Captain Daedrith
Captain Daedrith addressing his men during a meeting with the Kandar, Captain Sandarii


Falador, Asgarnia


Captain of the KS Brigand, a Kinshra Sloop-of-war




Kinshra Knights (formerly), Order of the Kinshra, The Republic of Asgarnia


Ship Captain

Commands held

The K.S Brigand, Port Sarim Defence


Sarimian War

Captain Daedrith Black is a Human character played by Space Pony on W42 (technically). He is a shipman of the Kinshra's fleet, and now a Captain of the Republic of Asgarnia's armada. He commands a sloop, the K.S (Kinshra Service) Brigand.

His sole appearence (thus far) has been at Port Sarim, meeting with a Kandar sloop under the command of Captain Sandarii of the Royal Ardougnian Navy to explain the political situation, and to discover the cargo originally destined for the (by the dissolved) Grand Duchy.

Early life

Daedrith grew up in Falador, and lead an ordinary life. He always wanted to sail, so moved to Port Sarim at 16 where he signed up on a merchant vessel. 

Later life

As life went on, Daedrith understood the profitability of piracy. He soon realised that the Kinshra were largely responsible for most piracy in Asgarnian waters, and so joined with them in the year 160 of the fifth age.

A proven sailsman and leader, Daedrith was quickly accelerated to the rank of Captain, and has served aboard "his" ship, the KS Brigand, since 162. 

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