Bartin Jones, also known simply as Bart, is a pirate known for his expertise in explosives, cannons, and almost anything else that requires a lit fuse, he is also spends time gawking at dark magic from the ruins on Mos Le' Harmless, though this never amounts to much due to cowardliness of the monsters and off and on drunkenness. He was created and is played by Raltin Avarr.
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What Bart looks like.



Bart grew up as the bastard son of a whore and a cabin boy on Mos Le'harmless, as a young lad he was fascinated by the cannons on the ships, and dedicated much of his early life to understanding them. He went above and beyond the knowledge he sought, learning the delicate crafts that involved explosive powder. His skills were quickly noticed by other pirates, and he has spent many of his recent years as the first mate aboard a ship known as The Gannet, which is captained by a man known as John Wilkons. Other than many acts of piracy, there is not much else to tell of Barton. Another point of interest in his life is when he started taking a look around the ruins of the island of Mos Le'Harmless, and discovered the strange properties and magics they held, namely the voodoo-like qualities. While most other pirates are kept at bay, his curiosity has produced some results, as he's learned a few ways of repelling dark magic from interacting with some of the island's creatures.


Bart is a man worth many words, he can be cruel beyond measure one moment and kind in fellowship the next. Worth to say; he is not an easy man to understand, but he is one that you would definitely want watching your back if things get rough.

Other Information

  • The ship Bart sails on, The Gannet, has a bad reputation, or rather the name the ship does: because so far there have been three ships named The Gannet, the previous two having been sunk, all having the same crew and captain. The pirates take it as a running joke, simply building a new ship and calling it the next Gannet when the previous one sinks.


  • This character actually went through two different names before the final one was decided.
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