Camelia Sterescu

Camelia Sterescu
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Camelia Sterescu is a powerless female Vampyre played by CarmillaV.

Physical Features:

Despite having a young appearance, Camelia has lived for a very long time. Like all Vampyres, Camelia's skin is a sickly pale colour with a thin facial structure. She has black, rugged shoulder length hair with messy bangs. Her eyes are a pale yellow with slit-like pupils. Standing at 5'2" and being rather lightweight, Camelia does not look all that formidable, as her body is very thin, almost fragile. However, Camelia was once physically in shape until losing her powers. She has bat-like incisors, sometimes even teething on objects rather impulsively.

Notable Traits:

  • Her scent smells of burnt ashes.
  • She has a lot of tics.
  • Her voice is softspoken yet raspy.
  • Garlic makes her very nauseous.
  • She is somewhat hydrophobic.


Before being stripped of her powers, Camelia was once a powerful vampyre. However, due to living away from Morytania and from exposure to the sun, she has become a rather weak and lowly vampyre. Due to her level of social capabilities, she is a rather strange being, with odd habits such as staring at people and teething on objects (most likely a raw steak or bones). However, if she were to feed on another person, she'd perfer to bite the wrist as Camelia would only choose the necks of those she truly knows well. She is very sensitive about her vampyric identity, as she grows nervous when one brings up the subject. Although she tries to fit in with others, she fails at it.

((This is my first Runescape RP profile, so I'll add a bit more later.))

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