Deliciousness is power!

–Brassica Prime

Brassica Prime
Brassica Prime
Brassica Prime








Brassica Prime


Grey and Brown


Alive and in Gielinor

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This page addresses information about Brassica Prime, his religion, and his followers as it applies to World 42 roleplaying. Any valuable contributors are welcome to add.

Brassica Prime

Brassica Prime is the cheerful patron god of all cabbages and, as such, takes the form of a giant cabbage. He claims to command the power of highly concentrated nutrients. Likely due to being a giant vegetable, Brassica Prime believes that power comes from deliciousness, probably due to the fact that most fruits and vegetables wish to be eaten to spread their seeds around, and thus the more deliciousness, the more chance of being picked and propagating.

Brassica Prime is considered a benevolent God, as he rewards those who treat his followers well.

Brief History

Brassica is one of the most mysterious deities, with nearly nothing known about his past prior to the Fifth Age. Some of his followers believe him to be a product of the Anima Mundi, in a similar fashion to Vorago, and thus tied to Gielinor's well-being, although there is no evidence to support this claim. Although Saradomin claimed that all current gods participated in the Gielinorian God Wars, it is likely Brassica did not, for he was not affected by the Edicts of Guthix when they ended, suggesting that Guthix may have thought favourably of him, or that he did not perceive him as a threat.

In 169 of the Fifth Age, the cabbages of Falador Farm began jumping around with intense joy, exclaiming various phrases, although cabbages in other locations remained stationary. The Adventurer who kicked one of these bouncing cabbages all the way from Falador to Oo'glog was rewarded with a fireworks display and an audience with Brassica Prime himself. Brassica claimed to be impressed by adventurer "looking after one of his followers so well", and rewarded him/her with an ordinary cabbage.

Brassica now remains in the Empyrean Citadel enjoying the comfort of his seat.


Not much is known of Brassica Religion, besides that it is based mostly on fruits, vegetables. It is known that Brassicanism focuses on the belief that deliciousness is power, and that highly concentrated nutrients beat dragonkin firebreath.

Accepted Lore

  • He is a Cabbage.
  • He is unknown to almost all mortals in Gielinor.
    • This does not mean everyone is not allowed to know about him, as some people, such as Sliske and the Adventurer, happened to know Brassica Prime.
  • There are no other race followers that are known to follow Brassica Prime, for a mortal that is not a piece of fruit/vegetable to worship Brassica they must have heard of him from legends, or were around to witness bouncing cabbages, and perhaps either kicked one to Oo'glog, or were at the location to witness Brassica partying against Marimbo..

Common Mistakes

None that are known at the momment.



  • His voice is a mixture of deep and high-pitched.
  • He is noted to be a bit insane.
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