Lieutenant Claudia Seraphim
Claudia Seraphim

Place of Birth

Icyenic Home Realm


~1000 Years






145 lbs


20 ft


Former Temple Knight Lieutenant


Alive- Present of Gielinor

Lieutenant Claudia Seraphim is an Icyenic Lieutenant, role-played by KnightHayley. She is currently a private/sandbox based character in hiding on Gielinor.



For the most part, Claudia has a young-looking and a predominately feminine face. Often she's mistaken for an adolencent Icyene than an adult. Her blonde feathery hair would be of medium length, falling down to her shoulders. She seems to like keeping a few strands of her hair braided as well. The picture on this wiki page pretty much describes her looks really well.


Although her wingspan of 20 ft is considered long for her species, and her height of 8'4 is considered tall, Claudia is very light and lean. She doesen't appear to have very much muscle on her figure and because of that she is more fit for scouting than actual combat. Her skin would be rather pale and it would emminate a faint looking magical white glow.


To nearly everyone on the outside, Claudia is definately a completly devout Saradominist. She's not ashamed to flaunt around her religion and beliefs, yet doesen't try to force it upon others who do not see eye to eye with her. Personally she is a very humble person. She never thinks herself greater than others and always puts the man next to her above herself. Her values and way of life is extremely chivalrious. Yet to all her friends and family, she can really be a child-at-heart and enjoys to play games and hold long conversations. She may not be the brightest Icyene, but definately one of the more playful.


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Coming soon to a wiki near you!

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