Curros is a Elven male character, played by the user Thorlim.


Curros was born about 180 years ago in a small village in the forest of Isafdar. He would be the oldest and and only child of his mother. His Father was a elven Hunter that his mother met in the local tavern. His mother, a simple Elven Craftswomen. Not to long after his birth, he was kidnapped by his father. His father ran away from Isafdar, over the mountain and all the the way to the Fremennick Province. Deep in the woods of this area he made a camp for him and his son. There Curros was raised as a hunter. He learned to live off the land and hunt for his food, as well as many other skills. When he was about 60, his father never returned from a hunting trip. So he went in search of his father. What he found was a large wolf, eating at his fathers corpse. The wolf attacked him and he wasforced to kill the wolf. He took only a small pendent his father wore and then walked away from the bloody scean, his arm and mind scared for life. He hunted alone for another year. He then packed up and headed south of the Fremennick Province twords the seers village. He became a hunting traviler, livingoff the landat the young age of 180. By the time he was 250 he hade travled from Ardougen to Lumbridge. He never wentintothedessert or back to Isafdar. Through these travles his skills even more improved. He now resides in the forestes near Faldor and Taverly in a large Fremennick Style cabin. He makes his living hunting and selling the hides and meat. He still often travles accros gilenor. His current age is 275.



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