Carissa "Treasure Chest" Sherwood
Carissa Sherwood
The Beauty of the Seven Seas








Pirate; Doctor


The Mistress


"Treasure Chest"

Marital Status




Carissa Sherwood Hazzleback is a notorious buccaneer currently serving as the captain of The Mistress, a former merchant vessel now equipped with the excellencies akin to that of a Man 'O War. A bounty was placed not on her head, but rather her arse; she is not to be lynched, but on the contrary, taken to bed, her renown as Treasure Chest alluding to this bizarre, yet witty desire.

Born in Lumbridge as the daughter of a blacksmith, coin was as scarce a commodity during her upbringing as any other. Naturally, Carissa was taught to uphold the skill-set of her father, though also received guidance in the way of the blade, having been given the luxury of experimenting with a vast array of weapons. Striving to make something of herself, Carissa eventually abandoned her previous lifestyle and fled for Falador, where she initially worked as a barmaid to pay her way through the teachings of a local physician, until she was able to make it as a doctor on her own. During this time, she married a merchant by the name of Jonathan Hazzleback and settled within the city.

During a visit to Port Sarim, she was abducted by pirates to serve as their doctor onboard. From there onwards, Carissa turned to a life of piracy, resorting to desperate measures time in and time out to escape difficult circumstances, until at last, she herself emerged with a crew of her own.

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