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Bruce Clough
Bruce as Dominus of Vigilis Cruor

Full Name

Bruce Wayne Clough








Agnostic Everything(Literally)

Married to

Formerly, Emma Luxon-Genic-Bloikon-Aerendyl-Clough


Hero of Lionheart


Elemental Magics(Expert-Fair) Light Magic(Expert) Expert Swordsman Expert Archer Skilled Assassain

Bruce Clough was a man in his late 30s that had achieved goals far above the average man. He was rather multi-cultural, however followed a more Agnostic Zamorakian path, mixing Guthixianism and Saradominism in the process. Bruce is the father of two children by the names of Setomus and Trace Clough, a step-daughter named Rachel Gonzo  and an adopted son named Scree Clough. Bruce has been in the militaries of King Russia, Lord Eden Syvian, and Lord Pyro, then becoming the King of Lionheart, and forming the Vigilis Cruor and ascending to new heights, eventually to become King of Falador. Bruce for a majority of his life after the Vigilis Cruor was to fight a personal war against the self-proclaimed god Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo, which led to his unexpected and brutal death. Bruce has been married twice, to Alexys Clough, and to Emma Genic, his wife before he was killed. Bruce's current resting place is in the middle of no-where on the land-scaled continent that the City of Lionheart resides on, far away from the city.

Bruce Clough's History

Early Beginning

Bruce was born and raised in Varrock. When he was born, he had an older brother named Wayne. Wayne was at home at the age of 6 with a nanny while his parents were on a vacation in Canifis. While at Canifis, Bruce was ready to be born. It was an unexpected birth, but there was a doctor in Canifis who managed to help Bruce's mother give birth. Bruce's name originated from his brothers middle name. Bruce's middle name was Wayne, while as Wayne's middle name was Bruce(Yeah, confusing). The three returned to there home in Varrock, and Wayne then found out he had a Brother.

Bruce's Childhood

Bruce's mother was Saradominist, however his Father was Zamorakian. So naturally, he was a Guthixian. However, he followed the path of his father, even though Bruce himself doesn't look up to the gods. Bruce's favorite animals would be a lion and dragons. Bruce would grow up as a learner. At the age of six, he joined his fathers little "School" which was made up of Bruce and Wayne. He began to learn how to use daggers effectively, then in two years, a bow. In the years, both Bruce and Wayne were receiving fighting skills. Bruce was handy with a bow at the age of ten, then began to learn how to use a crossbow. In a year however, Wayne graduated from the so called school, being seventeen. Bruce was only eleven when his brother left home. However, Wayne didn't go far. He became a member of the Varrockian Guard, and in a year later, was in the Varrock Military for two years. Bruce continued his learning all on his own, even with the fact that when Wayne was 20, he left Varrock and began to explore.

Fourteen Years later

When Bruce was seventeen, his family moved to Falador. Bruce would still live with his parents, not getting a job. Instead, he began to improve his skills, learning to be a Scout until he was 24. He enhanced the skills he also knew already, as well as using melee, then after some sort of Tragedy, magic.

Unexpected Death

Another World War began, started by a man named Lord Aztarwyn Gonzo. Asgarnia was slowly being taken over by Zamorakians, and when the Monastery was finally taken, Bruce decided to take action. He began to study up on Aztarwyn, learning about him, who he was. However, one day(April 4th, 2011), the war ended. This was very unexpected. It was starting out as a normal day, then, tragedy hit. The Zamorakian soldiers took gliders to Falador and landed in the Eastern Square, taking it with no force against it. This was the beginning of the end. After a night, in the morning, they moved out. Falador Park was seized. Then, the unexpected death happened. During the raid of Falador, General Rider Scarch and Lord Aztarwyn himself entered the home of the Clough's. Scarch slaughtered his mother, however Bruce's father fought Aztarwyn with everything he had. Aztarwyn merely tortured him and killed him right infront of Bruce. Bruce however, was spared from the brutal attack. Aztarwyn gave him a scar on his left eye, however, that eye being his albino eye. Bruce then sat and let his new scar bleed, looking at his once alive parents, in shock, while the Zamorakian soldiers were seizing control of the city. A week later he left on his birthday, when Bruce turned 25. Bruce wasn't going to live in Zamorakian Falador.

Becoming a Commander and Finding love

It took about a month for Bruce to get to Ardougne, where he was headed. He missed all the war in Asgarnia at that time, and never knew anything until he reached the bustling city, under Russia's rule. He headed to Ardougne castle and applied to become a soldier. He was then recruited into the army and became a soldier. Shortly, he was able to bring good to Ardougne's military. He brought soldiers into Falador and stole a weapon of mass destruction made by the supposedly deceased Aztarwyn, a huge cannon. It was brought to Crandor, then its fire power was tested. A small little sand rock on the shore was destroyed by one cannonball. The power of this weapon was then understood.

In the time as a soldier, of course, he occupied a house. However, it was never his to begin with. The Queen of the Kingdom of Zamorak, Aztarwyn's widow, Trace Gonzo moved to Ardougne, with her pet tiger. Bruce found her in the square, and brought her to a house, then gave it to her. In a few days, Trace found him asleep in her tub, which they both found funny. Then another Ardougne soldier came up, then left. Then a pyro mage came by, then accused Bruce of killing his father, then set some of the apartment on fire. Bruce was injured during the process, the Ardougne soldier took care of the mage. Trace then took medical attention to Bruce.

Trace would later become a soldier as well. After the incident, Bruce began to work. He's already done great things in Ardougne. When the Nova Guardians struck, he was there to bring his friend Vin back to the castle. Lord Russia attended the injured soldier, Bruce standing at his side. Bruce then asked the Lord if he could create his own group, a foreign affairs task force. Lord Russia told him if he could get four or five others, he could create and be commander of the group. Bruce was able to get soldiers from the army, then create the Ardougnein Foriegn Loyalists, otherwise known as the A.F.L.

A.F.L's Work.

Bruce's time as the A.F.L commander went well. Him and other A.F.L and Ardougnein soldiers aided Wizards Tower in the crisis there, gaining a repeater crossbow. Later, he aided in the Battle of Burthorpe, fighting off Kinshra. Soon, he went to Taverley, aided Zenthos Dae in pushing off the Kinshra.

Hunting Lord Pyro and other High Kingdom of Zamorak officials

Bruce grew tired of the Zamorakian reign in Falador and in Asgarnia, so he attempted to assassinate Lord Pyro, the King of the Kingdom of Zamorak, handed down from Aztarwyn. He lead many assassination attempts, all failing. He soon lead an attempt to kill General Rider Scarch, the Army General, which ended up failing.

War - Bruce's final moments as Commander

Lord Aztarwyn has returned and took back the Kingdom of Zamorak. He kidnapped Bruce's fiance and a member of the A.F.L, as well as his own ex-wife, Trace Gonzo. He tortured her, and Bruce finally got a call from her, telling him she had been kidnapped. Aztarwyn declared war on Ardougne. All hell was about to break loose. Bruce lead the A.F.L into Falador castle, to be attacked by Aztarwyn's men. During the hellish fight, Bruce was able to break into the castle and get to the jail cell. He was then struck by Aztarwyn himself(Or so he believes), then the two fought. In the other cell, he killed the so believed Aztarwyn, and then took Trace to Ardougne.

Leaving Ardougne - Finding new life

With the new King of Ardougne, Bruce set off to find a new life. He was walking along the road to Lumbridge, he came by a few farmers. The lady took him to her house and fed him, as Bruce didn't have a meal for days. He stayed here for awhile, not knowing where Trace had gone. Then he would get himself into trouble.

Finally successful - Reunion

General Rider Scarch has passed the farm house, then opened fire on Bruce. Bruce and Scarch fought for awhile. Scarch tried a new tatic by using a crossbow, which eventually failed. Bruce was then able to finally shoot bolts into Scarch's face, killing him. A mission finally completed. Another person sliced off the head, then gave it to another man. The man holding the head decided to eat it.

Bruce was outside, then Trace came along, The two then had time alone. It would be they're time alone for quite awhile.

A Fight to Remember

Aztarwyn soon returned again, revealing that Bruce had killed a double. Aztarwyn sent men to the farm, Bruce luckily escaped the coming fire. The crop fields, the house, the mill, destroyed. Luckily the farmers moved to a new home. Soon, a Zamorakian rebellion would break out. Aztarwyn's entire army declared war on Pyro's, entire fights began to break out.

Bruce met Aztarwyn for the first time at the Monastery, aiding Pyro's men. The two fought for a mere amount of seconds, as Bruce had learned a new type of Magic, Light. He sent the blast and hit Aztarwyn, then he would teleport away. The men at the Monastery were under heavy fire from Aztarwyn's men. Soon, a friend of Bruce aiding him destroyed the cannons, and then Pyro's men raided. Huge celebration broke out in the victory.

Bruce and Pyro finally met face to face at Falador Castle, with some final men from Aztarwyn's army coming to raid the castle. They came to the agreement, and Bruce joined Pyro, so did Trace. The men then attacked, however Pyro, Trace, Bruce, and Draka took care of them with ease. Then, Aztarwyn himself came. All four fought him at once, he proved to be to strong. Then, Trace fought him alone. Aztarwyn was able to cover Trace in water, as Trace was a pyro, and then he killed her. Bruce was outraged, so he took on Aztarwyn on his own. He fought and fought, then he finally slayed Aztarwyn. It wouldn't be the last time they fought, however.

Working for Another Tyrant

After the giant battle with Aztarwyn, Trace was revived. In a few days later, Pyro was pushed out of Falador. The Monks of Zamorak, being the name of this tribe, then went to the Monastery. Nothing truely interesting happened in the time frame that he worked for the Monks.


The only true interesting piece of history in the Monks was Bruce's marriage. The events of the day were actually different then from the thoughts you would think on what happened. Trace went with Draka to find a wedding dress, as Bruce went to find his own. White Knights in Falador were carrying cannons, they opened fire on Bruce. Bruce luckily wasn't hit directly, but he was still caught in the blast. Two black knights came to his aid, slaughtering the White Knights. They then carried Bruce back to the Monastery, he was unconcious. Trace came to see him at once, and after some trouble which will not be said, Bruce woke up and the two talked. He was then able to stand, then the two finally got married after weeks of being engaged.

Joining Another Military - Reunion with an Old Friend

Bruce had left the Monk's, he was in Falador Bar one day when he saw an old Ardougne friend of his, Eden Syvian. He had been told by Eden that Eden had become the ruler of Yanille. Bruce, of course congratulating his friend, had missed the old days of being in a military that he enjoyed. He asked Eden if he could join, which Eden agreed. Bruce was now a soldier of Yanille.

Yanille in a Nutshell - Fighting More Enemies

Bruce soon faced a very great challenge as a Yanille Soldier - Facing Zack Gonzo. Zack soon showed his precense after Bruce joined the Yanille military, him and the rest of Aztarwyn's soldiers at Nardah. Zack and Aztarwyn we're brothers, so, when Bruce went and spied on him, he soon learned that Zack was going to revive Aztarwyn and take over Gielinor. Bruce would muster up a small force of about a hundred and thirty-two men of Iron Knights, Ella Syvian gave him a ride to Nardah on her pet dragon. Bruce lost a brother that day, Raphel, a brother he had rarely known, and with about sixteen soldiers left, Bruce and the men prevailed, Until Zack came out in the form of a monsterous beast. He instantly killed them all but Bruce, and Bruce called for backup, A few Yanillian soldiers came to his aid. The fight was brutal, then Bruce turned into the same exact beast and the fight between the two was insane. It only lasted a few seconds, but when the two went into their human form, Bruce's sword was in Zack's chest. Zack brought his sword upwards into Bruce's chest, just barely missing the heart, and then died. Bruce lived. Yanille looked wrecked, as a severe lightning storm hit it. A few days later, an ogre attacked Yanille. Bruce went missing afterwards.

In a Coma - Found by Dragovich

Bruce went into the woods, then passed out. A few weeks later, Nikita Dragovich and Eden Syvian went out to find out who killed Ella Syvian, who was revived later. They found Bruce in the woods, and Dragovich found out he would die soon. Bruce was then taken to Yanille and received medical attention.

Waking Up

Weeks, maybe even months, had passed since Bruce was put into medical attention. Time went on, and he didn't wake up. He was alive, yes, but he didn't wake up... He had been seperated from his wife, nobody knew what was exactly wrong with him. One day, though, when the sky city of New Yanille was founded, Bruce woke up and found his way to the city. He stood before everyone, Ella ran up and welcomed him back. Bruce talked with others, things happened, and life for him was moving on. He asked Eden if he could take the position as General of the Army, and was accepted. A day later though, Bruce decided to resign, as he had grown tired of combat, thinking that he may get knocked out for a long time again, he went to see his new friend, Nikita Dragovich, and went to make the Kingdom of Lionheart with the Chief of Gunnarsgrunn.

Becoming a King - Founding the Kingdom of Lionheart

Bruce and Dragovich feared that with the sky cities, that the wilderness would eventually expand into Gielinor, and it would become a wasteland. The main objective of Lionheart was to push back any threats from the wilderness back where they came from. Bruce met good men, along the likes of Kyle Kisin Render, who was known as simply "Kisin", a wizard, and some others. Eventually, Lionheart had it's own sky city to oversee the skies, it was named Lionheart City, and was made the Kingdom Capital. Lionheart was OKAY for Bruce, though, things would eventually get worse...

Downfall - Rise of Aztarwyn

The capital of the Kingdom was losing it's strength, everything was looking bad, as if someone raided it. Bruce was bitten by a werewolf, and gained the disease. The kingdom was in dire need of men, and if there wasn't any, the kingdom would fall. To save money, Bruce had the city sealed up, and went down to Gunnarsgrunn to live with Dragovich. Soon though, things would get even worse. Bruce made a smart choice in sealing up the city, because if he hadn't, something terrible that happened could have been worse.

In Nardah, where the body of Aztarwyn rested, Katsu approached with an amulet. He dug up the grave and revealed the body, and threw the amulet down. A great shadow fly up in the sky, and Aztarwyn landed right before him, as powerful as ever. Aztarwyn then prepared to take out Bruce, yet, Bruce had his sword. Katsu said he would retrieve the sword for him, and would do so in a manner that will allow Katsu to own the sword, as one of the enchantments on the sword requires that the owner must be disarmed or killed.

In Gunnarsgrunn, Katsu and his apprentice approached Bruce and Dragovich, armed. Dragovich went after the two, as the apprentice shot Dragovich right in the chest, which pierced his heart and killed him. Bruce slashed at Katsu, though, Katsu was successful and knocked the sword right out of his hand. Katsu then took the sword and him alongside with the apprentice left Gunnarsgrunn, leaving Bruce to tend to the dead Chief.

Katsu went to Ice Mountain, the birth place of Aztarwyn. He then called Aztarwyn from the Gonzo realm, and he appeared on the mountain, in front of Katsu. Katsu held out the sword, and Aztarwyn knocked it out of his hands, which, as the enchantment works, allows Aztarwyn to wield it and kill. Katsu then set up a plan with Aztarwyn, which would bring Aztarwyn back to the position as a King once more.

Bruce and two of his soldiers went to the pub in Gunnarsgrunn to get a drink, as Katsu and his apprentice appeared. The apprentice was scoping through the window, as Bruce lept at Katsu and Katsu slashed Bruce's throat. Katsu then gave a shout to Aztarwyn, and Aztarwyn, as the form of Shadow, burst right through the wall and he stood in front of Bruce one to one. Bruce was brutally murdered, tortured by Nagi the Shadow Snake, a new addition to the armoury of Aztarwyn's torture weapons. Aztarwyn then brought the body to the back of the Monastery, where Bruce's parents were buried, however, before he buried him, Aztarwyn ripped the Lionheart cloak off of Bruce. He then doned on the cloak, declaring himself the new King of Lionheart. He then buried him, then Aztarwyn went to the sky city. As powerful as he was, Aztarwyn was only able to send the sealed city off into another direction, which right now would be randomly floating the sky in the Kandarin area. After Bruce was finished, many villagers were brutally killed afterwards, a soldier of Bruce's was forced to join the new regime. Aztarwyn's reign was brutal, but this is getting off topic to Bruce. Aztarwyn soon left the Kingdom, as he had killed it with his bare hands.


Aztarwyn's plan was nearly flawless, but one. His corrupted Zarosian son, Aztarwyn Junior, took the method that his father was revived with and brought Bruce back. Bruce was given an enchanted sword, one that could kill Aztarwyn, an amulet, and a ring, to give him the power of Aztarwyn. Bruce had to train for his ultimate battle with Aztarwyn, for if he failed, he knew Gielinor was at a great danger of complete corruption. He hadn't seen his wife since waking up, but he knew she was out there. Somewhere. Bruce then travelled to Ice Mountain, the birth-place of Aztarwyn, and met with him face-to-face. Then the battle commenced. Bruce took heavy blows at first, then they continued down the mountain. Aztarwyn was very powerful, indeed. They both charged their respective magics through their swords and clashed swords, which resulted in an explosion that damaged both warriors. Then, Aztarwyn materialized into shadow and fought with Bruce in the air, as they flew into Falador Castle. They both landed a fair ways from each other, and once they picked up their swords, they both sent their respective spells at each other as a beam, which collided, then resulted in an explosion which Bruce took advantage of, running into the castle to prepare for a hit and run assualt. The two battled to the very top, which then they both balanced themselves on the edge of a tower. Bruce's spell beam eventually connected with Aztarwyn's chest, melting the armour, then Bruce was able to send a stab inside Aztarwyn. Aztarwyn fell into the moat, where he would rest in peace.

After Bruce was victorious, while leaving, Trace was outside. The two embraced each other and went to some random house, which was where Bruce use to live in Falador. Later on, the two were able to go inside the moat and retrieve what they think was the body of Aztarwyn and burn it. After this, the next chapter of Bruce's life began, which would lead to many changes that make up present-day Gielinor.

Beginning of Vigilis Cruor

After the victory over Aztarwyn, Bruce saw how bad Varrock was. He found it weak, that the rulers were corrupt for allying with Aztarwyn, that they didn't care for their people. Bruce formed the Vigilis Cruor, with Ronyo Agar, a Mahjarrat named Jharkal that he met, who he knew as Joseph, for he didn't know he was a Mahjarrat, and a few more recruited soldiers, then began the rebellion. The first attack done by the Cruor was on Ardougne, which caused a bit of death, eventually the Cruor retreating. Bruce went to Lumbridge to ask Baroness Keltsun of the Kinshra to allow them to use the Catacombs and the Thieves Guild as a base, as well for an alliance, which was granted. Cruor had a great start against Varrock, attacking them political-wise and gaining allies.

Victory in Edgeville

After the addition of Ronyo Agar and his Cult, Bruce decided it was time to finally attack Varrock. With the addition of Arrondal Gonzo, a Zamorakian Mahjarrat recruited by Jharkal, who Bruce knew was a Mahjarrat. Arrondal went by the name of Lamalock, to the other soldiers. Arrondal and Jharkal led the soldiers to Edgeville, met with Varrockian soldiers. The two then collided in a battle that would spark the true war. After a long time of fighting, the Varrockians finally retreated out of Edgeville, the Cruor taking the town. After Cruor was victorious, the soldiers went back to Lumbridge Catacombs, to celebrate. Drinks were going around, as Dominus Bruce went down to see what was happening, hearing of the news. It was a great night, then they returned to Edgeville.

The Invasion of Varrock

New allies were made, including the Rovins, and the Miore family. The Cruor grew much stronger, and Bruce learned Jharkal was a Mahjarrat. Afterwards, an accident occured, and Arrondal was forced to turn into his Lich form. Wolf Rovin then saw him, and warned Bruce.

Once the Cruor were strong enough, they began a march towards Varrock. Somehow, Yanillian Archers found out about the surprise invasion, and were in Varrock, prepared to stop them. The epic battle took place in the Square itself, with the Miore helping out. The battle was long, but Cruor had to retreat. Praetor Jharkal was killed.

Global Invasion - Success at last

Cruor began to send soldiers across Gielinor, scouting everything, especially Kandarin. Henrik Harlowe was drafted, and he was sent to spy on Yanille. Henrik signed up, and he was accepted. Yanille never found out that Henrik was from Cruor. Henrik took part in battles against Dark Moon, ally of Cruor, but he had to keep his cover.

Henrik also took part in the assassination of Lord Pyro. At the Rising Sun Inn, Henrik spotted Pyro just outside the Inn, and called in another Yanillian troops. Henrik then sent down a teleblock tab, leaving no escape for Pyro - All but running into Falador Bar. Henrik got out of his glider and ran straight in, engaging Pyro in combat. Henrik managed to shoot Pyro in the head as he launched at him, head-first into the barrage of bolts, then Henrik took the body and threw it into the Karajama Volcano. Bruce heard of this, and promoted Henrik to a Praetor for his work.

The Second Invasion

The Second Invasion was not to long after the first, Arrondal, and Domini Trace leading the group this time. They came into Varrock, with a few troops, and the Kinshra, and burnt down the slums. Then they went to the square, where a few Varrockians were spying on them. They decided to split, Arrondal, Trace, a Cruor soldier, and the Kinshra taking the Eastern entrance to the castle. They were met with a mage that took part in the Invasion of Edgeville - They all fought against him. As Arrondal was about to throw a teletab at the mage to rid of him, Arrondal was attacked by a Kinshra knight. Arrondal's teletab slipped from his hand and hit the steps, teleporting him away. Soon after, soldiers retreated.

End of the War - Becoming Stronger

Bruce grew tired of this war, against the world, perhaps. Henrik told Bruce Yanille was pressuring against him, looking for him, trying to get him. Bruce had Wayne, his older brother who was a spy for Cruor, deliver a letter to King Kato of Varrock. Bruce had a cease-fire called, and had all spies return to Edgeville. Wayne resigned from the Varrockian army, yet kept his armour. Edgeville was under construction - The Walls of Edgeville. In about a week, the walls were finished. Edgeville had several guards, guarding the town. Edgeville was strong - Nobody could get in, nobody could get out.

More Allies - New land - New regiment

Bruce went to Al-Kharid, where he slayed the Green Dragon, Verde Genic's mother, which destroyed the palace years ago. He sought for an alliance with the Genics - And his request was taken, being considered. Then, a goblin named Snotfoot was met, and the Cruor decided to take Goblin Village to begin the Cruor Pilium. Dark Moon aided the Cruor, though it was mainly Cruor who slaughtered the men in Goblin Village opposing them. Cruor took over very easily, and the Goblin Regiment began. Cruor also took the Lassar Grottoes.

Finally, more allies.

Alex Aerendyl took control of Yanille, leaving room for a potential alliance. Bruce took a glider to Yanille, finally safe for him to enter without over nine-thousand people trying to kill him, right in the square. Alex wondered what he was doing, and Bruce asked to speak about an alliance. They went inside the pub, and discussed. Eventually, Bruce said he would go to war with Dark Moon to stop them, and Alex then accepted the alliance. Bruce then left.

Land in Kandarin - Good things.

The Cruor was allowed to have a group of soldiers in Port Khazard, so the new addition of Cruor took soldiers and supplies to the port - Gladius Oceani. Soldiers were dropped off, and Praetor Henrik Harlowe was met with Alex. Alex showed them where they could put supplies, weapons, etc etc. Unpacking began.

Bruce was met with Alex again, to talk to him about foreign affairs, etc. Bruce was awarded a medal from Alex after a long discussion about the past. This would be the last happy memory he has of Yanille.


Bruce went down to the Lumbridge Catacombs, for Ronyo wished to speak with him. Aztarwyn Gonzo the Second was there waiting for him, and Ronyo along with his cult entered the room, a teleblock had been casted prior. Ronyo and his Cult soon had Bruce surrounded, he knew what was happening. Bruce charged light-spells in his hands, stalling the attack, waiting for this teleblock to wear off. Soon, before the Teleblock could wear off, they finally attacked. He stood against them, sending his balls of light at Aztarwyn Junior and another, and defending. Bruce fought every single person in the room, defending againt whatever was thrown at him, injuring someone in the process. He was quickly overcome, though the teleblock wore off. Before he could die there, he teleported, a second before the teleblock could be renewed. He crushed many tablets, ending up in the Yanille pub upstairs. He then killed himself with his own light-spell, to purge the darkness from within him. He then bled out, and Henrik eventually found him after Alex reported the smell of blood upstairs. Henrik took care of the injuries to the body, trying to find a way to revive him.

Aztarwyn's son, who took the new name of Terwyllon Phoesar, took the Cruor over, as Ronyo wished to form the United Cultists. Soon, Terwyllon turned the Cruor into an evil, vile, disgusting creature. Henrik did what he was ordered, with much regret.

The Enemy of my Enemy is now my Ally.

For awhile, Terwyllon's tyranny ruled over Cruor. He was preparing for an invasion of Kandarin. Henrik was away, but a new force was awoken once more. Bruce and Trace /thought/ they had burned the body of Aztarwyn, but they were gravely mistaken.

Bruce then woke up, wondering who it was to bring him back, but there was an amulet on his chest.. Who could have done this? He was near Ardougne, so he walked off, sword in hand, Henrik had gone missing from Cruor. Along the road to Camelot, he came in contact with Emma Genic, then a few Terwyllon Soldiers arrived. Henrik arrived in time, but it wasn't like he did much of a difference. Before it seemed the Terwyllon troops could finish them all off, Aztarwyn arrived the way he always does, though killing off the soldiers in quick succession, then knocking Bruce down. It seemed as if he was going to kill him.

Instead, he told him to get up, telling him that it was him to bring him to life. Aztarwyn and Bruce talked, and they decided that they had to work together in order to bring an end to Terwyllon's reign. Aztarwyn warned Emma that if she didn't take care of him and Henrik, she'd be killed by Aztarwyn himself. He soon left, and Henrik went off to get the L.C.S. Rebellion had begun.

While in the care of Emma, Bruce wrote his declaration of war to Terwyllon, whom was safe in Edgeville. He made it mostly informal, however his point was made.

The Vigilis Cruor Civil War

Gladius Oceani and the L.C.S were against Terwyllon. The newly formed Air-Force, Main Soldiers, and Cruor Pilium were on Terwyllon's side. The army that would be enough to take Yanille was ready to march into Kandarin, but Henrik and his men stopped them. The battle then begun, and after a long time of fighting, and death, the rebels soon finished the threat. Kandarin was safe.

They then took ships to the main-land, meeting with the one Terwyllon naval ship, the biggest. They soon took the ship over, adding it to the fleet. The soldiers then would be dropped off at Port Sarim, moving up Asgarnia.

They'd move up in Asgarnia, Bruce and Aztarwyn would be giving the orders. Many skirmishes occured, and then they took the Lassar Grottoes. Soon, the Goblins sided with them, as they'd have had some goblins forced to leave to make room for the United Cultists.

End of a War

Soon, rebels were able to attack Edgeville. They brought the fight to the soldiers, but the Terwyllon loyalists were very powerful. It was a strong fight, the main battle on the Southern-Wall. Aztarwyn then came into Edgeville and fought with his son. As his son was defeated by Aztarwyn himself, the rebels were able to blow part of the Southern Wall, the Terwyllon Loyalists surviving quickly would surrender. Bruce arrived to Edgeville on a glider, rejoicing in victory with his men. He was once again Dominus. He addressed the people accordingly, filling their minds with the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, and his betrayal from Ronyo.

With the end of the war, L.C.S. teams scattered to find Ronyo, however the United Cultists had already been pushed out of Goblin Village, Ronyo no-where to be found. The statue that was built in the name of the Zarosian overlords, Terwyllon and Ronyo, was destroyed in a ceremony held by Bruce. Cruor was back to the way it should be.

Back to Business.

Bruce immediately had the wall repaired, and he had men recruited more. He had soldiers delivered to the Thieves Guild to go under massive training, preparing for an Invasion of the Kharidian Desert. He reunited with Alex Aerendyl, then went to Lumbridge.

His alliance offer was denied, due to the fact that both had plans to take Al-Kharid. Henrik and a Lumbridge soldier/Cruor soldier then barged into Al-Kharid palace, as the other men invaded the city, Henrik was able to send his shots into the head of King Kharo Kharis, finishing him. Cruor had Al-Kharid.

A few minutes later, Bruce then re-visited Eyvind. Bruce offered Al-Kharid to Eyvind for an alliance, and it was finally accepted. Bruce kept Pollniveach.

Shortly after the war in the desert ended, the Holy Asgarnian Empire fell. Cruor very quickly took advantage of this and grabbed the Monastery and Port Sarim for themselves. Cruor was beginning to form into an Empire.

Early on in this time-frame as well, Aztarwyn had kidnapped the dragon Verde Blakan from Holly J Blakan. Bruce took a couple of his men to the Mansion and returned Verde, and stayed, for Aztarwyn stormed the mansion, then they had a friendly duel to decide the lives of Holly J. and Emma. Bruce won.

Cruor makes history - The beginning of an Empire.

Allies were made after the fall of Holy Asgarnia, an alliance made with Burthorpe. In the time period, Cruor was very strong, and Cruor began to expand just a little more.

Soon, Jatiszo and Neitiznot were secured from Anarchy.

Though, anarchy had struck Falador, as the Kinshra didn't want it. Bruce knew it was time, though he didn't want the King title again. Aztarwyn pressured him, and Bruce finally gave in. Cruor soldiers marched into Falador, and the people knew it - A decent king had arrived.

Cruor changed the flag of Falador. The white in the Asgarnian flag had been changed to red, to show that they were multi-cultural. Bruce passed new laws that would suit the public more than the military.

Port Sarim was given to the Kinshra, as a peace offering.

More traitors - Leaving Gielinor

The Knight order on Void Knight Outpost, and their ally Yanille, had betrayed the Cruor. Bruce was informed by an ally of the traitors that they were going to go to war, so Bruce took action. Though, Bruce didn't do much. He figured Lumbridge would betray them as well, since they were willing to do it before. Bruce gave Aztarwyn to Cruor, and he left Gielinor. Soon after, Aztarwyn gave all the lands away, to people that deserved them, and sent Cruor into hiding. After attacking Admiral Tang, he burned the Vigilis Cruor flags hanging on Falador Castle. This was the end to Bruce's empire.

Return to Gielinor

Bruce left Gielinor for a long time. and in that time, Cruor came back for a short while. Bruce's main motive on returning was when Henrik told Bruce of the work Aztarwyn was doing. He had been commorbed that Aztarwyn was in control of Camelot, and had revived Lionheart. Bruce then set way to return, with all the men he brought to his journey, and was there in a few days. Bruce took over Lionheart after Henrik and the men that Bruce brought along with his when Kandarin took Camelot. He then was able to start a rebellion within the Gonzos when he fought with Aztarwyn inside the Gonzo Realm, for Arrondal brought him up to save his step-daughter, daughter of Aztarwyn, Rachel Gonzo, and to save Emma *again*. They went to Al-Kharid.

The Final Battle - Marriage

Bruce stayed with Rachel in Al-Kharid as Arrondal kept a watch on Aztarwyn's movements. Emma allowed them to stay in the palace. Arrondal found a camp of three Aztarwyn loyalist Gonzos just a bit north from Al-Kharid, waiting to strike. A few days later, Arrondal reported to Bruce, which then was reported to Emma, that the three Gonzos weren't at the camp anymore, and they were on the move. Al-Kharid was quickly evacuated.

Then, two of the three Gonzos barged the Palace, and Bruce killed one of them. All three were Mahjarrat, and one of them had shape-shifted into a Dragon, but didn't do much damage. The Gonzos loyal to Aztarwyn, and Aztarwyns army, as well as himself, then stormed Al-Kharid. This was saved by Arrondal and the rest of the Gonzos, most of Bruce's men, and the final ten Nekai's remaining. Nathan Nekai, the original Zarosian Nekai Mahjarrat appeared, but was slain by Arrondal.

The battle raged inside the city, only killing off 20 Gonzos overall. Many men died, as well as all of the Nekais, thus ending the Gonzo vs Nekai war. Thomas stayed inside the Palace, protecting Bruce. Bruce watched Irano Forvetta, General of Aztarwyn's Army, kill Henrik Harlowe, in front of his eyes. The battle then ceased, and all men of Aztarwyn retreated. Then he showed up.

Aztarwyn killed off any guards guarding Bruce, and the main showdown began. It was an epic battle between the two, it could have gone either way. Both showed extreme resilience against each other, not backing down. The battle went as far as to the edge of the roof on the Palace, then Bruce decided to tackle Aztarwyn and make them fall to the ground, Aztarwyn able to soften the fall with his superspecialultrasexy flying ability, and Bruce was on top of him. Bruce looked like he was going to kill him, only he cut the same infamous scar on Bruce's face from Aztarwyn, and he placed the same scar on Aztarwyn's face. Bruce then got up, and told Aztarwyn he was taking Rachel. Aztarwyn then stated he wouldn't agree to the adoption, and Bruce decided that he'd marry her. As Rachel and Bruce kissed in front of Aztarwyn, Aztarwyn walked away ashamed.

Finding new life

The next chapter of Bruce's life would be mainly living in Al-Kharid palace with Rachel, nothing very interesting happening in this time period.


Bruce thought that the life of fighting Aztarwyn was over, that he could officially retire, but he was gravely mistaken. Months, perhaps years later, Aztarwyn had his empire started, and he came to Al-Kharid. He tortured Bruce, and forced him into the Gonzo family, Rachel conducting the blood transfusion. Aztarwyn cut off the Gonzo Seal Tattoo off of Bruce's skin with his sword.

Bruce was then sent to find Filis Aerendyl and kill him, or else Rachel would suffer the consequences. Bruce spent ages in the desert, attempting to find him. Rachel then told him the location of Blakan Estate, then he journeyed for that.


Bruce arrived to Blakan Estate, and met with Emma and Rachel. Bruce then informed Emma of the information given to him with his last peaceful talk with Arrondal, and how Aztarwyn is a Lich. Then, a plan was divided to save Rachel from death. Bruce and Emma decided they'd fake a marriage, so Rachel could go to Hauptsitz and live in peace, while they hide in Canifis. Such was done, and now Bruce resides in Canifis with Emma, his fake-wife.


Bruce and Emma were talking while in their house in Canifis. It was three months since moving in, and after they had moved in, a werewolf attacked Emma, though Bruce killed it in EPIC fashion. Then, the next morning, werewolves lined up in front of their house, though, Bruce shot them down with ease. Bruce and Emma had grown a stronger bond, and Bruce was considering on legitimately proposing to and marrying Emma. As Bruce was ready to ask the question, the commorb rang, and it was Rachel; a Phylactery was found. She was hiding under the bed of Aztarwyns, talking to the two, then Aztarwyn burst into the room, pulling her out from under the bed, and talked to Bruce and Emma, then it shut off. Bruce knew he was going to track them and come to Canifis, so they began to pack up. Hours later, L.C.S. came in from Gliders, and Bruce and Emma ditched for the river. The L.C.S. dropped down, as badass as they are, formed a circle around the werewolves that surrounded them, and shot them all down. They searched the entire village, though they didn't search the river, and found nothing. Aztarwyn himself came down, began enraged, killed one of the L.C.S. men, then set fire to the former home of Bruce and Emma's. Then, he left, leaving Canifis for the L.C.S. to protect, as land of Cruor. Bruce and Emma then began to make their way to Burgh de Rott. During this time, Wayne, the brother of Bruce, exploited the location of Blakan Estate to Aztarwyn, then Aztarwyns men struck. Wayne however was taken captive, and taken to Hauptsitz.

After being exploited and on the run, Bruce stopped in the nearest alley, and sat down, catching his breath. Him and Emma talked about what they were going to do, and Bruce decided they were going to Hauptsitz and attempt to kill Aztarwyn, even though it would mean his revival the next day. Bruce tracked the commorb of Aztarwyns, then found men searching for the two. Bruce killed the entire squad of five, then they made way for Hauptsitz, since Bruce can fly 'n' shit.

Inside the Fire

Bruce and Emma landed a little bit away from the Gonzo Palace. They took note of the very evil scenary. Above, in the sky, was the Gonzo seal, as thunder and lightning crackled, normal weather. And, off in certain distances, Fremennik were being tortured, even women being assaulted. It wasn't a pretty sight. They reached the palace and began to hide near the door, as all of the Gonzo were inside, Arrondal calling an assembly; Aztarwyn there as well. Arrondal talked about, and was clearly audiable, he talked about Aztarwyn and his mother, and how nobody knew the true father of Aztarwyn, and how the rumor was his father was Zephon. Arrondal then revealed that he himself is the father of Aztarwyn, and that Aztarwyn is a half-Mahjarrat. Bruce then burst right out into the open, shouting "Mahjarrat or not, I'm still going to kick his ass," then threw a smoke grenade-like thing on the ground, covering the room in smoke. All Gonzos managed to leave, Aztarwyn and his wife however stayed, Arrondal and Zack going inside Rachel's room with the son of Aztarwyn. Bruce managed somehow to scale the wall and hang from the ceiling, and when the smoke cleared, Aztarwyn cleaved Wayne's head right off of his neck, then began to insult Bruce and how he no longer has a family. The final, epic, battle between Bruce and Aztarwyn commenced then and there, both women watching the two fight. Bruce managed to make his way up the stairs and Lily and Aztarwyn went up, Bruce sending a flash of light at them, Aztarwyn blocking it. Bruce make a run for the bedroom of Aztarwyns, and Lily tackled him down the hall, like a boss. Rachel was set free from the torture room, her and Emma making a break for it as well. Aztarwyn caught the two and put his blade against their throats, threatening to kill them. Bruce fired back and grabbed Lily and mimicked the move of Aztarwyns - Both agreed to leave them out of it, and they returned their respectful cheerleaders, both sides embracing with each other. The epic fight commences once again, and they go over the railing, and outside the palace, where Aztarwyn summons the LEGIT all-mighty shadow Kraken from the Gonzo Realm, which Bruce destroys with a bolt of Light, though, the shadow reforming and sucking into Bruce. After a bit of torture, Aztarwyn lifted Bruce up, and before dealing a final blow, Emma stabbed Aztarwyn with the Dagger of Gonzo; Aztarwyn drops Bruce, then recovers after the dagger is pulled out. Verde Genic, big enough to carry Bruce and Emma, protects the two by breathing fire at Aztarwyn, which shields himself with his mumbo-jumbo shadow magic. Then, Bruce and Emma fly away, Emma burning shut the wounds Bruce had from the battle, then Bruce going unconcious. They then go to Pollniveach, for Bruce to recover. Then, Bruce and Emma, with Verde, set off for a beach near Rimmington.

The final blow to Aztarwyn - Engagement.

Bruce and Emma land on Mudskippers Point, after getting off of Verde, he falls asleep. Bruce takes quick look at the scenery, then Emma proceeds to strip to her bra and underwear and go in the water for fish. Bruce turns into a wolf for no reason what-so-ever, then he turns into a human again then scales the tree, jumping on a branch and quickly back to the tree as the branch falls. Emma caught fish, then Bruce sent fireball at wood - Whee, fire. Emma cooks fish, then they pig out.

Emma and Bruce were just sitting on the beach, looking out at the sunset, talking. Bruce talked about how Trace was his only wife, and how Emma reminds him of her alot. They talked more, then Bruce had a feeling that was driving him insane. He could feel the phylactery, then began to dig in one spot like a mad-man. Emma helped him, and they found it. It was a gem, glowing with darkness, and the Gonzo Seal was on it. They would then fill the hole back with sand, and Bruce would send a stab at the gem with the Dagger of Gonzo - He missed, big time. Emma and him talked, how he couldn't do it, then she helped him, and they both stabbed the gem, smashing it, killing a part of Aztarwyn's soul(Harry Potter anybody?). Then, Bruce proposed to Emma, and Emma said yes. They then slept on the beach until next morning.

Leaving Gielinor to find a peaceful life

Emma woke up in the morning, then a little after Bruce did. A ship was at Port Sarim, and a lot of people getting on board. Like, alot. Bruce and Emma went to check it out, Verde flying away, and found out a new land-mass had been discovered by Arjol Flinthrope, former Knight of Ardougne. Arjol was preaching of how Guthix has given them the gift of a new land(CHRISTOPHER COLUMBUS HAS COME TO GIELINOR!), Bruce and Emma see it as a way to get away from Aztarwyn. They both agree to get on the ship and sail to the new land, where a village was built, and where they lived for a few years, and had a child named Setomus Clough.

Rest In Peace, Bruce Clough.

The life of Bruce Clough was a fun joy-ride while it lasted. One night, he had another nightmare of Aztarwyn killing the family, only this time, it was just Bruce, then he woke up after his death in the nightmare. After awhile, Emma had a similar nightmare, where Aztarwyn went to her grandfather's house, Raldur, and killed him along with Blake, and defiled Raldur's wife. She quickly commorb'd Blake, and he was fine. The two talked about Aztarwyn and his religion, how he is the God of Death. Emma stated that Icthlarin was the God of the Dead, and if anything was to happen, he would guide them to the afterlife. They both went back to bed after a bit more of talking.

Then, the dreaded day had arrived. It was a very dull day, up to half past eleven in the morning. Emma and Bruce talked, how Bruce had the feeling something was suppose to happen that day. The two talked to it more, and religions, and Emma prayed to Guthix it would be a good day. After a bit of more talking, they had romantic scene, then a knock on the door. Bruce went to answer it, and it was Aztarwyn. He blew the doors right open, Bruce being blown back a bit. Then, they began to fight. Emma tried her best to stop Aztarwyn, though, it couldn't be done. After a bit of attacking Emma, Bruce went after Aztarwyn, and Aztarwyn stabbed right through Bruce's stomach, directly under the chest, and shoved him to the wall, where Bruce slouched down and pretended to be dead. Afterwards, Aztarwyn proceeded to deliver some pain to Emma, both not knowing she was a week pregnant, and gave her the same exact scar he gave Bruce when he burst into his home and killed his parents. Aztarwyn then made his leave, killing two men of Arjol's, and set fire to a home in the village. Emma then went to the still alive Bruce, and Bruce told her not to tell Setomus of Aztarwyn until he was ready. Then, both embraced each other, and with the final words "I love you," Bruce died.


Bruce has had several changes to his attire. In total, Bruce has had about 4 changes to his attire, not including going back to an old one. In that case, he's had maybe 5.

First Attire

Bruce would have a hood that didn't cover his eyes, and would usually be wearing the Ardougnian Cape. He'd have black clothes, and under his shirt would be a thin metal plate. He'd have a sheathe on his belt, for his sword, as well as other mini-sheathes for his knives. He'd have about 10 throwing knives on his belt. When not in combat, his repeater crossbow would be slung over his shoulder on a leather strap.

Second Attire

This would be Bruce's main attire until the update to Barrows.

Bruce would have a new hood that did cover most of his eyes, and most of his scar. He'd wear the Lionheart/Cruor cloak in this time. The knives wouldn't change, and a bunch of other utility pouches would remain on his belt. Under his shirt, would be a light chainmail. From his Ardougnian days, he'd have his commnecklace on him. Always. This was also his 4th attire, as he switched back after the Cruor vs Varrock war.

Note: This attire is used on the picture for Bruce.

Third Attire

Bruce would have a metallic hood, not covering his eyes like the first hood. It would be divided up into three steel metal plates, curved to shape the head and painted red, each a little different in size. One plate would fall into the next, and so on. He wore a mix-mash of a steel red-painted steel and chainmail plate. Note, he wore very light armour, even though it could be penetrated very easily. His leggings were made of light chainmail. He used a steel-red painted sword, as well as a red-shield, for he used Melee in this time. This was the beginning of the Vigilis Cruor.

Note: This outfit was also seen with Terwyllon, when he was Dominus of Vigilis Cruor.

Fourth Attire

When Bruce came back, he ditched the hood, and exposed his face entirely. He'd wear the cloak of the Cruor/Kaiserreich. He wears no-more chainmail or anything under his clothing. The best way I could describe this is look at Karil's top and bottom. He'd still have his utility belt, and his sheathe for his sword. He also would still have the crossbow. This would be his current attire.

Physical Appearance

Bruce would have long, fine, black hair. He'd have blue eyes, one being an unatural white. On the white eye, there is a scar that looks as if someone took a sword and slashed him in the eye. The scar starts mid-way into the forehead, at an angle on his left eye, and goes down, then stops at the eyeball. It then continues on the other side, going down a little bit more, ending near his nose. He'd have a fair-build, not much muscle would be shown. He'd have a tattoo of a Zamorakian symbol on both palms of his hands. If one looked on his left arm, there would be the Gonzo Seal, only a bit of skin missing. This was formerly a tattoo that was cut off with a sword.


Bruce acted as any other normal human would. He mixed the three major religions of Gielinor, although majorly following an Agnostic Zamorakian path, and quite frankly, didn't care for a religion. He was stern after his time in military service, as any normal soldier, however he still felt emotion for those he loved. Bruce was also a man of few words, whenever he spoke, his sentence was short and he made sure each sentence got straight to the point. 


Here lists all titles Bruce has held.

Commander of the A.F.L

General of the Yanillian Army

King of Lionheart

Dominus of Vigilis Cruor

King of Falador(Never went by this)

Simply, Bruce Clough.

Hero of Lionheart



  • Wayne's full name is the name of the grandfather of who role-plays as Bruce in real life.
  • Bruce was Aztarwyn's first, real developed character.
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