Dalkur closeup

This is how his general facial structure and hair style is.

Dalkur Valkorlor is a human male character roleplayed by Hact1.

Dalkur was born into a middle-class family living in Falador, Asgarnia. Because of this, he received a standard education and good work ethic, along with a fairly boring life. This all changed one day whilst exploring out towards the northeast of the city- he found Gunnarsgrun, the "Barbarian Village" as it were, on the border of Asgarnia and Misthalin. He approached the locals about learning their customs, and was pointed northwest, past the White Wolf Mountain, to Rellekka. So he went, and he learned. He became... Fremennik.

A brief history of Dalkur

Dalkur's life has been relatively simple, yet extremely hazardous at the same time. It is because of this, that he has learned the skills he has, done the things he's done, and fought the battles he's fought. Before all of this however, he became a Fremennik. A mighty warrior and denizen of the north, the land known simply as the Fremennik Province. During his Trials he was paired with two others, one Odakin, who lived up until recently, and one other- who is only remembered by the annals of time.
Dalkur's attire

This is how Dalkur generally looks.

Dalkur and Odakin grew close, like brothers. Untill circumstances made them separate, they were nigh-unseen without the other, for they were indeed, brothers in all but blood. Following Odakin's disappearance, much strife afflicted the north, specifically Rellekka, and the fremennik living there-in. During these conflicts, Dalkur traveled to many an odd place, with Fremennik, Asgarnians, even Elves. It was during one such journey that he met his elven wife, Queen Arweinydd of Lletya.

Before meeting his wife however, Dalkur learned the way of the warrior extensively, and also that of the smith. His skill with smithing mithril, specifically, is very high. He is able to make many an expensive and sought after item, be it armor or weapon, even jewelry. Eventually, Dalkur returned to Rellekka, heeding the call to rebuild, and continue the Fremennik ways.
Leaf-bladed sword

Dalkur's mithril-runite broadsword, Daluthwein

He is also extremely fond of his main weapon, his self-forged mithril-runite broadsword, named Daluthwein, or "Battle friend of Dalkur and Arweinydd". This blade is kept in meticulous care, ready to be used at a moments notice, and always on his person or nearby.

Beliefs and personality

Dalkur is a very open minded individual, extremely rare for this day and age on Gielinor. It is because of this that he fell in love with his wife. The general attitude he portrays is serious, kind, and cautious. He personally believes in the gods Saradomin, the God of Order, and Seren, the Goddess of the elves.

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