The Brown-Hand Bandits
"Why do I even bother? I should work on my own."

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Baldor the Bastard




Baldor the Bastard


A brown hand with five fingers


"Confusion is the best tactic."

The Brown-Hands, were founded by Baldor the Bastard in the late fifth age. Seeking retribution for lost lands, Baldor sought riches in his home area of Rellekka.  While Baldor himself is known to be a competant fighter, if not skilled, his agents are known to be extraordinarily weak.


The Brown-Hands formed when Baldor Brownhand, the bastard son of a Fremennik Farmer, was disowned by his father for killing the family chickens.  Baldor at the young age of 13 stormed off to join a local mercenary group, run and maintained by Thorvald Frostshield known as the Northern Hammer.  The Northern Hammer was sent to Varrock to defend Ehrick Elderon when Baldor was 15, a battle Baldor barely survived.  Sneaking off, the child began a long trek back home, alone.

During this time, Baldor eventually lost his morals.  His sense of right and wrong was skewed, and went from helping others to surviving.  He worked as a mercenary out of Ardougne, until greed took hold and he slaughtered an employer with a fair amount of gold.  Labelled a criminal, Baldor used his newfound money to make a safehaven for other bandits as their undisputed leader.  As a middle-finger to his father, Baldor Brownhand named the criminals after his father's family name.

Unfortunately, he recruited a rather large group of incompetant criminals and has actually been slowly losing money rather than gaining it.

Notable Members

  • Baldor Brownhand - The Bastard.  The Bear.  The Leader.  Known for his large Bastard-Sword, Mudraker.  Has a tattoo of a brown hand on his face and chest.
    • Archie - A Spear-User known to rush into battle head first.
    • Blade - An Archer known to faint when seeing unfathomable acts of science or magic.  He isn't smart, so this happens often for him.
    • Lance - A Maceman known for being morbidly obese.  Immensely strong but can't fight long.
    • Mace - A Swordsman and Baldor's Right-Hand.  He is cautious, and a fairly decent fighter overall.
  • Acacia Brownhand - Baldor Brownhand's wife, and the sole reason the organization maintains money. Has a tattoo of a rose on her left leg, and a brown hand on her right shoulder.
    • Aster - A Shield and Axe Warrioress and Rose's right hand.
    • Dahlia - A Huntress with sharp eyes and sharper arrows.
    • Lily - A Knife thrower and daggerwoman, Lily is quiet and stealthy, a true danger if people are distracted.
    • Poppy - A Berserker Woman with a large, bearded axe, Poppy is known to shatter shields easily.
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