Croissanceinite is a disease that only affects Vampyres. It is a rare disease that Vampyres can gain during birth. One out of sixty three (1/63) Vampyres have Croissanceinite.

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Croissanceinite was first discovered in Vampyrium by a Scientific Vampyre by the name of Frayanic Deyesen. Frayanic had been doing his usual work in his home, when a newborn vampyre was brought to him by its parents, the newborn had  curled ears, rather than pointed ears. Frayanic soon discovered it was a mysteriously conceived disease that deforms the body perfectly, and has to this day is still undiscovered what causes it. Several Vampyres through the years have been diagnosed with Croissanceinite.


The way Croissanceinite works, is that it developes in the late process of the embryo, Minutes before birth. The Disease first targets the black blood cells of the embryo, Like a life source almost. The Croissaneninite feeds on the blood cells while the newborn is going through the birth process, once born, within the next few hours the Croissaneninite will then mutate in extreme speed and effect the body in the weakest area, which seems to be what causes the deformities.

Recorded Vampyre with Croissanceinite

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