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Dabce is a Imcando dwarf played by the user Kobalos, Dabce's parents escaped Camdozaal just before it was attacked, and made their way to karamja and found refuge. Since then he has built a life on Karamja and settled down.


After his parents escaped the battle, they knew that they would no longer be safe for a long time in Asgarnia, so they got on a boat and sailed to Brimhaven where they settled down, and eventually had Dabce, not to long afterwards, one of the locals who knew some of the barbarians that were fighting the dwarfs and contacted them, Dabce's home was raided and his parents killed, Dabce was taken in by a smith and was taught the trade of smithing, finding that it all seemed easy to him. This eventually lead him to grow curious, once he learned everything the smith could teach him he still wanted to know more, so he seat back out for the mainland, and found Thurgo. Who for several years smithed with and taught him the more advanced smithing such as working with adaminte and even rune as well as taught him of his past. He also received the pickaxe that was named after their race, the Imcando Pickaxe. Besides this, Dabce also owns one other dragon metal item, a dragon med helm that belonged to his father and was passed down though the years. Around this time he also met the old wizard named Carl Orten, and stuck a buissness deal with him that lasted up until Carl's death that he supplied Carl's store with exotic metals that were enchantment ready for a decent price. Not only buissness partners but became also close friends.

The Adventure Begins

As adventurous as Dabce is, when Thurgo told him of the secrets of the legendary Dragon Fourge, he set out on a quest to find it. It took him several years, as even Thurgo didn't trust him completely, but finally found it. And made a pact with Tungo that he would also keep this a secret. (The quest to find the dragon forge was roleplayed.)


Today Dabce's home is still located in Brimhaven, but is currently employed at the Smithing Guild in Falador, helping out young adventurers and enjoying a dwarven stout or two at the Raising Sun inn when ever he gets the chance.


  • Can use basic magic and enchantments, something normal dwarfs cannot do due to Zamorak's curse.
  • Can Smith Runite and re-forge Dragon metal.
  • Can Mine Runtie.
  • Can down a redberry pie faster than you can say "Lol"


  • Giving Dabce a redberry pie will make him a very happy little dwarf.
  • Dabce has all imcando weapons amd items. Including Pistols, Axes and Channeling Rod. However he mainly uses his pistols.


Dabce's Offical Theme Song

Dabce's Offical Theme Song

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