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Dan is the chaotic aspect of Sakhr's personality given independent life.


One day, Oof was on a walk with his friend and companion Sakhr. The duo encountered a mystical pine tree. The tree, speaking to them, requested that they bring it some dwarf weed. Seeing no reason not to comply, they quickly procured the material and brought it back to the tree. Finally at peace, the mystic pine went up in flames, gifting them fresh new attire to step up their game. Oof recieved a new set of clothing, which would stitch itself together when torn, and always remain clean, along with a few special accessories and an aura of pine, which ensured he always smelled fresh. Sakhr, on the other hand, became Dan, and was given new clothing to match.

The two personalities had to share the same body. This was a highly stressful situation for the both of them until Dan decided to loiter in Masakados, where they met a godless researcher. After learning their plight, he offered to divide the two. They agreed.


Dan is a master sciomancer. They can solidify darkness, enter and open rifts to the shadow realm, and use malevolent energy to animate objects and craft exceptionally durable albeit temporary structures. They have a lesser degree of power over earth and divine energy.


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