as fortunate, struggling to keep his grades up. When push came to shove, however, Darren became a spoiled brat. He was used to getting whatever he wanted, when he wanted it, and his mother would cater to his every whim. He began to let his grade's slip, his behaviour at home worsened, and his social life began to crumble.

As misbehaven as Darren was, however, he always made sure to be on his very best behaviour when his Uncle Ogren came over! Uncle Ogren was their travelling uncle, a reknowned a hero, a master slayer...and a shameless liar. His Uncle Ogren would come, baring gifts for his two young nephews, who'd then BEG him to tell stories about his quests! Their Uncle would sit in his old rocking chair, putting Darren on his left knee and Orozen on the right (This was VERY specific), and tell them amazing, fake stories of his adventures back in the good ol' days, before he lost his legs. Darren's favorite story was his after his very last adventure; the story of his treasure. Somewhere on the land of the humans Ogren had buried away every treasure from his adventure, putting it deep into a cavern underneathe the ground, somewhere someone could dig to! Uncle Ogren had past away when Darren and Orozen were about twenty; it was assumed from a disease he had picked up in a swamp.

When Darren and Orozen finally got out of school, Orozen had become rich and successful, owning m
Darren Smith

Darren in his Smithy outfit.

any buisnessess all over Keldagrim, while Darren opened a humble smithy. Darren, who had spent his savings on opening a shop, swallowed his pride and went to ask his brother if he could stay for a few days, just until he could save up for a home, to which Orozen reluctantly agreed.

{C Ten years later, Darren was still sleeping on his brother's couch, scrounging the food in his cabinents and skipping work. While Darren was a DAMN good smith, he lacked motivation to do so; his brother, the biggest push-over in the world, was letting him stay for free. His thought process was: "Why work when you can get all of this for free?" This, however, didn't work out in the long run. Eventually, Orozen got sick of his brother's mooching, kicking the slacker in the ass and out the door. Orozen said he couldn't come back to his home or Smithy until Darren payed him back every single gold piece he'd ever spent, and then promptly slammed the door in his face.

Darren, being a slacker, looked for the easiest way out; and he had an idea. He'd forge a powerful shovel, one that would last his ages, and he'd set out on a quest...a quest, for Uncle Ogren's bountyful treasure! With nothing but a hand-made shovel from his own smithy and the clothes on his back, Darren set out into the Human lands, bent on finding his Uncle's treasure.

Darren Holdiger

Darren Holdiger wearing his prized mole-skin.

About eight years into his search, he was digging randomly through Falador park, and he seemed to break into some large cavern; infested with countless baby moles. Darren explored it for a while; before finding the Giant Mole. Darren, armed with a battle axe he had looted off some guy after playing "Who'll get drunk first", went berserker on the Mole, ending in the Mole's doom. Darren now lives in the mole caves, using moles for clothing, furniture covers (The furniture
Darren Guard Outfit

Darren in his Varrock Guard Uniform.

base being rocks), and food.

Darren had given up on his search for the treasure after eight long years, realising he'd never find it. Desperate for a job to save up some money and return to Keldagrim, Darren joined the Varrock guard, to put his Berserker tactics to the test, and see if he can salvage enough money to return home.


Darren stands at 3'7", though his muscles make up for his height. He's extremely bulky, his tan skin wrapping nicely around his bulging muscles. His skin would be a perfect tone, reflecting in the sun light...well, it /would/, if he wasn't lathered in dirt and mud. He'd have long, scraggle ginger hair, his long beard running down his short torso. Inside the beard would be clumps of dirt, tangled into the lose, dry strands of hair. This appearance changes often, due to him /occasionally/ bathing; however at some point, the grime always returns. Darren will usually be found in tanned mole skin clothing, which looks rather tight on the poor dwarf. His eyes would be a harsh hazel color, though if you'd ask him, he's say they were blue, and deny anything argued otherwise.


Darren is a very curious, immature dwarf. He's competitive and often tries to put himself in the lime-light, whether it be through noble actions, hilarity, or just blatant attention whoring. If he is ignored, or a problem arises with someone else, he will often resort to violence, being a very undiplomatic man. Despite being an unmotivated derp, Darren aspires to be a great hero, trying to follow in the false foot steps of his Uncle Ogren. However, he'd definetly have to mature before he could ever do anything like that.


Darren is very good physically, whether it comes to combat, sports, or just a job that requires a work out. He's a damn fine smith, if he hadn't given up on his smithy, it's speculated he would've become extremely successful. Darren has been digging holes for eight years, and with the combined effort of walking all over Gielinor, he's become muscular and bulky, exceling in anything to do with strength or other physical activities.


  • The character Darren Holdiger and some of his family are loosely based off the character Oghren from Dragon Age: Origins, Darren's similarities coming for his profound love of ale, and his sub-standard flirtatious ways with females. Darren's Uncle Ogren's name was taken from the character, but the "h" was left out.
  • The premise for the character of Darren Holdiger was just a joke to troll Lorelei and Hawk-Yeah (roleplayers) during their session. Darren approached them, and had begun digging holes near them while singing "I am a Dwarf, and I'm digging a hole! Diggy diggy hole! I'm digging a hole!", which is an internet meme taken from the Yogscast's popular Minecraft series"Shadow of Israphel" Part 8: Diggy Diggy Hole. The song was later given it's own video made by PatientZero, getting completely redone. The video was featured on the Yogscast Youtube Channel.
  • Darren's brother, Orozen, was named after one of Kexax's (Darren's creator) friends. In memory of some of friends which he moved away from, he names most of his characters after them.
  • Darren's red-haired beard (known as a "Ginger beard") was a joke made by Rai Sicarius to make fun of a roleplayer considered to be a "troll", Dion Magnan, after Dion released a video that showed his red beard while he was skiing.


  • Kexax: Darren Holdiger's creator.

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