This page serves as a source of information on Commorbs, also known as Communication Orbs, and addresses their function and uses on World 42 Role-Play.


Commorbs shown in-game and in quests appear as large crystal balls, about the size of a human head.

In role-play however, players often shrink them down to the size of modern conveniences, making them ear-pieces or fitting them onto bracelets deemed a "Commbrace".

Civilian Commorbs

Civilian Commorbs are very limited in comparison to the top of the line Temple Knight version. These are the kind used by military groups, aristocrats, or anyone who has a commorb that isn't a Temple Knight.


  • They are used mainly as a means of communication between two or more people, very much like real-life cellular mobile telephones.
  • They can be used to trace calls or locations.

Temple Knight Commorbs

These are upgraded and fairly powerful Commorbs, used
exclusively by Temple Knights. They have a wide range of abilities that the public does not have access to, due to being the inventors and creators of the Commorb.
  • They possess all of the abilities of a civilian Commorb.
  • These Commorbs can function as lie detectors, as proven by the "Wanted!" quest.
  • "Playbacks" of surveillance footage sent to it are available for viewing.
  • It can "scan" for the life force or aura of a particular person.
  • They also self-destruct when they are a certain distance away from their owner, to prevent them from getting into enemy or incompetent hands.
  • Handlers and operators can remotely teleport Temple Knights away from dangerous situations, as Savant did multiple times to the Adventurer.

Disadvantages of a Commorb

Commorbs, while a powerful tool, have their disadvantages as well.

  • Both kinds of Commorb can be sensed by wizards or magicians, as Commorbs give off a magical signature of their own.
  • As they are made of glass, it is probable they are fragile.
  • If a character is captured by an enemy force, the character's group could track them down provided their Commorb is on their person.

Characters as Commorbs

Some role-players decide to role-play as the handlers or operators of Commorbs, in a similar role to Savant. They are often never seen and communicate solely through a clan chat, friends chat, or private message. Notable characters like these are Gregory Rolferson and Delilah Bailey.


  • Some role-players look down upon the use of Commorbs except by Temple Knights, as they are a secret technology created by the secretive group.
  • Elyssa van Lendes wrote a book on Commorbs and associated technology.
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