The Kohtlund Coat of Arms


Northern Highlands




3265, 1st Age

Current Chief

Cuthbert Kohtlund



Motif Colors

Emerald Green, Royal Blue, Pearl White

Clan Kohtlund is an ancient  Highlandic clan of nobility which was recognized as early as year 3265 of the 1st Age. Their presence is heavy within most of the central and northern Highlands, as well as in most eastern cities in Gielinor. While mostly being known as a wealthy banking and trading family, the Kohtlunds have also been known for their skilled artisans, warriors, and political figures. The clan has been known for their good fortune and high ambition throughout history. Guthixianism was the main religion practiced throughout the family until the mid third-age, when Saradomin's presence became influential to them.


Large portions of the clan began to slowly migrate throughout Gielinor near the end of the third age. They spread throughout most of modern day Kandarin and founded a small warriors guild. The guild came to be led by not only some of the best fighters in the clan, but some of the best human fighters in all of the lands. For nearly ninety years the guild maintained a strong presence, recruiting and training supporters from all around to join and fight for Saradomin.

After the end of the God Wars, the guild was disbanded. The headquarters was transformed into a large bank which served the entire kingdom. A small settlement was built around the bank which consisted mostly of the large family farm, a few shops, houses, and a doctors office. Several other banks were opened up and sold to other owners throughout Gielinor, vastly increasing the already present wealth of the Kohtlund family.

In time, the family began to slowly return back to the Highlands, spreading their wealth amongst their people.

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