Caelwyn Hael
Caelwyn in ceremonial armor.









Caelwyn is a young male elven character. He originates from the Cadarn family, and is therefore predispositioned towards having a strong, even militaristic nature. As it stands, he is only in his early three hundreds, which is the rough equivalent of a human's mid-twenties.


Caelwyn has long bark-brown hair framing his face. He has the pointed ears that sign him off as an elf. He has no majorly outstanding facial features aside from a pale scar across his left cheek. Caelwyn prefers the have his hair in a ceremonial warrior’s style; pulled back by three strings but still hanging down. He has a moderate build and could be considered bulky for an elf. When fighting, Caelwyn wears a form of chainmail made from crystal rings that is extremely strong, but makes agony from blunt damage more painful in most cases. His helmet is crafted from plates made of crystal and only reveals his eyes. When he isn’t fighting, Caelwyn wears either simple trousers and a shirt or tradition robes of the Islyn family, which he has many relatives in. He is always wearing an amulet crafter from a wooden knot and a small crystalline gem known as crystal shard.

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