Creta Da'Angelo
"Let the flames wash away your flaws, you will be reborn as a beautiful Phoenix."








Was Registered with Anglia.


Neutral Evil


Child, to Adult-

Creta was born in the small town of Draynor, both of his parents belonged to the Wizards tower, and so he was taken there to be raised in the ways of Magic. Growing up Creta began to despise his parents and their teachings, wanting to go and see the world and experience, so he devoted himself to his studies in the hope that they would allow him to leave one day. Though he soon realized he would have to run away, and throw his hopes to the wind. Doing so though, he was soon left with no food, no money, his shoes tattered, his clothes full of holes, a passing group of Druids misstook him for a street Urchin and offerred to bring him with them.

The Da'Angelo Civil War-

The Separation-

A few years nearing the end of the Da'Angelo conflict, Creta decided it'd be best to cast off his family name and go back with the Druids. Though he joined with a newer group of them.

Sixty Year Conflict

Putting the Pieces Together

Meeting the Arens

Work at the Academy

Off to Anglia


Weapons and Armor


Creta has a multitude of weapons that he changes and swaps continuously, here is the list of what he had at his disposal the last time he was seen.

  • The D'Aren Blade, a tempered steel blade, enchanted by Borderlaux magic to never break as long as the magic held, as well as to allow magic to pass through without melting it, or hindering the spell. Currently it is shattered and placed in the Museum dedicated to the Crusade lead by Emperor Edward Aren-Grey the Vyrebane.
  • Creta staff1

    Da'Angelo staff

    The Da'Angelo Staff, the staff of Creta Da'Angelos fore-fathers, passed down through the lines of Da'Angelos, that was until the Da'Angelo War, at that time Creta had inherited the staff, hiding it deep within hidden vaults. The location of the Staff was lost with Creta.
  • The book of Creta, a magical tome that held all of Cretas magical secrets and tricks, the book has fallen into the hands of Cretas son, Levito Da'Angelo.
  • The Wand of Creta, the wand was created out of Darkwood and enchanted by Cretas own hand.
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