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This page serves as a source for information about how this subject is applicable to World 42 Roleplay. It may contain Lorebending information and such should not be considered 100% Jagex canon.
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This page serves as a source of information about centaurs as it is applicable to World 42 roleplaying characters. If you or someone you know feels this page is incomplete in any way, please do not hesitate to contribute as best you can.

A Brief History

The earliest known instance of Centaurs on Gielinor is during the God Wars. The race resided in the Enchanted Valley when Saradomin appeared to them, asking for their support in the God Wars so that they might help protect the values the centaurs shared with Saradomin and eventually help to achieve peace. Led by the centaurs known as Fern and Bree, constant fighting drove the race nearly to extinction even despite their access to a Wand of Resurrection. 

At the end of the wars, only a few remained alive, either in the Enchanted Valley or in the God Wars Dungeon. During the sixth age, a few centaurs were assembled in Lumbridge by Saradomin in the battle against Zamorak.

Accepted Lore

This section addresses details about centaurs that are widely accepted throughout the world 42 roleplaying community.

  • Centaurs are a race of part human, part horse creatures.
  • They originate from and reside almost exclusively in the Enchanted Valley.
  • Centaurs were once, if not still are, followers of Saradomin and were nearly driven extinct fighting for him during the God Wars.
  • A rare few centaurs, and only those of great virtue, are granted a unicorn-like horn with healing powers. The horn is capable of protecting its wielder from harm and even resurrection, though continued use of it will eventually kill the user of exhaustion. Furthermore, the use of such a horn by someone who is not virtuous raises the dead as corrupt and wicked.

Debated Lore

This section addresses details about centaurs in Runescape that are still subject to speculation and discussion. This can be either because of conflicting information in-game or because use of the detail in roleplay creates an unfair scenario (usually involving overpowering or another common roleplay problem).

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Common Mistakes

This section addresses traits that inexperienced roleplayers often bestow their centaur characters but that aren't actually seen in centaurs on Runescape.

  • This race is currently played in very small numbers, so there are not yet any remarkably common mistakes made with centaur characters.

Other Info

  • Before the events in Death of Chivalry, there were only three centaurs in the game. Of them, only one, Bree, who is one of Commander Zilyana's bodyguards, even resides in Gielinor. While the other two are located in the Enchanted Valley.
  • Centaurs wandering about Gielinor would be met with many limitations attributed to their animal bodies.  For example, a centaur would have a miserable time getting through doors, or navigating the narrow stony passages of the underground world.
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