This story arc was created by Liam the Big. It is a future plot, all are welcome to join! It shall be divided into several sections. The first of which is: Discovery. Others will be on the way, and this roleplay will be mostly based in the Kandarin/Fremmenik Area.

Characters Involved

  • Manikaro (Main Antagonist)
  • Jon the Scholar
  • more to be added soon I hope!




Jon, the old Scholar, frantically searching the pages for answers.

In the depths of the Kandarin library, there is a man who seldom leaves. His name is Jon, and he is obsessed. "With what?" one may ask, I shall tell you. Jon is obsessed, completely and totally, with finding a smith. However, this is not any normal smith Jon searches endlessly in the heart of the royal library for. No, this smith is different, this smith is a legend. Jon has spent years of his life, combing every tome, every book in almost all of Gielinor, searching for even the slightest reference to this smith....The Smith of Ages. Go on, ask Jon about the smith he has spent twenty years searching for, I bet he'd give you an ear full.

Jon's Story

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