Though, we are free to love whomever we choose.

–Caeden, to Elizabeth Everric

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Caeden Everric
"We've got a lot of stories to tell; come on, have a seat! Don't be shy."


Seers Village, Kandarin


Human(Seer) 1/8th Elven; Moon Clan/Seer/Kharidian/Elven/Icyenic descent






Chaotic Neutral

Religious Affiliation

Pagan (Nature Spirits) Some Guthixian and Aristonian Ideals


Conjurer at the Aren Arcane Institute, Adventurer, Mage



Physical Description

Dark Brown Hair, Pale Light-Green eyes (Forest Green or Cyan when charged with magic), Slender, toned, 6'1", 170 lbs


Alive, on Gielinor


Elizabeth Everric (nee' Constable)


Caeden Merrick Everric-Blackthorn (Caeh-dehnn Mehh-Rehk Eh-Vehrr-Rick Blak-Thōrn) is an aspiring young Warlock and Seer. He is a member of the House of Everric and as such is a direct descendant of Ariston Everric and his wife Flavia, along with this, he is a member of the House of Blackthorn, to which he descends directly from Xephyr Blackthorn as well. He was born the son of Jacob Everric and Serena Blackthorn, the twin brother of Caviness and as such is the cousin of Cersei, William and Rebeckah Blackthorn, as well as being the very distant cousin of Gabriel Everric and many, many others. Caeden is very concerned about his health and his appearance, alongside this he is the grandson of Revan Everric and Elana Cross, effectively making him one of the few people who have the descent of the Everric, Blackthorn and Druids of Cross all in one bloodline. Caeden is a headstrong, confident young mage and is willing to take on whoever he's asked, while also being staunchly loyal to his family.

Caeden currently lives in Rimmington alongside his wife, Elizabeth Everric (nee Constable), a former Ironguard Archer from Ardougne. Caeden also spends a bit of time with another romantic interest, Anya Korsokov and friend, Evelyn Renderra. Most days, Caeden will be found wandering not far from a city alone, or frequenting bars but only ordering either the hardest of liquor or the most expensive of tea; anything else, you likely won't find him drinking it. Aside from that, he and Elizabeth have been established as travelling partners and they're developing a relationship whilst Caeden truly figures out what he wants as he continues to explore all the places he hasn't been quite yet.

Growing up, Caeden was taken to all of the accessible-to-human places that his young mind thought possible, whether it be safe cavern, small town or large city, Caeden spent many of his years training in the skill or school that would be the most appropriate. He was trained by not only his grandfather, but his great-grandfather in different things, the majority being the pagan worship of Nature Spirits (akin to Modern Wicca) in a form of Witchcraft that is very powerful, but doesn't allow the user to ever use it against another human being to cause harm, or help for that matter. There is no black or white to the witchcraft, only a strange form of true neutrality.

Caeden was created and role-played by Matt.


Caeden Everric was born to the late Jacob Everric, a quarter-elven warlock and member of the Moon Clan, and Serena Blackthorn, a Seer and a Witch as well as being a half-Kharidian; he is also the older twin brother of Caviness Everric. Caeden was always a happy child, very confident and somewhat narcissistic. He had always shown promise with magic even as a child.

Unlike most others in his family, he had a large bit of involvement with the Blackthorns as a child, being trained somewhat to control his abilities. This ended when his mother, Serena, was slain by Taerwin Blackthorn, her brother, while attempting to save the lives of Thomas and Emily Blackthorn.

Instead of this, both Jacob, Serena and Jacob's mother, Sophia, were murdered and Taerwin took in the young orphaned boy, but, soon enough sent him off to be trained again. This time, he was raised by his unfeeling grandfather, Revan, who had ripped his heart out after the death of his wife, making Revan more of a father to Caeden than anything and Revan did what he could, beginning to teach Caeden in the arts of Witchcraft and Magic in its fullest.

Revan's Teachings

Revan, a man who had lost his wife and son, Sophia Everric, a woman hailing from a common family and their son Jacob during the Blackthorn's interfamily feud at the hands of Taerrin Blackthorn. Though, it was all described to be an accident, Revan could never patch things with Taerrin.

In his grief, to avoid feeling emotions and the pain of his wife and son being killed, along with the remorse he felt for all of the lives he had taken in previous years, he tore out his own heart. After this he placed it into a wooden chest and buried it with Sophia and Jacob. This is a form of necromancy that few and far between are able to use, and, he had only used it so that he could live on without grief. 
Training Area

The spot near Baxtorian Falls that Caeden was trained.

Aside from this, Revan had been introduced to the four year old Caeden by Taerrin, who had brought him to Revan's residence in Yanille. Revan was actually elated to see the young child, the spitting image of himself and his son Jacob, his beautiful grandson. It wasn't long after that Caeden turned five, the boy already knew how to read and recite his alphabet. It was then that Revan began to teach him magic, runeless manifestations of the schools of Pyromancy and Aquamancy and some of those smaller things at first. 

Caeden's favorite was teleporting, and as a young boy he could teleport short distances, becoming somewhat of a menace wherever he went. Aside from this, he was taught some basics from the Lunar Magics, which expanded more on telepathy, which he is still steadily learning, getting closer and closer. He had also been taught some basic Law and Astral Magic, one encompasses bending the laws of physics and Astral Magic is the subject of curses, a basis in Witchcraft.

Perhaps this was a result of being raised by the emotionless and unfeeling Revan.  However, Caeden was raised without the good moral compass, and he quickly and easily could be pinned as a chaotic alignment, though, a thrill-seeker and a pleasure seeker. He does things that suit him better, but, he's capable of forming friendships, just in a different way than other humans do, truly. Caeden continued to be the personal student of Revan, the only student Revan had ever truly taken in, aside from Sophia. Along with this, the two travelled the world together learning several different things.

Revan took him out and taught him how to be friendly and be personable with people in different places, along with this random obscure locations to learn magic for a month at a time. Caeden's favorite teaching was that of tracking and hunting, where he learned to keep animals alive until they were needed the most for sacrifice since he was young.

Revan continued to teach him, over and and on and on, learning more and more of things like low levels of the Ancient Magicks. Aside from this, Revan always saw that Caeden spaced out all the time as a child and realized that this was a result of his Seers blood, being a Blackthorn as well as an Everric, seeming to give him a bit of extra potential. He continued this training until eighteen and he finally began to do some travelling.

Weddings and Parties!

Caeden had many different issues throughout his young life, partially due to him having some of that humanity aspect taken away from him due to his emotionless and somewhat inhumane grandfather raising him, however, this had not stopped him from having fun. In fact, Caeden seems to have fun in all things that he does. Along with that Caeden, as a pleasure seeker, also has found himself to be somewhat of a womanizer, and, though Revan kept him out of most trouble, women were not included in the "staying out of trouble mixture." After founding the new "Coven" alongside his twin and a couple of friends, he finally split off from the rest.

Caeden's first major appearance was at the wedding of his cousin Gabriel Everric and Paula Rovin, where he, Revan and other Elders in the family stood in the back, keeping an eye on everything to make sure that nothing had gone wrong, though, they did not do anything major except for watch as Ravalan and Griffen Everric were causing some problems, namely, spraying Gabriel in the back with water and trying to pull his pants down. Caeden, like the rest of his family, had dipped out of the wedding right after the main ceremony, though, he was able to watch Gabriel and Paula exchange their vows.

Aside from this, Caeden then left for Yanille to try to find Gabriel, to see if he had been there. After finding his dorm empty at the Aren Arcane Institute, Caeden went to Mercutio Delimino and Samantha Everric, and seemed to have not found them. Mercutio's attitude and Caeden's own attitude clashed a bit when Caeden said cute feet; Mercutio didn't know of Caeden's abilities and found himself slightly intimidated by his looks. So, instead of confronting him, Mercutio slammed the door on his face. Caeden, a man of his morality did what he thought would be the funniest, and placed a small sigil onto the door.

After he had walked away from the door, the sigil broke and left a small hole in the door, and the door began burning like incense. Caeden left for home once more and he was then contacted by his little cousin, Dany Blackthorn, who had told him about an Everric Adoptee, Wade Pierce, striking a child, Anthony Olivriar. Caeden had been raised by his grandfather, Revan, a man of true and utter tradition; none could compare to his upbringing on family tradition, and he left immediately for Varrock to find Anthony's father, Arthfael. The two talked and came to an agreement that they would go to the Sanctum of Heroes together to find Wade.

During this journey, he met a nice girl named Amaryllis, a redhead. He immediately took a liking to her, and she was the first person who greeted him at the gate of the Sanctum, she was leaning there. She took him firstly to Wade, where, Caeden activated a special speech spell, reversing it from the traditional, and made it so Wade's words were only audible to Caeden and Arthfael. With this, Arthfael told Wade never to hit his son again, and brought Wade to him, punching the wounded man down. After explaining to a few members of the Sanctum about what had just happened, the two departed, Caeden told Amaryllis that he'd be back.

Not long after, he did return, and he approached her immediately, walking up to her and then almost immediately proposing that she show him around the Sanctum, though, Caeden did most of the talking. He brought her through the area, and finally to the bell tower, where they talked a bit more. He made her completely nervous and finally he kissed her, finding that he liked her. She had told him of a few things, including her rapes. Caeden was surprised that she was so open, though, she invited him to a ship before they got any more cozy.

Amaryllis brought him to the ship, and after he had finished sleeping or whatever, he awoke on a man named Abraham's ship. After a "warm greeting" from Abraham, Caeden still remained cocky, and Abraham took him up to the deck where Amaryllis taught Caeden how to catch sharks, instead, Caeden did it with magic. Caeden held Amaryllis for a little bit, and they spoke, before, Amaryllis told him that if he wanted to have sex, he just needed to ask.

Caeden instead insisted that this was no fun, and he pulled her up to him, her clothes soaking his, and Caeden pretended it was an accident. She shook her head and smiled, knowing it wasn't an accident, but, she went with it. Caeden then nudged her head up and kissed her, leaving her to be heavily surprised. Caeden pulled back a little after he moved his hand under her shirt. Caeden suggested they  climb up to the Crow's Nest so they had some privacy, and so they did.


Caeden continued to stay on Abraham's ship, oh, gaining the trust of the the man by proving his courage, resolve and skill, as well as demonstrating his ability to speak Kharidian. Along with this, he and Amaryllis continued their rather casual relationship, while still acting as a sort of couple.

After they had docked, Caeden travelled to Yanille once more to take a drink in the bar, only to find Renderra's there, Evelyn, Driez and Anya Korsokov, the latter of which he took a liking to. Talking more on the subject, he figured out that Anya was a mage, and that her seeming rejection of him was something that was a bit alluring to him. He didn't know what it was, but, they continued to talk until finally he was fed up with Evelyn's complaining and he departed.

Caeden, after travelling to the bar in Falador, teleported not too far outside of Yanille and then went for a stroll. Upon his return, he passed by a certain tree. This tree happened to have Samantha Everric sitting beside it, an adoptee of the old family. She seemed baffled to see someone who looked just like her ex-lover, who happened to be Caeden's grandfather, Revan. Caeden didn't quite notice her until a few moments after stepping past her, and he wheeled around.

The two talked for a little bit, and he was a bit more forward than he usually was, as he found her rather attractive, and by her body language: he figured she thought the same. Caeden helped Sam solver her "relationship problems" by telling her not to fret and to just break up with her boyfriend,  Mercutio. Caeden and Mercutio had gotten in an argument not so long ago, but, it wasn't out of spite, more out of Caeden's idea of being a free spirit. Not long after, Caeden expressed his attraction for her and Sam almost tackled him before Caeden pinned her to a tree and they teleported off to do private things.

Caeden once again travelled to Yanille and talked with Wade, seeing Eve and Anya again. Caeden knew he wanted to talk to Anya again, despite generally being in a relationship as well as having a new "plaything" in store. He watched as she departed and then sat at the bar to talk to Wade, reading his book as well. Wade tried reading a letter and Caeden translated it to him. He felt a bit bad, but, then Veylianne Ithell arrived and they struck up conversation and they talked for a long time over a few drinks on a few different subjects, most of it was harmless flirting.

Eventually Veylianne was rendered heavily intoxicated and Caeden offered her to sleep in the room he was renting. He put her to bed and told her if she needed anything to yell for him, and downstairs again, he met a former Ironguard, Elizabeth Constable. Caeden talked to her for a little bit and then offered her a place to stay and his cloak, and after a bit with Vey, the two were off to bed after Elizabeth had asked him to stay and cuddle with her. He rubbed her back until he thought she fell asleep and he fell asleep as well.

In the morning, Caeden awoke to Elizabeth still in his arms, having nervous sweats. She apologized to him for waking him up, but, he only smiled and said it was okay. He then asked about what made her so nervous and all of these things while continuing to caress her arms, back and legs. As they spoke, she apologized again, saying that she didn't really have any place to go, to which Caeden replied by saying she now had him. She smiled at that, saying she liked that idea a lot, whilst Caeden said he liked it too and the two shared a kiss. Though, he had been taken by surprise when she pressed up against him, but, he didn't resist and she had told him to be gentle.

Caeden obliged and the two shared some intimate time together. After some recovery, the two found the entire bed was drenched in sweat, but they didn't care. They only got dressed and Caeden grabbed Elizabeth and kissed her hair before they left to find Veylianne and soon enough they were off to the ship in Oo'glog they were told about, just Caeden and Elizabeth.

They reached the ship, only to find that Eli and Vey were in a spar and Elizabeth sat on the railing while Caeden stood at the edge of the gangplank and folded his arms as they watched. The two exchanged some conversation and he finally scooted next to her, where she scooted over as well. The two continued to watch until Eli threw Vey overboard and Caeden moved to help her up after introducing Elizabeth and Elijah. So Caeden and Vey talked a bit after he helped her out and Vey left to sleep.

Caeden went back to talk to Eli and Elizabeth for a bit while Caeden went off and climbed a few ladders just for fun and then back down. After the arrival of Dylan Rovin and Elizabeth asking for a private room with Caeden on the ship, Eli asked her to climb the center mast, which she did. In her armour, and Caeden was rather impressed, after a while he followed her up there and while they were squabbling, the two flirted back and forth and she told him some things that blew up his ego a bit. Either way, he proposed an idea to her and took off her cloak, he took off his shirt and belt and then helped Elizabeth take off her armor.

He grabbed her chin and complimented her on her pretty face. This spurred her to push him onto his back and lay atop him, to which he grinned and told her it was time for her to show him the ropes, to which she told him that he should show her the ropes, and they flipped over to where she was on her back and they did just that while Elijah and Dylan squabbled below.

It's All Adventure

A bit later on, Caeden finally returned to Varrock to babysit Anthony Olivriar, as he was asked to do by his friend Arthfael. Along with this, Evelyn Renderra seemed to have come for a visit as well, and Caeden, as always treated Anthony as a little brother. So, after short conversation, Caeden brought Anthony to the Archery Shop after a race and bought him a quiver.

Caeden returned to Yanille where he usually rented a room, in the middle of the night where he was met by Anya Korsokov, someone that he held a high interest in. He wasn't sure what it was exactly, whether it be her exotic accent or her nice looks, but, he was intrigued, hooked even. Caeden struck up conversation with her as he saw her smoking out in the late night, and they were met by a strange babbling woman who held their conversation together, despite Anya's irritation.

While this woman spoke of the God Wars Dungeon, Funny Pets, Azzanadra and Virtus Mages, Caeden could only think she was some kind of crazy. Though, despite all this he and Anya both kept their cool and listened for a little more discussion on religion and other things before he and Anya both went to sleep in the room at Yanille Bar.

Caeden returned to Abraham's ship to see Amaryllis, and when he returned, he found that Abraham went off drunkenly to join some army. He found her sunbathing and he immediately bent down and kissed her, making her jump before she grabbed him and continued to kiss him and the two talked for some small bit before Caeden eventually took her and then had dinner. Afterwards the two headed down to the lower decks of the ship, he had worn her out quite a bit and Caeden once again departed the ship to return to Eli's.

Caeden travelled to Ashdale for a visit after a quick teleport, looking around and meeting a girl named Isabelle, the two talked a bit and Caeden was able to break the ice through telling her he'd teach her some magic and all of his special little bits of knowledge that he knew about, using vocabulary that he didn't usually use all the time.

He returned to Yanille for a visit to the Institute to visit family and friends for a short bit of time before exiting to be greeted by Anya Korsokov, who was sitting out and sharpening her blade on a rock not so far outside of the Institute. The two spoke for a bit, being able to get a higher bit of connection than what they had achieved earlier and eventually the two got to the subject of drugs. Caeden nodded, finding that he believed drugs were okay to do and that he would try "blow" with her. The two were then greeted by Evelyn Renderra again and they proceeded to talk before Eve invited Anya on a walk.

Anya asked Caeden if he'd like to come, to which he obliged and the three were off, Caeden sticking rather close to Anya. The three sat under a tree and Caeden had another vision, on family. After a while the three began talking on the subject of Garth Aren, who Eve thought she could save him. Caeden offered his solution after Eve asked about it, and the two spoke, all while Anya listened and Caeden checked on her every once in a while and soon enough they tried to visit the Hawk's Nest where they were greeted by Garth and a group of others before they teleported off and Anya and Caeden departed to rest.

Caeden returned to Eli's ship the next night. Caeden woke up the next morning, as the sun was rising and the ship was anchored, to watch the sunrise after leaving Elizabeth in place. He was greeted by Veylianne, who gave him a friendly punch on the shoulder. The two held some conversation before they started flirting in the Elven Language. The two persisted in their flirting again and finally Vey threw him overboard when he was teasing her.

He stayed underwater for about a minute before coming up and gasping for air. He was grinning widely and then started climbing up the side of the ship. Vey went over and grabbed a fish, and as he had reached the top, she rubbed some fish in his hair. Pretending he was angry, he pulled himself up and started to "storm off." After she said something back to him, he turned around and walked up to her, still feigning his angry. Vey was unconvinced, but he took her by surprise when he came and wrapped his arms around her waist. She had thought something else was about to happen and he picked her up and walked back over the edge of the ship, sending the two into the twenty-or-so feet deep water.

Vey had buried her head into his shoulder and Caeden landed on his back, after submerging two or three feet under, Caeden let go of her and allowed her to swim up to the surface, but, he erupted from the waters before her and the two exchanged some more playful banter for a few moments. It wasn't long after that Caeden wrapped his arms around her waist and she wrapped her arms around his waist and they shared a passonate, tongue-twisting kiss and then came the inevitable escalation.

Caeden returned to Elizabeth, Elizabeth where the two, per usual, held each other close while they slept, enjoying heavily the comfort of one another's embrace. Upon awakening, Caeden bestowed her with a new nickname as he kissed her. Upon that, she pressed up closer to him and rose a leg over him, making a rather dirty joke in return. After a bit of harmless banter, waiting until the other members of the crew had went to their posts, the two lovers did what they did best.

A few minutes after they were done, Elizabeth stood, putting on her clothes and moving over to her armour where she asked for a favor. She wanted Caeden to help her clean her armour, to which he agreed he would do. The two went off to find some oil in the cargo hold, which Elizabeth carried back even after Caeden had offered to take it. She claimed it was due to her training to be an archer that allowed her to do such.

After bringing it back, Elizabeth was immediately off to cleaning her armour, and Caeden was a bit more mischievous, pouring some of the oil on the armour and then setting the barrel down. But, this wasn't it, no; he took the rag he was using and smeared some oil on her face, and this started a chain of events which led to him calling her dawn and pulling her in close as he grabbed her wrist. Much to Caeden's chagrin, Elizabeth had only done the same when he grabbed her wrist, she pulled him in and kneed him in the solarplexis only to follow it up with an elbow to the back of the head. He had triggered her PTSD as well as her training.

Knocked out, he simply toppled onto her. This had in-fact, stopped her from acting anymore due to her attachment to him. Veylianne entered the area with a slightly smug room and began to question, after a short few minutes, Caeden awoke after he was set on the ground. Elizabeth herself had moved over to a table to sit upon it, and he rolled to her feet. When Caeden stood, his balance was a bit offset, taking a few steps backwards, he knocked over the oil they had been previously using and then quickly went to pick it up.

Vey continued to be a bit condescending or "Veyful" as they called it, while Elizabeth didn't quite like Vey's attitude, Caeden didn't mind. Elizabeth wasn't quite in the mood for it either, she felt horrible. So, she took to rubbing her arms and Caeden was a bit tired of seeing her like that. Instead of watching like a dolt, he went and wrapped his arms around her waist and apologized, Vey only made one last comment about their time together being "nice" that only Caeden caught.

He only grimaced at that, burying his face into Elizabeth's shoulder and chest area. She revealed that she thought he would hate her. He only shot down that notion, telling her that he cared for her. She, of course, with her experiences, did not believe him.  Though, he continued to persist, looking up into her eyes and telling her that he really liked her and she told him she did as well. Soon enough, they came to admit more and more, with Caeden finally resigning and asking her what she would do if he told her he loved her. In response, she pulled him into a passionate kiss that they held for quite some time as he caressed her gently. This time, she asked him about what he would say, the same question and he responded with something that made her melt, it was very mushy and doesn't need to be repeated. 
Ed Sheeran-Little Bird Lyrics

Ed Sheeran-Little Bird Lyrics

Caeden and Elizabeth's song

Anyway, before long she stood up, and Caeden thought it inappropriate to do anything more than the two just kissing. She stood, a bit awkwardly to make it a bit easier, and she pressed up to him, engaging a bit more. They talked for a little bit, finally coming up with the solution of them finding a better bed, as all they had was a very crappy, worn out and messy bedroll.

New Bonds

Caeden, after the bit on the ship with Eli and Elizabeth, decided it was okay to return to Yanille to visit the bar. There he met a young, jealous (of Caeden) lad named Riley Raneri, the squire of Anya. He also met an aspiring guildmember named Xavier from Misthalin, whom he directed to the Institute. Anyway, after a while, Riley had a breakdown, as he had been drinking, telling Caeden that he wanted to look just like him and revealing his feelings for Anya. Not long after, Riley passed out and Caeden carried the boy upstairs and waited for Anya. Eventually, Riley awoke, finding that he had wet the bed. Caeden gave him some water and chocolate to help with his hangover.

He walked out after a while, being followed by Riley and meeting with Anya, where the three had a bit of an awkward moment. Riley was drunk and Anya revealed to them that she only really liked women and she was unable to love, the situation was a bit of a mess, to the point where Riley was balling his eyes out when Anya said she didn't love him.

Caeden returned to the ship, in the morning, he was leaning on the starboard railing, watching the seas pass by. He was greeted by Elizabeth, who nudged him out of his trancelike state. After he had snapped out of it, he greeted her warmly, receiving a warm greeting in return, where she turned a bit red. He leaned in, kissing her softly, the other crew members cawing and egging them on. Caeden seemed blissfully unaware of their presence, caring little about the taunts that were being thrown his way. They whispered soft "I love you's" in an exchange and initiated another, passionate kiss. Wrapping his arm around her, for a few more fleeting moments, they continued their kiss before Caeden pulled back, telling Elizabeth he had something to show her.

Standing, he bade her to follow, which she did, rather eagerly. He brought her down to their room area, showing her a book and beginning to explain his religion. He sat down on their small bedroll thing, patting his lap and telling her to sit down. She did so, seating herself comfortably in his lap, to which he had leaned his chin on her, wrapping his arms around her waist and opening the book. He nuzzled his head in and began to explain the doctrines, beliefs and other things of the religion, having Elizabeth interactively listening as they nuzzled each other. Finally, he got to the point of explaining how worships go, along with sacrifices. He mentioned how he and his twin sister, Caviness, go out for hunts for sacrifices, preferring the Wolves over others.

Elizabeth had a slightly suspicious tone as she asked who Cavi was, only fair seeing as they were together. He reassured her that Cavi was only his twin, kissing her again before proceeding to explain the rest of what he was going to tell her. Explaining the smaller tidbits and littler pieces, especially magic and the abilities of the craft behind it, she had told him to try not to heal someone. He smiled gently, for he had no intention of leaving Elizabeth alone anytime soon; he nuzzled into her gently again. Finally, he got to the point of explaining relationships and how they work in the religion, explaining that they are very free with their lovers. Elizabeth didn't like it much, but, she asked him a very fun, very dirty question. He responded with an equally dirty, fun-loving answer. It was but in a few fleeting moments that Elizabeth began to grind her hips into his lap, something he couldn't quite resist and inevitably, he ground his hips back against hers, resulting in further escalation.

Magic the Gathering

Caeden finally obtained a piece of property in the Ogreland Colonies with Elizabeth, a place he would be able to blend in with society and still hold worship there whenever it was needed. Upon a chance meeting one night, Caeden was out hunting, looking for a beast worthy of sacrifice. He found it in a matriarch, the largest wolf in the area of the colony. The Wolves in the area had grown more in population due to the decrease in Ogre hunting activities; this grew so bad that the wolves were eating most of the prey and would soon find themselves without a food source. Acting as an agent of nature by killing the Alpha Matriarch would probably offset the stability of her pack without a leader.

As they had been running rampant, she was left alone, Caeden dropping and hiding in the brush, using the cover of night to his advanatage, as well as magic to muffle the senses of the wolf, and the sound of his own movement. Caeden did not know, however, that he was being followed by another being, a human. Caeden jumped onto the back of the wolf, putting an arm around her snout and holding firmly with his legs as the matriarch pounced about. He jabbed two darts coated in cadava into her neck, but, still she did not fall.

Caeden did not relent however, and finally as Abraham had approached, the wolf began running into a tree. After that, he was thrown off, and Abraham stepped between the two, Caeden getting a bit bruised and cut from the fall into the twigs and such. The wolf continued on, Abraham stopped her, using a sort of mind magic that he knew to stop the wolf in her tracks, inducing her and reducing her to a state of paralysis. Caeden watched this as he stood, wondering what had happened before engaging in conversation with Abraham, whom he found rather interesting. He left a small gift in the area to mark the creature he had taken, a small white lily that had a gentle glow to it.

Caeden thought him a bit more simple in the societal sense, thinking the man would appreciate nature more than others, and he explained his religion. The two exchanged a bit of their beliefs before Caeden moved over to the wolf and pet her while Wildman spoke to her. After a while, the wolf asked Abraham in her own native language to find her cubs and take care of them. Wildman informed Caeden of this as he teleported the wolf off to a safe location. They left off to find the cubs, carrying them in sashes and pouches to keep them safe and carefully traversing their way to the Ogreland Colonies.

Upon bringing them back, he found that Wildman was interested in the divination wisps and that they were in such high concentration in one area. He brought the man back to his place, beginning to take care of the cubs in what way he could as Sam Everric arrived, elated to see puppies. She bent down, petting them, and the three talked for a bit as Abraham scooted out to go look at the wisps: he was a bit weakened by the society, an effect of his strange nature-going ways. This left Caeden alone to feed the cubs with Sam, which he did, picking out a few for himself, Elizabeth and Caviness, even though he knew his sister would likely want to pick one herself.

He and Sam talked for a little while, Caeden finally explained why he had called her there. He explained the gist of the religion, what it was and why he did it. Finally, the two got to joking around and she called him "Blackhorn," constituting Caeden to pin her to the bed until she finally said his name right. This took a while, and she poked him in the stomach once, but oddly enough, she didn't unpin herself at all. After a little while longer, she left, Caeden smiling and telling her he'd see her around.

The next day Caeden visited Sam's tent, and the two talked for a bit in private, about Caeden's relationship problems, trust issues and commitment issues. He explained how he didn't quite understand his emotions, and he liked to push them away. The two talked, Caeden flirting a bit to test the waters until Sam suggested a walk, where he led her to a creek and the two ended up in the water where they both got soaked, Sam in more ways than one. She suggested hide and seek, to which Caeden took off back towards the Colony, and Sam teleporting off.

Caeden returned to Al Kharid along with Elizabeth to visit the Sanctum, the two departed from one another for whatever reason, and Caeden headed towards the market for a little while. Caeden met up with Sam and Eve, stopping a fight between the two and then talking some more before heading off to the Sanctum. After a while, they departed the Sanctum and Sam and Caeden were left alone while Azileon and Sam's new adoptee, Saeri, were off bonding. The two talked and drank, flirting back and forth for a while. It ended up with Caeden pouring a drink on her head and pushing her in the water, Sam taking his sheet to wrap up after she had gotten naked.

After a bit of a roundup, she undressed and put her clothes on the line outside where she used his sheet and walked out to find Caeden sitting on the bed. The two spoke a little more and then finally Caeden went to reclaim his sheet, Sam thinking that he was going to try to have sex with her, yet, she was the one who wanted it. Caeden took the sheet from her after she threw it at his head and covered his view as she ran off to the bed and wrapped herself in the sheets. The two talked a bit more, Sam finally asking Caeden to stay and have sex with her, to which, he couldn't oblige. He loved Elizabeth, and he was going to make a change for her.

Little did he know that Elizabeth was walking down the hall after figuring out where Caeden was, and she came in gretting him as "Early Bird". He greeted her as "Dawn," very happily, but he explained he was talking to Sam, who just so happened to be naked and hiding. She slowly backed away, thinking that he was afraid of her because of the PTSD incident, to which he told her it wasn't that at all. She began walking away quickly and he made chase before setting his hand on her shoulder. She made to turn around to try to make him flinch, and when he didn't, she was very surprised at that. He explained that it wasn't that at all, and that he loved her.

After a short bit of convincing, she finally succumbed to the hug, despite being in armor. They shared a very passionate kiss once more, glad to be in each others embrace. He pulled her to their room that he had rented, giving her a bouquet of red lilies, to which she took happily. They continued on, to a private pool in the hotel, where Elizabeth spread out the petals, revealing she didn't know how to swim. Caeden stated he'd be needing to teach her, where she said that wasn't what they were there for at that moment.  The two continued to flirt back and forth, and finally, they got close and were ready for action, and they made history.

Wolves and Cubs

After a talk with Sam and telling her that he couldn't be with her, he and Elizabeth talked again. Caeden explained what Sam had told him, and Elizabeth suggested that he was speaking of menage a trois. She seemed a bit uncertain, but he reassured her again by first telling her she was his one and only, and his love. With some encouragement, he pressed her against the wall and lofted her up from the wall a bit more. Sam rounded the corner to see them there, and when Caeden came up for air, he saw her there. The couple only said hi, to which Sam just walked off.

Elizabeth asked them where they had left off and Caeden told her that they stopped with "I love you." The two proceeded to kiss and he carried her off to the room before they spent one last night together in the hotel, against the door of their room. After this, he led her back to the Ogreland Colonies, travelling together as a happy couple, where he was rather excited about something. He led her to introduce her to the group of Wolf Cubs, where they talked for a bit and Caeden named his pup "White Fang" for it had the lightest grey fur and piercing green eyes. Caeden began to feed White Fang before Elizabeth asked to be able to feed hers.

After talking a little while longer, Elizabeth finally dropped the bomb of her being pregnant, but Caeden didn't get it at first. No, she explained her pregnancy to him, and he was unable to speak as he set White Fang back down in the basket. She set down her pup as she told him that she loved him, and the two offered almost an exchange of vows as they almost tore the armor off. Talking in between more kisses, they continued to exchange these mushy words before finally, they slipped out of their clothes and made more children.

Sweet Rimmington

Caeden and Elizabeth, after making a visit with Caeden's cousin Grayson and girlfriend Lucy, eventually moved on to Rimmington. After settling in a home, the two were married in Rimmington itself, under the light of the full moon, with members of the Coven. The two now raise their son Arthur in one of Rimmington's larger estates, thanks to Caeden's family money


This section covers Caeden's personality

You know, I really wish I could have shown more emotion when raising him, maybe he wouldn't be so afraid to commit.

–Revan Everric, on Caeden


As a child, he was always very adventurous and outgoing. It was all well and good, but, then he was delivered to Revan to be raised, and they had more of a professional student-teacher relaitonship.


In continuum, Caeden's distance from the only person who was a father figure to him left him very distant and aloof. He isn't so stand-offish and he remains very friendly. It seems as though his caring and idea of feelings is non-existent. Though, he's been changing a bit more under the tutelage of Arthfael Olivriar on relationship building and the continuous mage training under Revan, Caeden's blossoming into a wonderful young man. Altogether, Caeden is very charismatic and friendly, though he still holds a bit of a blue and orange morality. He is a pleasure seeker and people tend to figure that out only after he's hurt them emotionally or physically. He has become more sympathetic and his new travelling partner, Elizabeth, is showing him how to feel gradually.

Aside from this, Caeden is a Guthixian idealist pacifist and a Warlock, as both styles call for him to not harm others. He believes strongly in the teachings of Ariston Everric and tries very hard to strengthen his mind. To add, Caeden is of a Chaotic Neutral alignment and usually only does things to his suit. He is deathly afraid of commitment and close relationships, something he shares with a lot of his family, but his is to a higher degree. Though, he holds some desire for a sentimental relationship and to be loved, he pursues pleasure over this due to his fear of said commitment after being raised by his emotionless grandfather, who only treated him as a student.


This describes Caeden's appearance


Caeden's body represents his lifestyle. He's tall, slender and decently muscled, and well toned. Caeden regularly engages in physical activity, whether that be running, casual walking, training his body, training in general or sexual intercourse. Caeden himself is pretty free from scars along with a tanner complexion due to his Kharidian heritage.

Facial Features

Caeden's facial features hold a sharper, narrow structure and high cheekbones with a higher back jawline and a rounder chin, all of which holds a bit of stubble. He has a rounded off, shorter nose and thin pink lips. His ears are a bit sharpened, but they aren't super pointed and altogether he has tanner skin. He has pale, light-green eyes as well as a messy dark-black hair with crimson streaks running through it.


This section covers Caeden's Romances.

I didn't think you for a player... you look far too nice.

–Samantha Leotrun, on Caeden

Romance is not a word estranged to Caeden, in fact it is the something that he intrinsically desires the most, love. However, due to his lack of understanding of emotions and fear of commitment, he has found himself in many, many romances with many different women. He's shown that he prefer Elves and the mostly unnatural crimson haired individuals. Along with this, Caeden, from about 15-18 was a swinger and slept with whomever he chose. This is not the case now that he and Elizabeth are together.


Elizabeth Everric

Elizabeth Constable

Elizabeth Constable, Caeden's lover, best friend, travel companion and girlfriend

Caeden's raven-haired, hazel-eyed constant companion, travel partner, lover and wife-to-be. The two met in the Yanille Bar one late night and their relationship took off from there. He calls her his "Little Bird" and "Dawn" and she in return calls him "Early Bird." 

Aside from their travels, the two are very playful when they're alone and he has bestowed another nickname upon her "Dawn", which is more of an innuendo than anything. Overall, he has finally admitted that he loves her, and she has admitted it in return to him. He has finally made the choice to be completely faithful to her. The two are now married and settled.


Anya Korsokov

A former competitor for Caeden's heart; Anya is a blonde haired, blue eyed, Morytanian beauty. Caeden also met Anya in Yanille Bar and he has taken a liking to her ever since. As the two spend more time together, it only makes him want her more and more. Aside from their obvious physical attraction, whether or not she reciprocates the actual feelings remains to be seen.

Veylianne Ithell

A blonde haired, shorter Elven woman who outlives Caeden by several hundred years. The two met for the first time in the Yanille Bar, where they shared some conversation and eventually she invited him to travel with her. The two have a bit of mutual feelings and copious amounts of attraction to one another, though they understand each others reasons they can't commit. They have shared a one night stand.


The dark redhaired lover of Caeden, the two don't see one another often, though when they do they have a sort of agreement, the relationship is mostly physical rather than anything else and the two have since split up.

Samantha Leotrun

Caeden's former lover. The two shared a very extreme time as lovers, however, this had to come to an end. The two flirted back and forth for a while, to a point where Sam has an undying lust wnd attachment for him. He does not share the whole of the feelings for her, though he still finds her very attractive.


This section covers Caeden's relationships, friends, family and disliked. 
Caeden and Elizabeth

Caeden and Elizabeth


  • Elizabeth Everric (nee' Constable)- Caeden's wife and love of his life. She is his new trave Thwe two have finally admitted their feelings for one another and are more officially together. She is the mother of his unborn child.
  • Arthur Everric- Caeden and Elizabeth's firstborn son. Caeden loves him very much.
  • White Fang- Caeden's Wolf familiar and pet, Fang follows Caeden around wherever Caeden wants her.
  • Revan Everric- The man that raised Caeden, though, the two have always been distant. He was Caeden's father figure and did his best to be good, but, he was left emotionless and the emotional relationship left Caeden different.
  • Caviness Everric- Caeden's twin sister, though it would be hard to tell that they were twins due to the difference in their hair color, as she inherited their mothers.


You don't seem like a bad guy to me.

–Veylianne Ithell, on Caeden

  • Anya Korsokov- A friend of Caeden's; he takes a certain interest in her on multiple different levels, whether that be her exotic accent ot her strong features.
  • Arthfael Olivriar- Possibly the closest male friend Caeden's ever had, Arthfael acts as somewhat of a mentor to them and the two have bonded over a few things.
  • Veylianne Ithell-A newer friend of Caeden's, the two like to flirt back and forth and so they do so. The two have shared a one night stand.
  • Elijah Rovin- A newer friend of Caeden's, the two travel together on his ship.
  • Samantha Everric-Leotrun- More of family than Caeden knows, the two have shared a one night stand and they left it at that,
  • Amaryllis- One of Caeden's romances, the two met at the Sanctum of Heroes, though, he doesn't see her as much more than a plaything.
  • Evelyn Renderra- A contemporary friend of Caeden's. He respects her, as she is a mother and has figured out what she goes through.
  • Riley Radic Raneri- Anya's squire; Caeden sees him as a potential "little brother" figure, and Riley wants to look just like him.


Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart - LYRICS on Screen

Bring Me The Horizon - Can You Feel My Heart - LYRICS on Screen

Caeden's Theme

  • Caeden is one of the few Everric-Blackthorn-Cross babies. 
  • Caeden's favorite colour is green, though he wears a lot of blue due to family colours.
  • Caeden's personality, like his twin Caviness, can be equated to that of a Libra and Scorpio cusp. He is more of a Libra than a Scorpio, but shares traits from both.
  • The Religion is highly stylized after the ancient druids, druids on runescape, Wicca, the many forms of Witchcraft and several other pagan religions of the medieval and ancient days (even though Wicca is modern).
  • Caeden has an accent akin to that of a Dubliner, similar to his twin.
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