Brindys is a loyal Ardougnian. This character is played by Krazy Kat 91.


Growing up in the slums of Varrock, Brindys spent her rough, crime inflicted childhood, quiet and withdrawn. Unlike the blossiming school girls and thugs around her. She preferred watching the godly knights in their glistening armor patrol the hazardous allies of Varrock, fending off the thieves and gang members without a flicker of fear. She looked up to them with with a glimmer of hope to escape the cruel city and looked west where she’d heard of a magnificent city, named Ardougne. During one of her gang influenced father’s violent beatings to her mother, Brindys would flee to the castle library for hours at a time where she’d lay on the floor casting her shoes aside and read books about the glorious city.


  • Her name is pronounced Brin-dees
  • She was created as a roflknight for Rail to kill till Kat got attached to the character.
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