These are the mahjarrat notes of Blakan. These are subject to expansion.

Full Mahjarrat




I find it interesting how my younger brother and I lived over 9,000 years without ever meeting each other, until Year 169 of the Fifth Age. I'm glad I made that trip to Karamja.

Zenthos Daemor

It has been a pleasure to work with Zenthos in this recent time. He has done an excellent job at conquering the territory that he was wanting. I'm impressed with his success at starting and ruling an empire.

Half Mahjarrat

Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo

The fool who thinks that he's a god. He's not even a full mahjarrat! But for being only a half-mahjarrat, he has an impressive amount of power. Even I would be afraid to challenge him. And he's done an excellent job with his empires. His current empire, Das Kaiserreich der Cruor, has been around for 15 years! But I find it horrible what he's done to Holly J.'s poor daughter, Emma.

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