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Queen Daisy Lavelle of Ardougne
Commander of Arilia








Kingdom of Ardougne
The Aren Family


Alive; Ruling Ardougne


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Daisy Lavelle is a noble human sorceress with many ties spread across all over Gielinor. She is currently the Queen of Ardougne and the Commander of the trade haven of Arilia in the East. With constant attention to human wellbeing, charities and general positive attitude towards nearly all races she has become a welcome icon within many political networks, magical institutions and noble families.

When she was younger she studied at the Wizards’ Tower just like her mother, Joanna Lavelle. She was a member of the Red Order and picked up many traditional spells to become an elementalist, specialising on fire. With her best friend, Ari Elendion on her side she learned to become a potent spellcaster and she eventually began to travel the world, slowly getting influence, wealth and power wherever she went.

Now, years have passed since her first training at the Wizards’ Tower and Daisy has been send onto the path of Dark Magic by Mallik Crest and the Aren family. It was thanks to her best friend Ari, the motherly Vynriette Aren and old mentor, Axel Vekon that she managed to keep sane and pursue for the throne of Ardougne under her newest mentor, Aldaren Amaranth.


Daisy is most commonly seen wearing a long red coat over an dull white coloured dress. Other looks Daisy has to her is a set of black wizards’ robes with a shoulder coat and the various wool sweaters she wears during her time of leisure. She’s not picky about clothes but does prefer comfort over looking well dressed.

She recently started to dye her hair in a dark chocolate brown, has dull sapphire blue eyes and is of average height. Often she laces a blue feather into one of her strands of hair, or she simply pins it into a hair bun. She considers it her most precious possession but it is in fact a replacement already of the original one given to her by Ari Elendion.

Daisy Queen

Daisy Lavelle posing for a royal portrait


Daisy is rather easily distracted but can be extremely focused on the things she likes. Her love for magic, otherworldly beings and forbidden things have led this girl astray a multitude of times during her life. She’s naïve and adventurous as she makes a lot of decisions based on impulse and her own views on what is right and wrong, without thinking much of the consequences.

The woman can be considered quite book smart contrary for appearing like quite an airhead in some circumstances. She loves to read books, especially romantic novels and stories about the heroes of her time. The novels are about as romantic as she gets. Daisy has been scared by her mother’s upbringing into thinking a lot of men have secondary motives when it comes to courting and loving one another. She can seem less trusting of men than women for that reason.

Most of her upbringing involved showing a grateful and humble attitude to the things that were given to you. The time she spend in Misthalin with her family as nobles and royalty hasn’t broken this yet and Daisy tries to take on the role of philanthropist as much as her assets and peers would allow her to. She knows proper ethics of the palace but has always disliked the act of pretending to more important than others, which combined with her clumsiness does not make for a very graceful noblewoman at times.

At a later age, Daisy began to develop a certain feeling for righteousness and honour. Firmly believing that all on Gielinor should be free to live their lives in freedom and with their leaders willing to extend a hand anyone to help out in the name of good. She frowns upon those that act out of selfishness and tends to avoid those that do so by sticking to herself, making her come off as reserved when it comes to political meetings.



  • Cooking: Daisy has learned how to cook during her years as a single woman in order to keep busy. The search for new ingredients was always a good excuse to go somewhere adventurous and it has led her to meet up with many different cultures to learn about their cuisine.
  • Runecrafting: During her time at the Wizards’ Tower, Daisy learned the basics of runecrafting and is able to craft air, earth, fire and water runes with fair ease. She has since then stopped her practice of the skill due to the boring nature of the process and her disinterest in it.
  • Crafting: Daisy has spent considerable amounts of time around the people of her friend Ari and has picked up the skill of making her own clothes. She can work with wool, linen, silk, and cotton. Leather, scales and metals are not part of her skill set as a tailor.


  • Fire Magic: Daisy has always had trouble with casting magic because of she tends to lack focus and wants to rush things. Many of the fire spells she cast in the begin either fizzled into nothing but sparks or violently exploded. Ari Elendion, who was studying at the Wizards’ Tower alongside Daisy, took upon her the task of making sure Daisy was using the right stance and technique to properly cast her spells. After much training and after a lot of ash covered faces she managed to learn how to properly use fire magic and it is now her go-to tool when she engages in combat. She’s not a creative user of it and uses it to plainly blow up, scorch and scare away her enemies.
  • The Studies of Galethorn Aren: A set of custom spells thought of by Galethorn Aren. Through the curse placed upon her by Mallik Grest and Galethorn’s book, Daisy has learned many of the old Aren’s spells. The cost of which has been a horrendous task list and a cruel training program to shape and stir the girl into the directions of learned dark magic. Through the teachings of the book, she has learned many different skills including healing, body magic, mind blocking and a slight ability to read one’s aura. It is a hidden set of skills that she never uses in public and will only reveal to those she trusts the most or if the situation is dire enough for them to be used.

Equipment & Possessions

The Book of Galethorn Aren

Book of Galethorn
A cursed tome given to Daisy at a very young age by Malik Grest from which she was taught a set of custom spells. Once Daisy tied herself to the book she was forced, like her two predecessors, to complete an unethical set of training methods and trails in order to become a more potent sorceress. The book has been something she kept secret for all of her family members and has only shown being in possession of it to a select few of her most trusted friends and associates.

The book has forced Daisy to break character a multitude of times already in order for the curse to be dampened including the use of dark magic and the committing of a murder. Daisy is well aware of the dangers the book holds and knows that many people on Gielinor are hunting for it, but has always insisted that she will finish its teachings without going mad or getting killed in the process. As she got older she has nearly finished the teachings in the book and she keeps the book hidden so that only she has access to it.



  • Joanna Lavelle - Mother
  • Nicholas Lavelle - Brother
  • Jessa Lavelle - Sister-in-law
  • Aldon Lavelle † - Grandfather
  • Stephen Lavelle - Uncle
  • Corrina Lavelle - Aunt
  • Nicolas Alexander Lavelle - Eldest nephew
  • Vanessa "Nessa" Lavelle - Eldest niece
  • John Lavelle - Second eldest nephew
  • Madeleine "Maddi" Lavelle - Second eldest niece

Friends & Associates

  • Janus Delmoran - Close friend and an old classmate
  • Ari Elendion - Best friend and first teacher in magic
  • Vynriette Aren - Mentor to Daisy within the Aren
  • Aldaren Amaranth - Current magic mentor of Daisy
  • Aeran Vandalar † - Ex-fiancé of Daisy
  • Yumiko Saito - Overseer of Arilia
  • Ezekiel Lemieux - Overseer of Arilia

Rivals & Enemies

  • Tonya Mordeaux - Political rival with opposing ideological ideas
  • Mallik Grest - Mage who cursed Daisy by giving her the book of Galethorn



Daisy spend almost her entire childhood in a custom realm called Elescia, where she grew up with her father, mother and older brother. Starting from a very young age, the young child was taught that though nobody knew where this realm came from, you must always protect the gifts of its creation and respect all living things. Her early years would be defining for her later grateful and humble personality. Due to her father’s time as a revolutionist/politician, she spend most of her childhood with her mother, who often kept track of Daisy’s whereabouts through journal entries as such;

What a hectic day it was, Daisy has started to wander again and got really far this time. Her father went fishing with her brother and I think she must have felt left out, but I also think she’s too young. My little princess managed to walk all the way to the river today. Six years old, and already out for adventure. I couldn’t be more proud, and worried. She can’t swim yet and she is terrible at keeping her focus on more than one thing at the time. That doesn’t mean I don’t love her clumsy and impulsive antics. Her father took good care of her after a firm toned parental scolding about not running away from home and she caught her first fish. Well, her father lets her tell people she caught it but there is no way Daisy could have reeled in that Salmon all on her own. I’ll tell her the truth about it when she becomes older and cocky about it. For now, I’m going to enjoy my evening with Daisy on my side next the fireplace. My sweet, naïve little Daisy.

–- Joanna Lavelle

The majority of her time as a child was spend playing in the woods with her bigger brother, who was often more dependable than Daisy to get back home on time. She climbed the trees, observed animals from a distance and played a game called ‘Wizards and Warlocks’ where a bunch of kids would pretend to fling spells at each other and taking fake hits. Daisy often came back covered in grass and dirt after a day out and often told her mother she was hit by earth magic. She was than cleaned up, put to bed and told a story about Gielinor by her mother, most of them about what things happened at the Wizards’ Tower, only fuelling her love for magic even more.

As Daisy grew older she attended many of her people’s lectures, simply listening to their stories and advice on how to live your life to its fullest. Her father especially lived by the idea that a human who mingles with as many cultures as possible will become a wise one. When he had the time, he often took her to one of the close by gnome settlements, where Daisy fell in love with their dedication to fine cuisine. Much to her parents’ dismay, they were often forced to try out an infants’ amalgamations of what the girl consider fine cuisine at the time.  


  • Daisy Lavelle was designed with the neurological disorder ADHD-PI as a way of giving the character an interesting theme for the player to work with.
  • Since the character’s creation in 2017, Daisy has always had a dream of having a family of her own but hasn’t succeeded ever since that goal was set.
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