Cursed Treasure
Vital statistics
Start Year 6, Sixth Age
End Completed
Prerequisites N/A.
Level Novice
Location Port Sarim
Rewards 2,000 gold coins and better experience in certain skills.
Previous Next
None. Crystal Clear
Captian Edward Kenway, a privateer for the Godless has requested aid for any daring adventurers who would help him sail across the eastern sea, to located a treasure that is rumored to be cursed. Will the quest lead to their death, or something even more sinister?

Start the Sails!

Kenway was calmly waiting at the Port Sarim Rusty Anchors bar, where he was confronted by two adventrers, Graahk and Markus, who were interested in his quest. After being informed that he just needed extra muscles for his ship, so they can successfully sail to where the map needs to be. Of course Kenway warned the two adventurers of the curse that has been spread around the world of pirating. The two cared only for the reward they were gonna be given, a split of the treasure, and agreed to the quest.

A wild ride

Once they arrived to the ship and left the port, several days would pass for teh curse to take action. strong gust of wind would hit the sail, even though it was in their advantage, the wind would force the wave to strike the ship hard. Thankfully, the adventurers managed to help maintain the ship's speed and durability thanks to their skills. WIthout failure they succeeded in repairing any damage caused to the ship, preventing progress from slowing down.

After a few more days of travel, a powerful storm would hit them out of nowhere. Several lighting struck, cannon being moved from the harsh movement of the ship. Depsite the storm, the adventurers skills proved useful to Kenway, who was shouting orders towards them and the crew. After a long stormy night, they reached their destination, revealing to be an uncharted island within the Wushanko sea. Once on the island, they would witness skeletal remains of those who tried to recieve their reward. Kenway didn't seem to hestitate and walked towards the chest and opened it. Seemingly nothing happened.


Within the chest there was coins, lots of gold coins, and seemingly a tainted shard. Despite Graahk advice of desposing the shard, Kenway took it with him, along with the chest, leaving the two with their cut of the reward and some teleporting tablets. As Kenway row his boat back to the ship, Markus and Graahk both agreed they they might meet Kenway again real soon. Leaving after collecting their cut of the reward.

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