The Calendar in RuneScape has ten months, as revealed in Postbag from the Hedge issue 21. The total number of days in a year is 365.25 (see "leap year"), as with the real world.

Months of the Gielinorian year

The months according to the RuneScape calendar are:

Month Number of days Real-world equivalent Details
1 Rintra 39 1 January – 8 February Tied for 2nd longest month with Novtumber and Moevyng on years with Moevyng Day.
2 Moevyng 38/39
(Moevyng Day)
9 February – 18 March There is an additional day in the middle of Moevyng every four years, called Moevyng Day, similar to a leap day. Also, Moevyng sounds sort of like the word "moving," which is what Moevyng Day does.
3 Bennath 32 19 March – 19 April Bennath means "blessing" in Cornish. 2nd shortest month.
4 Raktuber 34 20 April – 23 May The Red Raktuber (which is a submarine) is named after this month.
5 Pentember 38 24 May – 30 June Named for its position as the fifth month. Pente (πέντε) is Greek for five.
6 Fentuary 31 1 July – 31 July Only month to solely encompass an entire Gregorian month. Shortest month.
7 Septober 38 1 August – 7 September Named for its position as the seventh month. Septem is Latin for seven.
8 Ire of Phyrrys 40 8 September – 17 October Scorpius, Phyrrys. Phyrrys began work on the calendar of RuneScape.
9 Novtumber 39 18 October – 25 November Named for its position as the ninth month. Novem is Latin for nine.
10 Wintumber 36 26 November – 31 December Named after winter; Wintumber trees are named after this month.

Old Saradominist days of the week

The "Old Saradominist calendar", as mentioned by a H.A.M. guard, is a different system of names for the days of the week as seen in The Chosen Commander. It seems to fallen out of common use at some point, but some people, such as Nora T. Hagg and a H.A.M splinter group still seem to use it, however. The names for the days and their modern equivalents are:

  • Ivanday - Monday
    *Caistleday - Tuesday
    *Duneday - Wednesday
    *Gullday - Thursday
    *Erysail - Friday
    *Twiblick - Saturday
    *Essianday - Sunday

The days of the week are all adaptations of the names of the Seven Priestly Warriors who fought back the dark forces in Morytania. |}

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