This is a page for quickly setting up new character pages. It provides code to give you a head start on your editing. Please keep in mind that to use this template, you must navigate to 'edit' and swap 'visual' over to 'source'. From there, simply copy paste and fill in the information.

Character infobox

The basic infobox template that provides most pertinent information about your character. For advanced users: see switch infoboxes, which will allow you to display multiple options.

  |Box title = Character Name Here
  |image = File:CharacterPictureHere.png
  |caption = Photo caption or quote from/about the character could go here.
  |Row 1 title = Age
  |Row 1 info = 
  |Row 2 title = Race
  |Row 2 info = 
  |Row 3 title = Gender
  |Row 3 info = 
  |Row 4 title = Religion
  |Row 4 info = 
  |Row 5 title = Alignment
  |Row 5 info = SEE if you're unsure
  |Row 6 title = Occupation
  |Row 6 info = 
  |Row 7 title = Status
  |Row 7 info = Alive or dead


Self-explanatory. What does your character look like?

== Appearance ==
You can even post a picture here.
=== Facial ===
=== Bodily ===

'Known information biography'

You can write whatever you want here. Rumors, major conflicts your character has participated in, their fields of research and so forth and so on.

As opposed to a 'history' tab, the information in this kind of tab does not need to be accurate. Maybe they're accused of something that they didn't actually do. You can have both categories or just one or the other.

== Background ==


There are sub-tabs for this one, but they're not mandatory! This can be split into 'Ages' instead, for the long-lived characters.

== History ==

=== Childhood ===
=== Adolescence ===
=== Adulthood ===
=== Important Event Here ===
=== More Important Events Here ===
=== Present Day ===


What are they like? Moral? Amoral? Mean, nice?

== Personality ==


This is where your character fun-facts go!

Touch on details, usually fun facts or quirks, about your character that may not really fit in anywhere else. Most editors compose this as a bulletted list. You might include...

*Your character's favorite color
*Favorite food or drink
*Something your character wants
*An interesting quote your character once said
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