Necromancy is usually found in two forms in roleplaying on 42: Resurrection and Animation. Whilst the former can be used for both beneficial and malicious purposes, the latter is almost exclusively evil.
  • Resurrective Necromancy is the process by which the necromancer seeks to restore life to the deceased individual. The process the necromancer seeks to do this with is a highly debated topic in the W42 RP Community and so there is no real set way to do it, however there must be a lore-supported legitimacy to the method used.
  • Animation Necromancy is the use of corpses as zombies, skeletons, ankou et cetera. This can either be done to protect the necromancer quickly, or build up an army over time to use in a campaign of evil. This is a common tactic used by Mahjarrat in the pursuit of power (Lucien, Zemouregal, Sliske).

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