Crannanam, of the Soulwood


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3.048 Meters (Ten Feet)


The Soulwood

Current Location:

The Soulwood (Asgarnia)


Godless (Loosely)


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Anima Mundi Elemental



Crannanam is the product of the Anima Mundi at a World Wound, caused by the sudden death of the Soulwood tree as a result of the Mage's War. Crannanam is unyielding in its aim to protect the world wound, throwing all it can to fight intruders. She is played by Lia Renderra.


Before Creation

The Spark

The Mage's War

Recent Events

  • Creation as a result of the Death of the Soulwood Tree.
  • Under Crannanam's "caretaking" the once human settlement has become flooded swampland, the bodies of the deceased attackers and defenders becoming submerged in the muck and mud of the area.


Crannanam is fearsome in appearance, being clad in white, bark-textured armour of metals located under the Soulwood Tree. This is further accentuated by gemstones and wood, forming heavy protection on the arms, legs, shoulders, and lower torso.

Under the Armour, lay Crannanam's true form, wooden roots and branches woven together by the Anima in a process similar to a skeletal structure.

Overall, Crannanam does not produce remotely the same level of power as Telos, best equated to a Scopulus.


Crannanam has a deep hatred of humanoids, a result of the damage they caused to the once-Sacred ground of the Soulwood tree, with its destruction at the hands of the Armadylean Inquisitors of the Mage's War.

That said, it's interactions with Tyler the Cat have lead it to have some less-harsh views on Humanoids who are members of Renderra Family and Order of the Raven. It also has an appreciation for Fairies, as they tend to and try to repair the damaged land.

As its sole duty is to protect the Soulwood, the Guardian has learned to use the ruins of the building to aid its fighting style, emphasizing the smaller size to best use the weaker power it has among Anima Guardians. It is crafty, intelligent, and resolute in its goals.

Possessions and Skills

Weapons and Tools



  • Crannanam's name means "Soul-Tree" in Irish, a reference to the tree that spawned the Elemental.
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