Bessie the cow

Date of Birth

Raktuber 9th, Year 167 of the Fifth Age

Place of Birth

Falador Farm










Mount/Beast of Burden


Colton F. Shires

Bessie i
Bessie chathead 1
s a holstein cow owned and used as a mount by Colton. She was born and raised on a farm south of Falador.
Bessie chathead 2

A smiling Bessie.


Bessie appears just as any other cow - white with black splotches belting her body. She possesses small, rounded horns and a large tongue that she licks people with.


Bessie was born on a farm south of Falador. Because she came from some of the more prized cows, Bessie escaped a simple life of milking and then slaughter. Instead, she was intended to be reared fit for her life as a prized dairy cow. That is until one day when a travelling circus passed by the farm. Bessie had been known to be an intelligent cow by the farmers who kept her, but the circus ringmaster saw much more potential in little 'ol Bessie.

She was bought for the price of forty silver coins and went to live with the circus as 'The Amazing Bessie'. There Bessie was trained to be a mount, carrying on her back the smaller performers. When not performing in the circus, Bessie was used like a pack-mule and pulled carts or carried boxes strapped to her.

Bessie didn't much like being held in a cage for most of her time and when an attendent left the cage unlocked, Bessie wandered out into the wild. She grazed along the grasslands and in the forests surrounding the City of Falador. Colton came upon the cow one day and just had to keep her.

So Colton tugged at the rope leash on her neck and led her back to the city, where he has her hidden in an abandoned house. He plans to ask permission from the White Knights for Bessie to formally become one of their animal familiars.


  • Bessie has a cow-bell around her neck.
  • More coming soon.
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