Crania Haziness is a young human woman who originates from the city of Varrock. She isn't particularly skilled in combative areas, preferring to defend herself by pretending to be mentally unstable. This character has focused most of her studies on runecrafting and has basic experience with first aid and medical treatment.


The right side of her face was burned very badly, the eye lids have been forced together because of the burn. Her hat always covers most of her face and the blue runecrafting robes look worn and slightly torn at the bottom of the skirt, from a lot of travelling. She has claw marks across her torso, from an attack by some sort of animal. She wields an Omni-Staff in her right hand and a Holy Book in her left. She looks around 20-23 years old.


She is very intelligent, but people usually think that she is extremely stupid because she is insane. She uses her insanity to mask how smart she really is, so no one will bother asking her questions.


Crania doesn’t have any particular skills, but she is very experienced at runecrafting. She is also slightly experienced at being a doctor.


Crania was born in Varrock, but she never knew her birth parents. After she was born, her parents put her up for adoption. A man called Aubury adopted her and he taught her all of his research on his theory of runecrafting, and she helped him run the small shop he owned in the run-down part of Varrock. She decided to study herblore, to help with her ambition to be a doctor. A few months later, she decided to enroll in the Wizard’s tower to perfect her magic skills, which is why she gets to travel the world of Gielinor. On one of the more dangerous trips, she had to journey into the wilderness. She encountered a dragon, and, needless to say, it didn’t turn out very well. Her right eye was burned and the dragon clawed at her torso, leaving her for dead, but she teleported to the Wizards’ Guild before she fell unconscious. She was healed up very well, thanks to her potions she brewed up for herself, and she was soon back to journeying across Gielinor. She was never put on any more dangerous missions after the incident.


  • She tends to be insane around unfamiliar people.
  • When she gets to know you, she tends to be even more insane.
  • People often nickname her 'Cra Ziness'.
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