Azzendotre is the fourth and final son of Ganoratre, a soldier in the Zarosian empire, nearing its fall. 


Azzendotre was born in southeastern Senntisten, one of the poorer areas in Senntisten. He was born to Ganoratre, and his mother's identity is unknown. Not much is known about his past, other than that he was a very accomplished mage. He eventually joined the military, and fought alongside his father.

The God Wars

He and his fathers force was called back to their home, Senntisten, to protect the city from Saradomin and Zamorak's forces. He fought valiantly, he and his father defending their home for days. On the fourth day of batlle, a zamorakian sentry's arrow pierced his fathers, armor, killing him. Azzendotre was called back to the temple, to defend it at all costs so Azzandra could re-establish contact with The Empty Lord. Azzandra, being the last of his squad, unleashed a magic attacck so powerful, it accidentally immortalized him and vaporized everyone..except the sentry. The sentry had gained immortality also. The sentry fled, his force being defeated. Along with Sliske and some others, Azzendotre went into hiding.

The Fifth Age

Azzendotre spent most of the third aand fourth age fighting for his own survival. Towards the end of the fifth age, he became more active. He became world guardian, by the choice  of Guthix, a now deceased god. That marked the end of the fifth age.

The SIxth Age

Having found Azzandra and other zarosians, Azzendotre is working on returning Zaros. He can be found all  around Gielnor, completing jobs for Zaros. 

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