Watch your tongue or I'll have it cut from your head

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Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo




Ice Mountain




Aztarwynian Gonzo Seal


Patriarch of the House of Gonzo
King of Dargonia





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Chaotic Neutral


Lily Gonzo

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Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo(In Armor)
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Ice Mountain




AztarwynianGonzo Seal


Patriarch of the House of Gonzo
King of Dargonia





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Chaotic Neutral


Lily Gonzo


Shadow Magic(Expert) Blood Magic(skilled),
Ice Magic(Above Average),
Fire Magic(Expert),
Water Magic(Expert),
Earth Magic(Expert),
Wind Magic(Skilled),
Lightning(Average/Below Average),
Melee(Fearsome, brutish, skilled warrior)(Expert)

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Wolf Aztarwyn
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"I may look cute and cuddly now, but piss me off and I'll gouge your eyes out"




Ice Mountain




AztarwynianGonzo Seal


Patriarch of the House of Gonzo
King of Dargonia





Fur Color

Black and Gray

Eye Color



Chaotic Neutral


Lily Gonzo

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Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo




Ice Mountain




Aztarwynian Gonzo Seal


Patriarch of the House of Gonzo
King of Dargonia





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Eye Color



Chaotic Neutral


Lily Gonzo

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Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo
Spooky Aztar




Ice Mountain




Zarosian Zaros Symbol


Patriarch of the House of Gonzo
King of Dargonia





Hair Color


Eye Color



Chaotic Neutral


Lily Gonzo

Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo was the second and last son of the Mahjarrat Arrondal Gonzo, born on the 23rd of Rintra, Year 96 of the Fifth Age, his mother being the human Glaiwyn Gonzo, he was initially a half-breed of the two races, which was hidden from him until much later in his life.

Aztarwyn was something special to the Gonzos, however. He was heavily trained by his father since the age of five to the age of twenty-one. He then fought in the Gonzo-Nekai War, which he did very well in until he was horribly injured. To recover, a fourth of Arrondal's power was given to him, paving the road to making him stronger than any Gonzo.

Aztarwyn continued to work his way up the ladder, where eventually he would land up in the role of Patriarch of the House of Gonzo at the age of fourty-seven. Many pacts were made to ensure he would remain as Patriarch of the family while either Arrondal or Azeroth takes his role temporarily if he is ever absent.

He ruled with his bloody fists, and by the age of fifty-two, he had taken over Varrock from Princess Puppy Roaldyn. At this age, he still looked as if he was in his late teens, however he had not known the cause of this. He decided to take his army with him out to plan the eventual take-over of Asgarnia. This would allow Princess Puppy to make a false claim over the city which allowed the Traven to take over. He did not bother to reclaim it, however he did not allow plans to go unattended.

At the age of fifty-four, he had started the second Gielinorian War, otherwise known as World War Two, and won the war, making Asgarnia land of what was known as the Kingdom of Zamorak. He had ruled this with his wife, Queen Alexys Gonzo, for three years, turning Asgarnia into a Zamorakian nation. He had a daughter with Alexys during this time, Rachel.

After awhile, Aztarwyn came out of hiatus for a few times, once leading to his eventual death at the hands of Bruce Clough. He remained dead for quite awhile, before resurfacing again at the hands of Katsu. He had gone to Gunnarsgrunn to begin the Massacre of Gunnarsgrunn, which the first casualty was Bruce, and had taken over the Kingdom of Lionheart, which he had ruled briefly before Bruce's revival and the second defeat of Aztarwyn.

A few years it took for Aztarwyn to be revived again, and he has been off and on since. He became a Praetor of Vigilis Cruor, to its Dominus, and king of the second Lionheart. After a bit of time, he created Das Kaiserreich der Cruor, being the Kaiser. He finished his rivalry with Bruce, killing him in the town colony of Lionheart. Afterwards, he continued to rule the empire and succeeded in killing the majority of the Fremennik on Cruor. He stepped down, however within a year he rose back up to power, defeating his brother twice in a battle and declared war on Lionheart a second time. After things in Gielinor went downhill, he had allowed Rachel to ascend to the throne.

Aztarwyn now focuses on spreading his influence in the mainland, taking part in battles against other "gods." After reviving his true love, Lily, he had been stalking the mainland with a very cautious eye, taking the chance for when he sees it. He had a small battle against Jandres and Te'pooka, debatably winning both, although the fight with Jandres was rather insignificant. He had taken his eyes off of Gielinor at this point, as it was a lost cause at this point.

Tetnaziwyn had started to grow now, and Aztarwyn had acknowledged the fact that his bastard child had potential to be stronger than even him, without the weakness of Kuolema to hold him back. He had known that because Tetnaziwyn was more pure than Aztarwyn as a Mahjarrat, with his training, he could accomplish the strength Aztarwyn has now at a very young age. Just as Arrondal had done with him, Aztarwyn had started Tetnaziwyn's training at a very young age, to capitalize on the future of the Gonzo.

However, there was a brief pause in this time as Aztarwyn went to the Wushanko Islands. During his visit, he had been outnumbered and eventually overpowered, being taken by witchdoctors. They had studied upon Aztarwyn for several years until his kin would save him, and he unleashed a ravaging taste of vengeance upon those who held him. However, he still felt demoralized at this defeat. It was not until he met Zarin Renderra on Ice Mountain and established a new rivalry with him that he would have the spirit to make the Wushanko pay for their actions.

As Tetnaziwyn had begun to hone his new strength and improve himself, Aztarwyn decided to put him to the test. After meeting with the leader of the Knights of the Crimson Mist, he now had an army of crusaders to fight for him. Using his influence over Cruor, his grandson had agreed to give Aztarwyn a small fleet to transport soldiers, supplies and weapons to the Wushanko. It was then that the crusaders, Aztarwyn and now the new Tetnaziwyn would set sail.

He had a small portion of memory to describe the land, and they would find an island identical to the description provided. The aboriginals of the land saw the fleet and prepared, as knights had begun to flood the shores of the island, riding to battle on horses, modern archers would assist and the two Gonzo that had accompanied them would begin. Aztarwyn would bend the land to his will, using his mastery in the field of magic to destroy the natives, laying waste to thousands of miles of land as Zamorak had done to Forinthy. Aztarwyn then had decided to establish a Kingdom here, forcing the natives to do his dirty work and be his own slaves. Dargonia was born.

Aztarwyn had hundreds slaughtered due to his paranoia, which caused the populace to become more rebellious. He made enemies in this action and soon, the Kingdom saw a rebellion spawning. Aztarwyn confided in the castle for his last few years, before finally the revolt happened. Aztarwyn would remain in the castle and face Setomus in an epic battle, however he would be defeated and his Phylactery was destroyed. The God of Death had been slain.

Aztarwyn, since creation, had primarily played an antagonistic role, however over the years of his development, he has grown to become a protagonist for a long period of time before being an antagonist once more. Aztarwyn was role-played by the user Aztarwyn, and was once role-played by Katsu for a single RP.




The history of Aztarwyn/

Pre-Roleplaying History


Year 96 of the Fifth Age, Glaiwyn Gonzo was in labor on Ice Mountain, when she was 32. She was pregnant with the baby Aztarwyn. It is said that Aztarwyn's father, who was believed to be Zephon Gonzo, was last seen on Ice Mountain, when the baby was born. She had given birth to him, and shortly after, the father went missing. In honor of the rumored father, he was named Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo. Arrondal Gonzo, the original Gonzo Mahjarrat, decided he would raise the boy. The mother died of old age when she was sixty-four.

Life Before Roleplay

When Aztarwyn was able to walk, and hold a sword, he began his training from Arrondal Gonzo. The hard-core training led Aztarwyn to be the youngest Gonzo to possess the power of a normal Human Gonzo at the age of 17. He then took more advanced training, which included the introduction to the Ancient Magics, and by 21, he was ready for battle.

Soon after he was ready, he went into a huge battle against the Nekai with his fellow Gonzos. He was the hero of the battle, and helped his men prevail over the Nekai, which the Gonzos praised him for a very short while, for he had not proven his true strength yet. One battle was not enough to win over the entire family, though it did help. Many battles came and went, and Aztarwyn fought in most of them. He continued his training with Arrondal, learning the ancient magics. Aztarwyn is a very skilled Shadow Magic user.

One battle however left Aztarwyn broken and wounded, he could have died if it wasn't for immediate medical attention. Arrondal then decided to give about a fourth of his own power to Aztarwyn - Which made him one of the strongest Gonzo's of all time.

Years would fly by, though. Aztarwyn would grow stronger each passing year, working his way up the ranks. Between the battles, the training, and family matters, he was the favorite.

At the age of 26, he would have an affair with a random woman. This was the birth of his son, Thomas Gonzo the First.

Thomas never received such a hardcore training as his father did, and had a different point of view on the ways of the Gonzos. He converted to Saradominism and the Nekai family, at the age of 20.

At the age of 32, he stood next to his dying mother, Glaiwyn. Arrondal and Aztarwyn watched as she had moved onto a different world, the body becoming emotionless and dead. Surely, Aztarwyn's heart and soul began to cry in sadness. This was the last time Arrondal, nor anybody, had seen emotion shown by Aztarwyn, as he became a solid rock-hard emotionless warrior.

Then, when Aztarwyn was 39, he had an affair with a Zarosian woman, as they had not known the religions of each other. She was pregnant, and after the child was born, he then realized she was Zarosian, due to purple eyes, and her confession. He killed her instantly. This is when Aztarwyn would have become a vile, sick human being. Though, he has yet to learn why he acts the way he does.

Aztarwyn had never understood why he didn't look his age, or feel his age. Aztarwyn continued to still look very young, let alone feel this young. He didn't ponder about it much, and carried on with life, with his super-natural body as he called it.

He named his son, the son of a Zarosian mother, after himself, Aztarwyn Gonzo Jr. Aztarwyn Jr. never received the same hard-core training as his father did, as Aztarwyn didn't consider him his "true" son, due to the mother's religion. Jr. guy eventually started training himself, getting help from other willing Gonzos.

Thomas converted over to the Nekai at the age of 20. Aztarwyn became a very, very, pissed off man. Thomas married a woman in the Nekai who wasn't married, and they had a child, when Thomas was 24. Thomas named his son after himself, Thomas Nekai II. The son had never learned of his true heritage - He only learned though when he was five, and his parents were out, as they hired a baby-sitter, Aztarwyn killed them. He only burnt the mother. Aztarwyn was 50.

The Beginnings of a Tyrant

Aztarwyn's brother Zack had a Kingdom, which Aztarwyn took. Zack went missing after. The Kingdom fell after awhile, as Aztarwyn grew bored, and had signed up for the Nova Knights.

Aztarwyn grew a few friends while in the Nova, especially Eden Syvian. Though, there was a dark side to Aztarwyn, he had joined in and attempted to kill a small child. He thought he killed her, though, he soon found out she wasn't dead. In his Nova uniform, she somehow recongized him, and ran away or something.

However, Aztarwyn left the Nova's and joined a cult of Black Knights, against the Novas, though soon after that, he left. He then proceeded on to Varrock.

Aztarwyn took on a new attire before he completely reverted back to his old self, of which looked like Runite Armour, only steel. He wished to become King of Varrock, and tried his best to peacefully make his way. Though, it would not work.

He met with Princess Puppy of Varrock, and grew a small friendship. Though, one day, he decided it was enough of being Mr. Nice Guy. He kidnapped the Princess' sister, and after she was released, nearly dead, Aztarwyn soon took an army to Varrock. The palace, as well as some of the city, was destroyed. Aztarwyn then created a Kingdom in the name of Zamorak, though, he had not gotten Varrock. Not yet.

The Capture of Varrock

Months later, Aztarwyn launched a war effort against Varrock, obtaining a group of soldiers, due to the inactive guard. He along with his soldiers were able to destroy the castle and obtain a firm grip inside the city. The war, nothing happened. The next day it was an easy capture of the city.

World War II

The Beginning

After his brief reign in Varrock, Aztarwyn sought to purge the world of Saradomin scum, sought to do his Lord a good deed. He looked to conquer Asgarnia, to corrupt it with Zamorakian influence.

Aztarwyn called upon his allies, Katsu Ignis, Emperor Russia, and many of the Zamorakian Union, such as Lord Pyro, the so called leader of the union, to a meeting within his fortress. Once all were gathered, Aztarwyn began to explain to his allies of his desire. All were in agreement that they should invade, except for Russia, who wished not to break his alliance with the Nova Knights in his conquest to kill all of those who served the Forgotten Lord. Aztarwyn respected his decision, however Russia declared neutrality and should the war exclude the Novas at some point, Russia would assist.

Despite losing Russia, Pyro and Katsu were in agreement. Pyro and Katsu promised Aztarwyn that they would devote their forces to the war, and so it was then that they declared war. However, Katsu proposed they shouldn't just limit themselves to Asgarnia. They should look to spread Zamorak's influence into Misthalin, which was still weak at the time. Aztarwyn could not devote many of his forces to Misthalin, however he would agree that they should invade Misthalin as well, and so Katsu, alongside with his friend Britva LaDel, would lead the charge.

Aztarwyn was swift with his actions and began to mobilize his forces immediately, as there was no time to waste. He knew he had to have a stronger army than the rest of the Union, otherwise Pyro would wish to have a coalition rule over the land. Aztarwyn saw Pyro as a weak ruler, and had desired the throne for himself. If he wanted this, he would need to have the forces to not only conquer Asgarnia, but to fight Pyro if it came to it. And thus, the second Gielinorian War had begun.

The First Battles

Just days after the war had been declared, the fighting began. Katsu, with his forces, had marched into Lumbridge and begun an impressive invasion, fighting whatever opposition had been thrown his way. Aztarwyn was called to the battle and had arrived himself, however it was too late as Katsu's forces had already forced Lumbridgian defenders into the catacombs. Impressed, Aztarwyn only watched as his ally had secured the township. Now, it was Aztarwyn's turn.

Aztarwyn did not lead a proper invasion into Rimmington, however he would call upon his secret weapon. A force of gliders would fly above the town and bombard it with explosives, setting Rimmington ablaze and in ruin. Aztarwyn watched from afar, as he knew that his tactics would revolutionize warfare. He was the pioneer of the blitz, and it seemed that he had perfected it. After the town had calmed and the ashes settled, he called his knights to secure the area.

Then, the forces would dress up in camouflage and move into Port Sarim. With crossbows, they began to pick off sailors one by one, hoping not to alert any defending soldiers. They did however, find a man at a cake stall and decided to capture him. After the capture, the forces would move off the docks and in came the gliders, launching another blitz on the port. The docks were destroyed, boats lost, and the port was in ruin, just as Rimmington was. Aztarwyn's forces would secure the area before raising a Zamorakian flag, and now Southern Asgarnia was in his clutches.

The Monastery and Al Kharid

Aztarwyn gathered his forces and marched north, going around Falador and Misthalin to get to the Monastery, a key location for the war. The Monastery is located north of Falador, which then would not only create a circle around Falador, it would serve as a new base of operations for an invasion on Falador. As well, it was right next to Ice Mountain, the birthplace of Aztarwyn.

However, there was defense this time. A brigade of white knights held the Monastery, and soon the two forces clashed. Though, soon, Aztarwyn's forces began to prevail over the knights and it wasn't long until the commander would call a retreat. Aztarwyn only watched as the knights fled the battle, and the Monastery was now his. He commanded his knights to kill the priests, for they served Saradomin and would do their best to fight against this new regime. Blood covered the walls by days end.

Soon after the battle, Aztarwyn took a group of archers to Gunnarsgrunn and would lay waste to the village, killing several barbarians. He had very little aim and then left afterwards. A day or so later, there was another battle at the Monastery, however the Zamorakians would force the invaders away.

Aztarwyn and General Scratch made their way into Varrock, in which they would attempt to assassinate the Queen of Varrock. Even though it came to be a failure, Aztarwyn wasn't looking to be successful, only to see how difficult it would be. Though, word came to Aztarwyn in form of messenger that Lumbridge was taken back by Jedi Rystar, and Katsu was dead. He was informed that a neutral sect of the Nova had intervened and dealt a killing blow on Katsu. Rage had struck Aztarwyn, and he gathered his forces for a huge assault.

Zamorakians marched into Al Kharid and caused utter chaos. Aztarwyn casted fire after fire, along with other mages, and burned the city. He didn't stop until it was all ash, until all had perished. He set fire to the palace, and all that remained from his wrath was a stick of a foundation that collapsed. He laid waste to Al Kharid, and decided to leave Kullin Webb to repair the city himself. The army went back to the Monastery after the raid.

The Beginning of the End

After the destruction of Al Kharid, the army regrouped at the Monastery. Impatience began to grow in both Aztarwyn and the men as they had been there for months, planning, plotting the attack on Falador. Once Falador was taken, the war was over. Misthalin was declared a lost cause, as they no longer had a commander to lead forces in battles and they didn't have the men to control Asgarnia and Misthalin at once during a time of war. 

Aztarwyn had waited long enough. Gathering his men and a group of special transport gliders, they prepared for the day they long awaited for; Falador. Flying from the Monastery to the east side of the city, Aztarwyn and his forces landed in the eastern square, with no opposition. Aztarwyn didn't hesitate on capturing the square, even though he had suspicions that it was a trap. Securing the party room, an HQ was set up and the invasion was to begin. Cannons began to line up north of Falador, and the city was silent.

Gliders flew over, preparing for the blitz. Aztarwyn took his men to the park, where they secured the perimeter and the gliders, in defiance of the God of Order, destroyed the statue of Saradomin and his star. The men chanted in victory, spreading their Zamorakian beliefs into the Holy City itself. Afterwards, the real fun would begin.

Invasion of falador 2011

King Aztarwyn with his army during the Invasion of Falador.

Cannons took their shots, causing smoke plumes to rise from the buildings that were destroyed and fires that had erupted. Soldiers went from building to building, killing families and soldiers alike. Aztarwyn and General Scratch went to a certain home and would tear apart a family of three. A man named Jacob Clough fought Aztarwyn, and he was indeed impressed with the commoners skill. However, Jacob was no match, and Aztarwyn dispatched him with ease. However, a younger man sat in the corner, hiding. Aztarwyn went to him with the intention to kill, however, he wanted to spread fear across the citizens of Falador and Asgarnia. He took his sword and made a clean cut along the face of the man, who was named Bruce, along the area of his right eye. Leaving what would become the Scar of Clough, he left the man in trembling fear and anger, and proceeded with the invasion.

In the square, hell broke loose. Knights were fighting, and Aztarwyn joined the fray in slaughtering several people. Some other branches of Black Knights would take arms against Aztarwyn's forces, however shortly realizing that they were outmatched, would join them in the battle. The cannons continued to relentlessly destroy the city, however, one by one, the sounds of cannonfire silenced.

Rystar had led his forces from the castle and into the square, clashing with Aztarwyn's men. The White Knights had finally arrived to defend, and the classic Battle of Falador began. Aztarwyn had returned to the party room, beginning to devise a plan incase he needed to retreat. Soon after, in Falador's final hour, the White Knights had pushed the battle all the way back to the eastern square, where Zamorakian forces held. Men began to rush into the party room, injured, and one of Aztarwyn's own loyal soldiers had lost an eye. Enraged, Aztarwyn prepared to take the battlefield before being informed that a traitor was among them. 

He wanted to see what his men could do, and allowed the battle to rage on. He knew who it was that had betrayed his army, and began his search at the Castle. Destroying his way to the castle, decimating whatever opposed him, he found the traitor, sword in hand. Exchanging words with each other, the two began to duel. He was a fair match, the man, and Aztarwyn began to be more aggresive. Using his rage to guide him, his sheer strength began to overwhelm the man. However, Rystar was coming up from the bridge, and Aztarwyn figured this was it. This was the end of the war, here. In a two against one, Rystar versus Aztarwyn, the winner of the duel would dictate the battle and the course of the war. However, Britva was hiding. Britva had jumped from the stairs of the second floor and began to battle Rystar. He battled for vengeance, for his slain brother. Aztarwyn finished the traitor and killed him, and looked upon Britva as he finally struck down Rystar. It was over.

As Aztarwyn returned to the party room, the battle was almost over. White Knights were scattering, and the Zamorakians finally prevailed. Preparing a banner of Zamorak, Aztarwyn and his men marched upon the ruins of the battlefield and as Falador had stood, ruined, weak, broken, Aztarwyn and his men marched. Entering the castle, they would destroy any and all opposition. They made their way to the highest tower. And it was so that the Asgarnian Blue would burn and rose the red scourge of Zamorak. And at long last, Aztarwyn had a city before him. The war had ended, and he was the victor.

The Zamorakian Kingdom of Asgarnia

Aztarwyn served as King of Falador for a long time (A month O.O.Cly). He married a woman by the name of Trace, and they had their wedding in the Monastery. The dagger was placed in between their hands and was pulled out, slicing their hands and their blood mixing. This was the origin of the Gonzo Ritual.

Together, Trace and Aztarwyn had one child, Rachel Gonzo. She was born in Falador Castle, and this would be the only time she was ever with her mother for a very long time.

He was still faithful to his men, and fought every battle at the castle. There were frequent attacks, due to the fact they haven't completely destroyed the White Knight order. They always fended off the knights, and continued to do their business. Celebration a month after, fireworks and st00f were used in celebration of the war. Port Sarim had been rebuilt, as well as Rimmington, and the first true Kingdom that Aztarwyn ruled has begun.

Faladion Rebellion

The kingdom came down when Aztarwyn himself was supposedly killed. Thomas Nekai led the Asgarnian Rebellion, the Kingdom losing every battle. Aztarwyn returns to kill Thomas, hand Falador and his lands to his Zamorakian friends, then isn't seen again for a very long time.

The Return

Aztarwyn returned before the end of Russia's reign in Ardougne. He declared himself, once more, King of Falador. This reign however was shorter then any of his reigns. His former wife, Trace Gonzo, whom was engaged to Bruce Clough, came to Falador castle. There, Aztarwyn took her hostage and tortured her. Then, he declared his declaration of war on Russia. Bruce then later took his squad of men, and confronted Aztarwyn's at Falador castle. Bruce managed to break from the main fight, and found Trace. Aztarwyn though, or as thought to be, came to stop Bruce. The so called Aztarwyn and Bruce fought, though Bruce managed to kill him and escape with Trace.


After the entire conflict with Bruce, yet friggen again, Aztarwyn is somehow alive. He goes to reclaim his throne, then sends a bombing squad to blow up the known location of Bruce Clough, after Bruce kills General Scartch. Pyro then tells off Aztarwyn, and soon, Aztarwyn gathers his army and attacks Pyro's army. However, with the help of Bruce, the army fails to take over Asgarnia. 

Aztarwyn would then go to Falador castle, confront Bruce, Pyro, Draka, and Trace, facing all four of them at once. Aztarwyn had killed Trace, then Bruce finally actually killing Aztarwyn. He was buried in Nardah.

The First Revival

Aztarwyn was thought to be dead for a long time, at the very least. However, even buried in the sands of Nardah, Aztarwyn's influence was still strong. Especially one, named Katsu, had gone as far as enchanting an amulet for a one-use revival. Katsu went to Nardah, and after searching a bit for the grave of Aztarwyn, he had dug up the sand and dirt that kept Gielinor's most dangerous man contained, the body then exposed. And with just dropping it onto the body, a pulse of life and a shadow beam shooting into the sky; He had returned. After falling from the sky, landing on his feet, he breathed, knowing he was alive again. Katsu had then told him of Bruce's ascension to King-hood, Bruce ruling the Kingdom of Lionheart, Aztarwyn now without an army, saw this as a good chance to easily become a King again. However, his sword was missing, as Bruce had took it. Aztarwyn gave orders for Katsu to retreive the sword, He then returned to the Gonzo Realm, planning for his ascension to power again.

Massacre of Gunnarsgrunn

Katsu arrived to the birth place of Aztarwyn, Ice Mountain, and called upon Aztarwyn after retreiving the sword, now Katsu the owner. Aztarwyn had arrived, Katsu telling him of how him and his apprentice killed chiefton Nikita Dragovich of Gunnarsgrunn and had taken the sword from Bruce. Aztarwyn then took his sword back, looking at it, Katsu and his apprentice was his only men to face perhaps an army. He was confident, so within at least a half hour, they descended to Gunnarsgrunn.

At Gunnarsgrunn, Katsu and his apprentice fought Bruce and two Lionheart soldiers, Katsu able to cut Bruce's throat. As Bruce was injured, Aztarwyn went through the wall of the bar to confront Bruce, beginning to brutally kill him. After ripping the cape off of Bruce and killing him, Aztarwyn had brought the body to the back of the Monastery, digging up a grave, and placing Bruce in it. Beside Bruce was his mother and father. After putting on the Lionheart cape, Aztarwyn, Katsu and his apprentice, had moved into the village.

In the village of Gunnarsgrunn, a mass murder took place. Each of the men had barged into the homes of the villagers and killed husbands, wives, and children. Some newly enslaved guards went into some homes and did such things as well, such as defiling women and then killing them. This was the beginning of Aztarwyn's sadistic acts that would eventually be put into action later on in his lifetime. 

Aztarwyn tried to breach the barrier of Lionheart City, a flying city, however he failed to enter, so he sent it towards Kandarin. It slowly moves towards the region to this day.

The First Kingdom of Lionheart

The day after the massacre, Aztarwyn had called upon all the remaining citizens of Gunnarsgrunn to come to the square of the village. They all lined up and before them stood their new ruler. Aztarwyn had given his speech, how he was the new King of Lionheart, and there would be changes. Aztarwyn then ordered all citizens to kneel before their new ruler. All citizens took a knee to bow before him, all but one child. Aztarwyn had given one warning to the child who refused. The child was seen as a symbol of hope, that one day Aztarwyn will be stood up to and defeated one day. However, Aztarwyn quickly disposed the symbol with his new pet, Nagi the Shadow Snake, and killed the child. Katsu then killed three more citizens out of enjoyment.

Aztarwyn passed new laws and regulations so that children were forced to work in the mines, and if they took more than a 3 second break at any given point, they'd be killed on the spot. He also made more laws that were harsh on the people.

Aztarwyn reunited with the widow of Bruce, his former wife, Trace. For awhile, him and Trace lived together, sort of dating, not in a fully devoted relationship. Soon however, Aztarwyn disappeared from Lionheart, and Trace went on her way.

The Symbol of Hope

The rebellious son of Aztarwyn, Aztarwyn II, had decided that his father needed to be put down in order for his plan to replace him begin. He had revived Bruce Clough, and gave Bruce what he needed to kill Aztarwyn. Bruce is one of the three people who were seen as a symbol of hope, to stop Aztarwyn.

Aztarwyn and Bruce met face to face on the tip of Ice Mountain. For a bit, they talked, before engaging in the first of many epic battles the two would experience. Soon enough, the fight took to Falador Castle, and it continued to go upwards into a tower. Aztarwyn and Bruce were evenly matched. It wasn't until they were up in the highest tower that Bruce put a stab in Aztarwyn's stomach, Bruce shoving Aztarwyn off the tower and into the moat. Aztarwyn had been stopped for now, dying as soon as he sunk to the bottom, however, he would return eventually.

The Second Coming of Aztarwyn

A year or so may have passed since the death of Aztarwyn. Life was amazingly well for his former enemies, and Gielinor was free from his wrath. However, soon, a turn of events would lead to the revival of Aztarwyn.

With Bruce Clough dead, his son, Aztarwyn Gonzo the Second, took his place as Dominus of Vigilis Cruor and changing his name to Terwyllon Phoesar. He had poured Zarosianism into Cruor, creating a more evil version. One mage knew, this evil could not spread into Kandarin, where Terwyllon planned to invade. The only way to stop this: Revive Aztarwyn.

In the night, it was dark and gloomy. The mage had what was called the Amulet of Katsu to him, which had a one-time use to revive someone. He dived into the water, creating small flares of fire, trying to see. He found the body, the right body, and had pulled it out of the moat, nearly drowning. He then placed the amulet on the chest of Aztarwyn, which his body pulsed of shadow. He was alive.

He then flew off, into the sky, a thunder-storm grew, the cloud moving around Gielinor, for his return. He flew off into his realm, acquiring another amulet. He then flew off to the secret buriel of Bruce Clough. He knew he couldn't stop his son alone.

The Enemy of my Enemy is my Ally

Aztarwyn somehow had found the burial of Bruce Clough, then dug up the earth, revealing his body. He dropped the amulet into the grave and it had landed upon the dead chest, sending a pulse of shadow to revive him. Aztarwyn made quick work of this, as he had flied off, Bruce awakening, a mind full of unanswered questions.

Soon, Bruce had found Emma Marie Genic, and Henrik Harlowe soon came as well. The two then engaged in fighting with two Terwyllon Knights and an archer, being owned. Aztarwyn flew in, quickly killing the three soldiers before going to Bruce, telling him to get up and explaining his action to revive him, and how his son had taken over Cruor and needed to be ended. Bruce and Aztarwyn then both agreed to put their differences aside and begin the Cruor Rebellion, the factions taking their side were the L.C.S. and the Gladius Oceani. Aztarwyn then made the deal with Emma that she had to take care of Henrik and Bruce for him, otherwise she would face execution. She agreed, and he flew off.

Father Faces Son

After much of the war with the Rebels winning battle after battle, the Battle of Edgeville had begun. Terwyllon was with two soldiers in the streets of Edgeville, and Aztarwyn had come down to face him, killing his two soldiers. The two engaged in a fight that Aztarwyn would remember. Aztarwyn was basically facing a copied version of himself, only this version was a younger version, and after a bit of fighting, he then gained the upper hand from an explosion of shadow. The explosion led to Terwyllon's death, and the body of Terwyllon being burned by a pyro mage nearby. Rebel soldiers flooded the town after Terwyllon soldiers gave up and surrendered, Bruce arriving to see the victory. The two then went their ways, however they still continued to work together, to build a Cruor like none-other.

A Praetor of Cruor

Aztarwyn was given the rank of Praetor once he became associated wth Bruce and the Cruor. However, Aztarwyn made sure that his involvment was not known to the public at all, only to those whom were trusted; Bruce and Henrik. Aztarwyn brought more wealth to the Cruor, as well as introducing the Gonzo Family. He did much as a Praetor.

Kidnapping Verde

Aztarwyn had decided that Emma did not take care of Bruce and Henrik during the civil war, so he went to their house north of Camelot. Aztarwyn entered the gate, meeting Holly and one of her friends. Soon, he left, Verde Genic, the pet dragon of Holly, following him. Verde came off as a stray to Aztarwyn and he took the little dragon with him.

Out to Kill

Verde was returned to Holly and Emma by Bruce, who also took an L.C.S. squad to the manor. Aztarwyn was planning to strike it in the night and Bruce was there to set up a fake of Emma so she would survive. 

Later on in the night, sure enough, Aztarwyn was there. He brought ten warriors of the family with him, then they broke down the gate and went into the house. They searched, trashed the house around, and Aztarwyn reached the bedroom. He wasn't easily fooled, knowing it was a fake when he first saw it on the bed. He commanded all his men to search around the house, and he was preparing to burn the house down.

Eventually, he found Bruce, Henrik, Holly, Emma, and the other L.C.S. men hiding. Aztarwyn and Bruce came to the agreement they would duel to decide the fate of Emma and Holly; Should Aztarwyn win, he is allowed to kill the two, and if Bruce won, he wasn't allowed to kill them. Luckily for Holly and Emma, Bruce ended up defeating Aztarwyn in the formal duel. Aztarwyn left and went back to work with Bruce.

The Great Cruorian Expansion

Aztarwyn was able to convince Bruce to secure Port Sarim and the Monastery after the Cruor-Kharidian War ended, beginning to turn Cruor into what Aztarwyn wanted it to be. Bruce however refused to allow Aztarwyn turn Cruor into an Empire, Bruce kept it a global military, with Bruce as it's leader. Aztarwyn wasn't totally happy.

Ideas for a New Cruor

Aztarwyn began to think about what he would do after Bruce stepped off the Dominus spot in Cruor, which he would take easily if he did. Aztarwyn even thought of forcing Bruce off, however when a deal with the Kinshra arrived, he made sure to pressure Bruce continiously.

The Great Disappearance

Aztarwyn, after Bruce ordered the take-over of Jatiszo and Neitiznot, was able to get Bruce to finally accept the deal with the Kinshra - The Kinshra gets Port Sarim, and Cruor gets Falador. The Cruor army marched into Falador, Bruce stepping into the public and explaining. Bruce resided in Edgeville still, while Aztarwyn resided in the Faladian castle. Aztarwyn was basically placed as a regent for Bruce.

Bruce had the Faladian Flags changed, so the Asgarnian star was colored red, with the outside blue, to show the mutli-cultural aspect of Cruor.

The rule was mostly peaceful, before Bruce left Gielinor out of the fact that most people in Gielinor are complete idiots and wanted to find a new land that was ruled by Bruce and his men. Bruce took half of the Cruor army, including a lot of the L.C.S. 

Dominus of Cruor

Aztarwyn took the Cruor over when Bruce left, being placed as King of Falador. However, he soon ordered the military to move into Pollniveach, to hide out, and wait for his arrival. Aztarwyn assaulted Admiral Tang Rovin until Tang was immobile, and then he burned the Cruor flag on Falador Castle, then sending a letter to the Mahjarrat Tyrant Oliver Ryder,  giving him ownership of the city, while also giving deeds to all the other Cruor lands such as to the Kinshra, Cira of Pollniveach, King Ehrick of Varrock, and other people he thought deserved the lands that Cruor once owned. After his arrival to the military, they left Pollniveach, digging themselves into the sands south of Nardah, awaiting for their time to sprout up.

Attempted Resurgence

Aztarwyn tried to bring Vigilis Cruor back to it's former glory, and he led the Invasion of Nardah. Many Nardah civillians were killed in the process, taking Nardah over with force. Henrik Harlowe was placed as Dominus as well, the two sharing the title, and Henrk being the public Dominus. Aztarwyn worked much in the shadows before his new approach to Cruor.

The Shadow of Cruor

Vigilis Cruor took on a much darker approach after their rebirth, thanks to Aztarwyn. Here are some events that Aztarwyn took part in somehow.

Plotting an Assassination

Dominus Henrik Harlowe hired Khione Rovin to assassinate the Queen of Ardougne, as well as an Ardougne Knight named George, paying 200,000 gold coins for the deed to be done. Henrik did this under Aztarwyn's order.

The Cruor-Kandar Cold War

Aztarwyn sumberged Cruor into a Cold War with Kandar forces and the Eyvindi Provinces. Before King Zenthos of Camelot was forced out of the castle, the two had agreed to become allies and divised a plan that would put Gielinor in World War III. However, with Zenthos being supposedely killed, the third world war never took off, and ended up being a cold war. Endric Troaz was deployed in Kandarin, taking part in few battles, until he was later sent to middle of no-where in the desert for Operation Gonzo.

Operation Gonzo

Operation Gonzo was created after Aztarwyn had learned of Terwyllon forces in the desert protecting the tomb of Arrondal Gonzo. Endric Troaz along with many L.C.S. members assaulted the tomb. They were able to kill the enemy forces, all of them, and escape with the body of Arrondal.

The Wrath of Aztarwyn

After an assassin hired by Aztarwyn goes out and tells Duke Eyvind of the revival of Vigilis Cruor, Aztarwyn orders the destruction of Nardah to occur. His order was carried out, and the ruins of the town was given to the City of Pollniveach.

Aztarwyn then met with Zenthos after the assassination of Alexander Aerendyl is completed by the order of Aztarwyn, with the "body" of Arrondal. Aztarwyn then burns the body of Alex, right in front of Zenthos. Aztarwyn then brings Arrondal back to the realm of Gielinor, and the three together create a massive army of zombies in the ruins of Uzer, which contained not just fallen warriors, as well as former Gonzo Members who have died in the ruins, all human(Given that a Mahjarrat cannot be "revived"). A total of 1000 zombies is created, and Aztarwyn takes a massive majority of 777 zombies. These zombies are placed in the Gonzo Realm, where they are currently stored.

The Beginnings of the Commonwealth

The then-King Corvus of Varrock returned to Gielinor, wishing to take his city back from the hands of the "corrupt" Ehrick Elderon. After a month of the siege brutalizing the city, Aztarwyn decides to send newly trained L.C.S. member Irano Forvetta to the final push. Irano fought well, however the war effort failed when Corvus was defeated by Ehrick in a duel on top of the broken palace.

Usurping Oliver

After the siege of Varrock had failed, Katsu, Aztarwyn, and Ulrich, brother of Corvus, all met. The three talked, planning for a second strike on Varrock. It was here that Aztarwyn suggested their attention to be focused elsewhere, where they would have public support. This was Falador, which was in dire need of a rebellion. The three came to an agreement that Corvus would be placed as King of Falador should they be successful and they would together, act as a council for Corvus, with Aztarwyn in charge of the Military. Aztarwyn had posters put up all around Falador, and sooned, the tyrannical Zarosian Mahjarrat King Oliver stepped down from the throne, passing it to Corvus.

Aztarwyn took charge of the military through Irano Forvetta, who had fought in the Siege of Varrock. Irano took orders from Aztarwyn and carried them out, such as moving Princess Emma to the Gonzo Realm, and leaving.

Aztarwyn left Falador with the entire armoury, essentially. Cannons, gliders, soldiers, etc etc. He left the Faladian Military in shambles. Why he left? He simply grew bored, disliking Ulrich much and seeing no use in the Crown Prince. He was then handed the lands of the Kingdom of Camelot, which he purchased off the Heir for eight million gold coins.

The Second Kingdom of Lionheart

Aztarwyn took his men to Camelot and established the Kingdom of Lionheart, owning all the lands that was given to them by the Kingdom of Camelot. Aztarwyn was King, however the public was never made aware of this, and Irano Forvetta was the public face. The relationship was the same, Irano took orders from Aztarwyn and carried them out for him.

The Kingdom lasted awhile, before the greedy Kandar pigs, as Aztarwyn would call them, became greedy. However, they would not have gained Camelot if it wasn't for the return of Bruce Clough and turning the entire air force against Aztarwyn. These two then engaged in a little war with each other.

The Reunion of Rivals

Rachel one day became bored, and she went to her already angry father. He simply told her to invite Emma. Rachel went to Al Kharid palace and teleported Emma to the realm, where Aztarwyn knocked the two down. Soon after he stated he was going to kill Emma, Arrondal brought Bruce and Henrik into the Gonzo Realm, where the two fought. However, Aztarwyn was in his home turf, and was able to easily defeat the three men. Rachel tried interfering, however the rage of Aztarwyn got the better of him, and he broke her ankles. Soon, Rachel teleported every enemy of Aztarwyn out of the realm, saving all of their lives.

Aztarwyn, enraged with Bruce taking Rachel, begun to set up camps north of Al Kharid, where three Gonzo Mahjarrat were stationed to watch the city. The Gonzo Civil War was about to begin.

Battle in Al Kharid

Aztarwyn ordered the three Gonzo Mahjarrat north of Al Kharid to mobilize and do whatever it takes to capture Bruce and Rachel. The entire city was evacuated due to the threat, and the Mhajarrat moved in. Bruce killed one and the other two were called back, as Aztarwyn brought forces that were loyal to him, this being half of the family and the majority of his military. Arrondal then brought the other half of the family, along with forces loyal to Bruce and the remaining ten Nekai decided to arrive, including Thomas Nekai II.

Aztarwyn fought with brute force, the city facing some damage. He himself killed a few of his own family, before calling the entire familiy to negotiate a reunion. The entire family decided to align under Aztarwyn if he did not destroy Al Kharid, and he was then allowed to go the city to kill Bruce.

Aztarwyn barged into the palace, killing guards and even the final Nekai standing, Thomas Nekai II, finishing the Gonzo-Nekai War. He then engaged in combat with Bruce, an epic battle, in which led to the two falling from the roof of the palace and in the landing, Bruce was superior and had his sword to Aztarwyn's throat. However, Bruce only carved the scar Aztarwyn had given Bruce when he killed his parents in Falador. With this, he released Aztarwyn, and the two discussed the entire issue; Rachel. Bruce stated if he could not adopt her, he would marry her, and she kissed him. Aztarwyn then walked away, soon to come again.

Miscellaneous Doings

A man by the name of Elliot Altus wished to seek the merge between Emma's kingdom and Lumbridge, forming the Kingdom of Kharadia and Lumbridge. Aztarwyn as well, thought this would be a good idea. He decided to help.

Elliot and Filis talked with Emma, attempting to arrange their merge, while Aztarwyn did nothing more but stand there. He was intimidation. With him there, fear struck the room, scared of what he would do. After Emma had said she would think of the merge, Aztarwyn talked with her privately. He told her it was in her best interest to merge, otherwise, she would face consequences. A week after this first meeting, the three arrived to Al Kharid. Emma agreed to merge the two lands together.

After the deal was made, Emma's husband, Joe Bloikon, had died of a reaccuring leukemia.  Aztarwyn delivered the body to a mourge, dragging the body by it's hair and flying away with it, maniacally laughing. Another soul for him to torture.

Engagement to an Aerendyl

Aztarwyn, for whatever stupid reason, decided to rent a room in Al Kharid. When he entered, he found a woman that had some beauty in his eyes, however still questioned why she was in his room. Apparently, the shop owner rented the room to the both of them. They then decded on who was more dominant and who got the bed. After engaging in sex, they decided to share the bed, and become engaged later on.

Helping King Ehrick

Longtime friend of Aztarwyn, Zenthos, had decided to gather an army to invade Varrock, and Aztarwyn was asked to help. Aztarwyn didn't like the idea, as it interfered with his plans of invading Varrock. He decided to go to Varrock castle after being contaacted by Zenthos, and had told King Ehrick of the upcoming invasion. Ehrick had his army prepared to defend the castle, and Aztarwyn had said he would return.

Soldiers of Kharidia, Zenthos' army, and White Knights had invaded the castle. Aztarwyn arrived, seemingly on the side of Zenthos, and sent his undead carriage towards Zenthos, jumping out, and engaging in combat. A weakend Mahjarrat soon teleported Aztarwyn, in attempt to save his life. Later, Zenthos would acquire Varrock.

Misthalini Doings

Aztarwyn, after Zenthos' ascension to the throne, had allied himself with Ehrick and the two begun their plans to retake Varrock. Zenthos was hated by the Varrockian people, so they had the advantage. Ehrick took the name of Lord Ambrose and dyed his skin black, creating the Ambrosian Coliation, placing Irano as Mayor of Edgeville. Aztarwyn took part in raids of Varrock castle, most led to some damage of the castle. 

His Plan

Aztarwyn was the best candidate to kill Zenthos, and he had devised his own plan. Aztarwyn during an invasion of Varrock, would find Zenthos and teleport the two to the Gonzo Realm, where Aztarwyn would be in his prime. There, Aztarwyn would kill Zenthos. The plan was flawless, and was the best sure-fire plan. However, Aztarwyn saw Ehrick was greedy and wanted nothing more but to risk defeat and take every inch of glory. Ehrick gathered an army and attacked Varrock castle, which Zenthos was killed by the hands of another, and the castle was destroyed. Aztarwyn saw Ehrick as a fool from this point.


Aztarwyn was rather angry, after Ehrick had taken the glory like the selfish bastard, as Aztarwyn called him, he was. Arrondal and Aztarwyn looked over the tainted world from the Gonzo Realm, and had engaged in conversation. The two knew that multiples of Mahjarrat and humans alike weren't happy with this act, and Arrondal decided to pass down the Legendary Sword of Gonzo to Aztarwyn. Katsu, who was brought to the Gonzo Realm under Aztarwyn's permission, then aligned himself with Aztarwyn, giving him his forces and the two organized the downfall of Ehrick. Aztarwyn and Ehrick were still technically allies, so killing him would be a breeze. Aztarwyn struck lightning down on the world, causing a storm, and secured Rimmington and Port Sarim from here.

Aztarwyn never did kill Ehrick however. He was busy with something else.

Killing Iola

WARNING: The following may contain graphically disturbing content that offends the reader. If you think you may be offended, don't read it then. Viewer discretion is advised. You have been warned.

One night, Aztarwyn and Iola were looking at the night-time sky. It was rather romantic, yes. The two talked of Aztarwyn becoming Varrock's Kaiser, and Iola would be Kaiserin. Iola wanted to keep her last name, forever making her an Aerendyl. Aztarwyn however, brought up one last thing she needed to take, the dreaded ending.

The Gonzo Ritual.

Aztarwyn took Iola far into the desert, where they weren't seen. Then, five Gonzo members came down after the seal was planted, the five surrounding her.

This was where she could tell it was her end.

The Gonzo then rushed towards her, pinning her down and ripping her clothes off. They then painfully defiled her, Aztarwyn watching his fiancé suffer before his own eyes. He enjoyed this, maniacally laughing as she was assaulted into lifeless puddle. The five Gonzo were all able to find a way to shove themselves into her, and during this, she was stabbed multiple times. They finally ended it, leaving Iola broken, mentally and physically. She crawled towards Aztarwyn, he knelt down and removed his helmet, leaning towards her. As it seemed like it was his final kiss, he slapped her in the face, then took his sword and decapitated her. So long, Iola. Shouldn't have been an Aerendyl.

Formation of Das Kaiserreich der Cruor

Aztarwyn had decided it was time for him to create an Empire, for he had never actually ruled such a body of power. He did so by invading what was believed to be the island today known as Hauptsitz, killing many Fremennik and destroying much of the defences. He then had the castle rebuilt and established this the future capital of the Empire, deeming the empire the name Das Kaiserreich der Cruor, continuing the Cruor legacy.

Destruction of Falador

With a man under the alias of Pyro coming into power of Falador, Aztarwyn surrounds the city with his army, the entire glider air force in the sky and cannons surrounding the city. After a day or so from this, Aztarwyn himself with two other members of the family walked into Falador, straight into the castle, and took the city with ease technically. He put a barrier of shadow around the castle, then gave Irano the order to destroy Falador.

Over the course of three days, Falador was destroyed. During the second day, Eliot Altus calls Aztarwyn via commorb and begs for him to stop his assault. Aztarwyn simply replies, "When I'm done with it." Irano and Aztarwyn mocked Elliot for his pansy ways, as he would never dare to challenge to grand army of herr Kaiser.

On the third day, Aztarwyn took his leave from the city, and the castle was destroyed. He then handed the crippled city to the white knights.

Kidnapping Emma

Emma had been alone in the palace of Al Kharid palace, then a Mahjarrat struck, attacking Emma. She ran out into the courtyard, and Aztarwyn oversaw this from the realm. He swooped in, grabbing Emma and teleporting them to the realm, thus saving her life.

Then, he threatend her life if he did not repay him, in the form of her kingdom. She refused to hand the Kingdom of Kharidia to Aztarwyn, and then he threatend how he would kill her if she continued to refuse. He locked them in a circle, with the Gonzo Seal to aid him in this, and she cast a super-heat spell at Aztarwyn. He blocked this by barricading himself in a dome of shadow, then destroying the superheat. He summoned his almighty beast, knocking Emma into the wall of the seal, the beast roaring pridefully.

She then gave in, only settling for Al Kharid. He accepted Al Kharid, and declared war on any Kharidian forces within the city. The war then ended, when Das Kaiserreich forces defeated soldiers in Al Kharid, Das Kaiserreich victorious. This was the beginning of Aztarwyn's new Empire.

The Empire

Aztarwyn had become pleased with the rapid growth of the Empire. The military secured Edgeville and Gunnarsgrunn peacefully, and established their military presence immediately. Fremennik villagers from Gunnarsgrunn were shipped off to Hauptsitz for execution, which were replaced by common settlers.

Al Kharid had been repaired to it's full extent, the people of the city pleased with their ruler. Aztarwyn had one last glimpse of his Empire from his chaotic point of view, wishing nothing more but dominating Gielinor then setting fire to it when the time was right.

Meeting Lily

On an ordinary day, Aztarwyn was called to Hauptsitz to meet a special guest. He came down to the portal room, and looked to who was with Irano and Zack, a girl dressed in rags, covered in dirt, a homeless woman. She was asked her name and he replied to him, saying her name was Lily. She asked for a home, and Aztarwyn's humanity gave in to it, allowing her to stay under the condition she married him. She then took the Gonzo Ritual which resulted in their marriage. He gave her some new clothes, told her to go clean herself, and take care of herself.

She came back with a shirt and skirt on, black boots as high as the bottom of her kneecap, and her skin renewed, smooth skin all over her beautiful body. She looked completely different, and he was in love. He considers this to be the turning point of his life.

Becoming Immortal

It was only a few weeks after his "marriage" with Lily when his plan was ready for action. The gem was prepared in the ritual room and the family was called for an assembly. He sat with her, talking about why he took her in, because she had potential. He had found love in her, and he told her of his plan to become immortal. He gave her his old amulet, and asked to keep it safe, which she did. It was a symbol of his love. Then it was time.

He and her went to the ritual room, where the family was, with a big opening they had left, cramming themselves around the clear space. In the clear space, he stood in the middle, where every limb was connected to a cooper wire which was connected to the gem, that was crystal clear and had a very faint Gonzo seal on it. He was then given the dagger of Gonzo, and did what nobody thought he would ever do.

He slit his own throat, reaching under the helmet and letting the blade do it's work, ultimately killing himself.

Shadow poured onto the floor, as the corpse dropped to it's knee's, the head tilted to the side. Seconds turned to minutes, and Lily was ready to panic. She broke the silence, yelling to have someone see if he was alright. Just when they all thought he was really dead, the shadow sucked back into him, the gem now deluded with shadows, the seal more visible. Then, the breathing from his helmet could be heard.

He was alive.

The copper was removed from him and the gem, the gem being taken to his room. He then stood, and dismissed the family. He walked back to his room with Lily, however he struggled. He was weak, and by the time they both got through the door, he fell down, his armour disappearing into shadow and his casual clothes appearing from shadows onto him, resting his head on her legs. She then insisted that he slept, and fed him strength potions the next morning. He was fine within a few days.


It was a little while after Lily had been made Kaiserin that she was pregnant with Aztarwyn's third son. He wasn't very excited when hearing of Lily being pregnant, however he decided to go with it and do what was needed should the occasion arise. 

So it was a dreadful six months after finding out that Lily was pregnant, as they found out three months after, that she gave birth to his son. With many elders watching, and Arrondal delivering the baby, Aztarwyn sat by her side, gripping her hand and helping her through the birth. He named his child Zephon, after his supposed father. The elders then left, and the royal couple was left to adore their baby.


Just a little while after him and Lily had Zephon, Lily was pregnant again. Aztarwyn was not very fond of this either, as he had a child already that needed raising. However, he went with it again and then Lily gave birth.

A girl with crimson red eyes was born that day. Just like Rachel's eyes, Aztarwyn himself was even confused why the hell she had red eyes. Lily had blue, and he naturally had black. Putting this aside, they cherished their new daughter together. She was named Akiza.

The Final Battle

After Akiza had been born, Aztarwyn had looked to finally end Bruce Clough. He set the L.C.S. the operation "Exterminate Clough" which entailed that the L.C.S. capture or kill Bruce Clough and potentially his wife, Emma. The mission's peak led to the military getting involved, forces being sent to Morytania to search the land for the two as they were located in Canifis, however not found.

Then came Arrondal's revealment, which Aztarwyn knew what this was as Lily had told him. Arrondal called the family to the castle, and revealed he is indeed the true father of Aztarwyn. After the announcement, Bruce's voice was audible and he stood in the doorway.

Mahjarrat or not, I'm still going to kick his ass!

A smoke bomb was then thrown and the room was covered in it, the rest of the family clearing out, except for Lily and Aztarwyn. He had teleported his armor onto him and used wind magic to clear out the room, while Bruce was no-where to be found. He had continiously thrown insults to Bruce, and then executed Wayne right in the lobby. Soon, Bruce came out of hiding and the two began to fight.

Their fight went to the upper floor of the castle, where Rachel was set free and Bruce booked it. Bruce was tackled by Lily, and Aztarwyn took Rachel and Emma and put his sword to their necks, while Bruce mimicked his move and did so with Lily. With their ladies now on the line, the two released them and continued their fight, both falling over the railing and onto the main floor, where the fight took outside of the castle.

It was then Aztarwyn conjured his almighty shadow beast to finally defeat Bruce, the beast coming from the skies and roaring with pride. Bruce had sent a bolt of light to it and shattered it, however, it was not finished. Now in the form of hundreds of needles, the beast took the body of Bruce, where Aztarwyn now could do what he pleased.

He thrashed him around like a fish flopping around on land. He showed Bruce what real pain was, slashing him in the stomach, leaving a nice gash. He raised his sword to kill him, until the impossible happened.

Emma had stabbed Aztarwyn with the Legendary Dagger of Gonzo.

Now stabbed, he kneeled as the blood poured from him, and Emma's mothers dragon, Verde, came to save the day. The grown up Verde sent his hellish flames at Aztarwyn, while Aztarwyn was forced to create a shadow barrier around him to protect himself from the flames. Emma and Bruce got on top of Verde and they flew off, where they wouldn't be seen again...

Lily managed to bring the now weakened Aztarwyn to Arrondal, where he had his stab burned shut, such as when he was injured back in the Gonzo-Nekai War. Later, he got a good nights sleep to brush off whatever pain was left, now knowing it was impossible to kill Bruce once and for all.

The Conclusion of a Rivalry

The day had come for Rachel's birthday, and Aztarwyn had decided to gift her for once, deciding it was time for them to move on from their recent rocky past and try to be father and daughter again. He had crafted a necklace of gold, and the gem was one of his fake phylactery, however she would not know. She loved this gift when it was presented to her, tears of joy falling from her eyes and she hugged him. He soon then had her receive the Gonzo Seal tattoo, and he did so in tattooing her. She left the room then, and soon, he felt something.

His heart skipped a few beats.

On the bed, his heart racing now, suffering from what it seemed to be a minor heart attack. Lily, confused, stayed with him until he stopped acting weird. He then realized that there was only one way for this to happen. He had placed an enchantment on the fake phylactery to make it seem more realistic whenever one was destroyed. He then put the puzzle pieces together.

Bruce found the one in Gielinor.

Aztarwyn on beach
Soon, Aztarwyn and Lily went to sleep, and the next day Aztarwyn went to Mudskippers Point, where he had buried the fake phylactery. When he arrived, he could not feel it's energy. He searched the area in which it was buried and it wasn't there. There was a little bit of a smashed gem, though. He knew his rival had finally accomplished the goal of finding a single phylactery and destroyed it. At this point, Aztarwyn looked out to the sunset, knowing his rivalry was now finished as both men had finally shown each other what they are capable of. It wasn't going to end in victory nor defeat. Not yet it will, that is. He then soon left Mudskipper and returned to Hauptsitz, where his troubled mind then began to annoy him once more, still trying to find what is wrong in his life, when the answer is still right in front of him. However, he took a more drastic approach when it came to this...

Ending a Gielinorian Empire

Aztarwyn wished to calm his stable mind and things in Gielinor were getting out of hand. People were going to die if he wasn't going to step in and his entire empire was on the line. He thought he had found what was troubling his mind, and had every citizen, coin, soldier, and resource brought back to Hauptsitz, where they abandoned their Gielinorian Homeland to come live in Hell.

Once the citizens rallied for his speech, he gave his renown "Now Get Back to Work" speech, where he had addressed it was time to start something new. He was very brief, and soon, people scattered, going to make towns of tents and begin to live off of what they were given.

However, his mind was still troubled. Though, now with every potential problem out of the way, he could begin to see more clearly what was happening.

It was the change Lily had brought.

He realized that he, Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo, was no longer himself and he had found a new identity. He was no longer the sadistic maniac who lusted for the death of many, he was now the caring, crazed man who still had the lust for blood. He learned to love, instead of to hate. He accepted his new identity and lived as two people now, as he very well knew what he had known himself as was still deep inside. He just had to find it.

The New Cruorian Empire


Years had passed since the empire had shrunk down to Hauptsitz. Many considered building a city around the castle, while the Fremennik continued to be tortured. Aztarwyn had been spending the day with Lily, on the shores with her and then eventually went into their room. They had been talking to each other when all of the sudden, cannonballs could be heard.

Fremennik slaves managed to get into an armoury and began to raise hell across the land. Fremenniks were released from chains and took arms, taking the fight to the soldiers of das Kaiserreich. With their enemies weapons, they faired extremely well against their masters, using their rage to give them the boost they needed to force the Gonzo themselves onto the battlefield. Aztarwyn now aware of this fighting, had joined many other Gonzo and joined the fray.

Aztarwyn and his brother dealt with the Fremennik once the Gonzo arrived. They had slaughtered several men by themselves, the onslaught going for hours before what was left of the Fremennik had to surrender. After the surrender, recon forces were sent north to find runaway Fremennik and Aztarwyn had begun his way back to the castle, joined by his brother. What they found was not expected.

Aztarwyn and Zack had picked off two men on top of Lily and Rachel, who were preparing to sexually assault them. Both women crying, Zack killed the Fremennik that was on top of Lily while the revolt's leader was in the grasp of Aztarwyn. Throwing him down to the lobby, Arrondal took the leader by his hair and dragged him out of the castle. Aztarwyn remained with his daughter and wife, comforting them as they cried into him. Then they found out there was still a third man, which had managed to do what no-one could even get close to.

He stabbed Aztarwyn with his sword and dealt a deadly blow.

After the Fremennik man was killed, Arrondal arrived after the revolt leader was detained with the rest of the Fremennik. Aztarwyn was in pain, laying on the lap of Lily as he bled. Arrondal and Zack knew that his wound was far from treatable. At least, they couldn't heal it with him alive.

So he knew it then. Knowing he had the phylactery in his room, Aztarwyn was able to cope with leaving the world for a day. It was then that he died on Lily, and sent himself into the land of the afterlife where he would return two days later. Awakening on his bed, Aztarwyn got up after moving the sleeping Lily off of him and tended to some strength potions of his. Lily and him embraced when she awoke, and the two spent whatever time they could.



After the execution of the Fremennik rebels, the recon squads had discovered numerous villages across the so called island, and it was discovered it was a continent instead. Aztarwyn had forces march up the land and conquer various areas and built Hauptsitz Stadt. The empire continued to expand northwards, defeating the Fremennik in a bloody battle in what is known as blutstadt and Todesstadt today.

Starting the Cruor-Fremennik War

Once the cities were taken by das Kaiserreich forces, Aztarwyn was told of the rival empire that was Fremennik. He decided to liberate the continent of these Fremennik and rule over the entire land. He had declared war on the Fremennik Empire, and the Fremennik Empire did so back. 

Aztarwyn now had a new empire in his clutches. Cities were built on battlegrounds and people migrated, where the economy began to thrive and the empire was alive again. Although these cities faced raids in their early beginnings, the soldiers pulled through and the cities remained intact. 

Killing Bruce

The time soon came where Aztarwyn had to end the rivalry with his biggest rival, Bruce, for otherwise he was at risk of losing. Aztarwyn was well aware Bruce is and always will be capable of defeating him alone, and had known for quite some time Bruce resided in a colony south of the mainland. It is then Aztarwyn told Lily of this, and Lily did not deny him of his wish, however she did not accept it. Aztarwyn travelled for Clough Manor, where the lives of few would cost the lives of many.

He came upon Clough Manor at noon time, travelling straight from Cruor. With his sword drawn and shadow magic in hand, he knocked on the door, deciding to politely introduce himself. Then, when Bruce had opened the door, it was the beginning of the end for Bruce. A shadow blast knocked him into another room and Aztarwyn walked in, as evil and menacing as he was, and Emma was in complete shock. Emma kept trying to push Aztarwyn out, however her attempts came to no avail. Bruce tried to finish this rivalry as well, however he was overpowered by Aztarwyn and soon, forced into a corner after he had been stabbed.

Aztarwyn, after he had seemingly killed Bruce, then turned to Emma. After forcing her too in a corner, he decided to cause grief and agony on her once again and put her into a mindset of fear and agonizing torture that perhaps one day Aztarwyn would come back to kill her at long last. Instead of killing her, as he always wanted to, he instead gave her the scar he left upon Bruce's face and the scar Bruce left upon his. Doing so with the Dagger of Gonzo, the dagger that Emma had stabbed Aztarwyn with and he had retrieved from Bruce, Aztarwyn left this scar upon Emma and soon left the manor, setting fire to a home within the colony and killing a family of three. Although, he had made a drastic mistake and did not check upstairs for what may be a new threat to him in the future...

And so Aztarwyn returned home, blood on his armor and his mind was filled with joy. Rachel had asked what he had done and he simply told her he killed Bruce, where she began to pour her heart onto the floor in disbelief at first, and soon came the truth and sadness that followed. He ignored her sorrow, knowing she would be hurt, and returned to Lily, where Lily felt sympathy for Bruce and Emma. After a fight, Aztarwyn too began to have feelings of regret, as now his rival is dead and he has nothing else to do for fun. He was able to get a good nights sleep though.

The New Adversary

War With Lionheart

Years after the death of Bruce, the village of Bruce's residence had named itself Lionheart in honor of Bruce himself. The village would grow into a city, and the city had a disliking for Aztarwyn and the empire itself.

Once the city of Lionheart gained enough strength, the city decided it was time for action.


Killing Emma

Training Setomus

Exposing the Truth

Ending the War

"The Throne is Yours"

The Hunt

The Battle for Rachel

"I Want to Die"


Transforming the Empire

Blood Brothers

The Dreaded Death

Nights Without Sleep

My Enemy Became My Love



The End of an Era

The Declaration of War

The Axis of Gielinor

Blood Brothers... Again

Ending the Axis

The Eastern Triumvirate

The Ritual

Enslaving Kuolema


The Second God Wars

From Kaiser to God

Kuolema's Child


Back to Where it All Started

Death versus Justice

Aztarwyn had been paying attention to the affairs of the mainland from his lovely abode, the Gonzo Realm. Kuolema was elsewhere in the realm and Tetnaziwyn was down on Cruor with AdriAnne and Adolf. New gods were arising, such as Jandres and Te'pooka. He figured he could go down to the mainland and see if he could draw one out.

Coming from a sunny, beautiful day, the clouds gathered around the rune altar south of Edgeville and the storm began. Te'pooka was just here, conveniently and Jandres was travelling around. Aztarwyn had came down to the forsaken overworld, standing in the area with the Legendary Staff of Gonzo in hand and his other two weapons sheathed. Te'pooka was flapping his wings furiously, screeching at Aztarwyn. He begun to charge a simple shadow spell and Te'pooka unleashed a hurricane of winds, and Jandres hid behind a tree to spectate. The battle had begun.

Aztarwyn turned into shadow and took flight. He got up to Te'pooka's level and began to fly right at him. Te'pooka flew upwards once Aztarwyn had passed, however Aztarwyn had a trick up his own sleeve. He 

Aztar vs tepooka

Aztarwyn and Te'pooka fighting, with Jandres spectating.

began to spin around and unleash rings of shadow from himself, going to blast Te'pooka into darkness.  Te'pooka, being an aviantese, was capable of manuevering these rings. Aztarwyn went back to flying after Te'pooka, however after Te'pooka began to fly up and down, Aztarwyn landed back to the ground and pulled a shard from his pouch. He smashed it onto the ground and as it shattered, a blinding white beam shot up to the sky, and once it touched the sky had been scarred with the Gonzo Seal. Te'pooka continued to use wind magic against Aztarwyn, however he was able to simply blockade these attempts. Te'pooka fired four arrows, in which Aztarwyn sent two walls of fire to incinerate these arrows and Te'pooka dodged the fire. The Seal continued to expand in the cloudy sky, and Aztarwyn put himself in a dome of unpassable shadow, so he may charge his lightning strike. 

Te'pooka had sent a tree flying towards Aztarwyn, however it was caught by the dome and he sent it flying right back. Right as he did this, he raised his staff in the air and rods of lightning began to strike the area around Te'pooka. Te'pooka managed to dodge everything, hiding by a few trees and reevaluating the situation. The large scale of power from the battle began to draw others. Izialith, a random person, had been watching from a tree and Kobalos had come marching to the scene. Aztarwyn flew up into the air, and stopped mid-way from the clouds and the ground. He turned half of his body back to flesh and raised his staff, and the almighty shadow beast  came down from the seal. It was a gateway for the beast to travel through. As he did this, Te'pooka sent even more winds at Aztarwyn, however the beast sent shadows down to block these winds. Once it had finished its journey to the overworld, the shadow Kraken roared and flew straight for Te'pooka.

Aztarwyn had flew for Te'pooka, as well, after the shadow Kraken however. It began to charge it's own huge ball of shadow and Te'pooka shielded himself in earth and air. Aztarwyn figured that if even this failed, he would breech the barrier and fight Te'pooka in hand-to-hand combat. After the beast had launched it's ultimate attack, the barrier was crushed by the shadow as if the barriers support just vanished. 

Aztarwyn turned back into a human and slid to a stop on the ground, looking at where the shadow ball had landed and exploded. Te'pooka teleported away, quite simply, and Aztarwyn was fine with this. Jandres came out, and Izialith began to applaud him. He only looked around the desolate area before making conversation with the new gods of Gielinor.

Death Meets Order and War

He only had looked around the desolate area for a few seconds before being confronted by Kobalos, the self-proclaimed son of Bandos and new god of war. They had introduced themselves and Jandres, the self-proclaimed son of Saradomin had joined in as well. Aztarwyn only spent a few minutes preaching his values before he decided to teleport back to the realm, where he would watch the area around Ice Mountain.

Scuffle with Jandres

Reviving Lily

Aztarwyn decided to check up on the manor that he lived all alone in now, with AdriAnne and Adolf being tended to by maids. His life was empty. For years now, he had someone to share his glory with, someone to talk to. A reason to remain. He pondered on and on for days, as he grew tired of using Kuolema for his needs. He didn't want her to enjoy it and she did regardless. Memories came to him and ultimately, the young Aztarwyn was returning. Lily was the only woman who truly filled the empty holes in his life and brought out the humanity in him. After much sorrow and much thinking, he finally decided to go against his own ideals and reverse what he never wanted to happen.

He was going to revive.

It was a stormy, rainy night in Hauptsitz. The days of sorrow allowed the enchantments on the weather to work its magic and make it downpour. Surely, the rulers of das Kaiserreich were asleep and the coast was clear. He walked to the grave of Lily, where lightning began to strike. His robes were already drenched from the rain, however nothing was going to stop him. With the staff of Gonzo to aid him, he used his expertise in earth magic to safely dig up Lily's grave and remove it from the ground. He opened the coffin and used some more magic he had experimented with to ensure that she had no bruising or anything bad that would kill her. Then he took out an amulet, an enchanted one.

Then he dropped it in the coffin and Lily's body pulsed with life.

He returned to the manor with Lily shortly after, and for hours he stood. Lily now laid on his bed, sound asleep, and was considerably wet from the rain. Water continued to drip off of his robes as he only stood and watched, fascinated. She was alive and he was beginning to think this was a dream. His only concern was if she wasn't breathing, however he knew she was. She then woke up, her eyelids fighting her as she forced them open and she looked around. She then found him standing there, and he kept on closely watching. He brought her up to date on things, and now he could finally live his life in an undisturbable peace. 

Kuolema's Freedom

Warning, this section is slightly graphic. Those who are squemish are advised to skip this section.

With Lily alive now and Kuolema had no more purpose, Aztarwyn decided to free her. However, he wouldn't do this without some sort of catch. He planned a small little torture for Kuolema, for the times he had attempted to torture her and she enjoyed it. Although Kuolema's freeing would have been merciful, while talking with her she had made one of the most dearest mistakes of her life.

She called him by his name and not master, as she's suppose to.

From there, the gears of Aztarwyn's sadistic mind began to turn again. He began by burning parts of her body, and continued to torture her horrendously. He ripped organs from her body and forced her to eat some, shoving a few more up her nostrils. He broke limbs, and he was still not satisfied. He could not bring out the good old Aztarwyn everyone use to know and love. That is, until he finally figured it out.

He then threw her robes on top of her and lit her entire body on fire. She screamed, she screamed at the fire burning her skin away and the burning of flesh finally set Aztarwyn off into his maniacal laughter. He had finally found the sadistic, bloodthirsty warlord that he had locked away and he embraced it. Kuolema was now deformed and he put out the fire, leaving her alive and teleported her to a frozen wasteland so she may freeze. He had finally topped his most horrible deed since Iola, and he was happy about it.

And so the true Aztarwyn was back.

Beginning to Train Tetnaziwyn

Tetnaziwyn was beginning to reach the age of five, the age of which Aztarwyn had started his own training. Aztarwyn had decided he should begin training Tetnaziwyn, as he knew the child had potential to be even stronger than Aztarwyn himself. He had taken Tetnaziwyn to the Gonzo Realm, where he'd begin simple melee training, giving Tetnaziwyn a sword crafted of mithril. Aztarwyn decided to hold off on the magic portion of Tetnaziwyn's training until a later day.

Remembering Glaiwyn

Visiting the Past

Training of Aztarwyn III

Scattering Decoy Phylactery

A Night in Wushanko

The Night

The Dark Minister started to get... Curious, to say the least. He never thought of himself being on an island in the Wushanko. It was something new for him. He figured it could take his grieving mind off of his mother, even though pleasure from having Lily didn't do that. A month after his birthday, he left. It would be the last time that people would see him for awhile.

Aztarwyn arrived to an island within a day. He had no idea where he was, however he had a strange feeling. It was a feeling that he was starting to lose power, and the last ritual was years ago. In addition, he felt drained from the flight to get to the Wushanko, and the only weapon he had was his sword and staff. For a minute, it seemed to him that this would be a huge mistake, however he dismissed the idea. He was absolutely sure that he could overcome anything.

He toured around, not finding any sort of civilization. This was only an island, yes, however it was only one of many. Perhaps the others had some sort of life. However, as night came around, the monsters from the tree's began to rise.

Bandits, it seemed, surrounded Aztarwyn. Who knows how many there were. "Same shit, different island," he thought to himself. Aztarwyn drew his sword and began to charge a fury of flames for the Bandits. However, much to Aztarwyn's dismay, the spell was charging at a very, very slow speed, which was unusual for him. "What the blue fuck is going on?!" he asked himself in his mind. He stopped charging the spell and the melee begun.

Using his powers in the field of shadow magic, Aztarwyn managed to dominate the Bandits single-handedly. Head after head, bodies continued to drop. This went on for over an hour, and Aztarwyn began to grow... Tired. He never experienced this. He was exhausted. Eventually, the numbers gain caught to him and Aztarwyn, for once in a very long time, was overwhelmed and defeated. Knocked unconcious, Aztarwyn was dragged away. 


He woke up in a rooom populated with people, at least he thought. Witchdoctors surrounded him, preparing for a ritual. He still had his slacks on, and his staff and sword were laid out on top of his robes on a table. He was topless. "Strange..." He thought.

The witchdoctors spoke in their own language, and from there, Aztarwyn hardly had any recollection of what was going on. He yelled, and then he felt pain. A stinging pain. His power was drained, and he couldn't do anything. He could only hang from the wall.

This went on for awhile, however they didn't want to kill him. He was something... Special to them. They kept his power to a level where he could live, however not fight. It would take longer for him to escape.


Time had lost Aztarwyn, and none of his attempts to escape had prevailed. He wasn't strong enough anymore. His captors continued their experiments with him, drawing some blood and continuing to study him. His breed was rare and it seemed that these odd people had no idea what he was. He was new to them and they were obviously curious. His sword as well was rare, and of course they were curious. On occasion, he would see blood on his own sword. He wondered often if it was his. How the witchdoctors removed the enchantment that only allowed Aztarwyn to use it was remarkably odd. His name was still glowing, however it glowed at a fainter level.

It never reached Aztarwyn's mind that he may be able to let himself die and take the form of another being for a long time. When it finally came across him, he dismissed it, as he would lose his powerful form and it would take him longer to find his weapons. It was decided he would live in this eternal damnation until either the captors died or something else allowed him to escape.

However, it was on a sunny afternoon that the Minister of Darkness would get some vengeance. Still chained, he continued to effortlessly resist the experiments conducted on him. He couldn't help it, it was his nature to resist. However, during one such experiment, the dark room was suddenly filled with light and Aztarwyn was momentarily blinded by the sudden flash of light. After his eyes adjusted, he witnessed what would become the day he long awaited for.

His kin arrived to save him.

Arrondal and five other Gonzo Warriors, whom of which seemed to have been Mahjarrat, began to lay waste to the witchdoctors and whatever Wushanko warrior that stood in their way. Soon, the chains that bound him to the stone wall were broken and he fell to the ground. His body was fragile and he could hardly even keep himself on his knees, however Arrondal came to him.

"How long... How long has it been, father?" Aztarwyn said in a raspy voice, as he had not spoken for awhile.

"Years, my boy... Years." Arrondal said this in grave voice. "Lily, the children, they all miss you. We thought you had perished."

The only word that he seemed to had care for was Lily's name. It had been years since he saw his beloved wife, the only woman, let alone thing, that he ever cared for. And with that, rage struck him.

"Take me to the Realm... Now."

Without a single word, Arrondal had his son's sword and staff given to him and the two went to the Gonzo Realm. Aztarwyn fell to the solid shadow ground on all fours and allowed the power the Realm had gifted him with flow through his veins. Suddenly, he no longer felt weak, however he only felt the power he once had. He soaked more from the Realm, to give him extra strength. And after his rejuvenation took place, he stood, and his armor had appeared from shadows and onto his body. His eyes glowed red, and Arrondal stood back.

The God of Death had returned, and he was very, very angry.

He teleported back to the dungeon he was held in and more Wushanko warriors came to fend off the Gonzo Warriors. At the sudden moment that his aura was felt, the Gonzo Warriors had teleported and it was just Aztarwyn.

He slaughtered his captors, and without mercy, he tortured them all one by one. He broke their bones, he broke their souls. He then moved onto the village that the dungeon was held in and now with his staff, he set fire to the village. He went into the homes of many and killed several innocent men, women and children. He did not care. They were all the same to him.

After his rampage was finished, he teleported to the Realm again, where he then teleported to the gates of Gonzo Manor. It had suddenly begun to thunder, and rainfall begun on Hauptsitz. He was no longer in his armor, however his robes. He then flicked his hood over his head, and he walked to his manor. He was back.

The Foundations of a New Enemy

Months after the return of the Lord of Darkness, rehabilitation was difficult for him. Despite seeing Lily again, the past had haunted him, as he was defeated and weak for a long period of time. Not once in his entire life had he felt that pain, that weakness that drenched him in a cold shower of doubt and despair. He had more scars, some deeper than others, some that nobody else but himself could see. The scars had been marked all along his back, chest, and mind.

He was too damaged to try to attempt any sort of vengeance, at least not for awhile. The killing of several men in that dungeon was not enough for the mighty Aztarwyn, one who has accomplished feats beyond the capabilities of man and heroes, even Gods, alike. He has laid waste to Mahjarrat, to armies, he has conquered lands that have been deemed impossible to step foot in without being killed, he had established and built upon a foundation of mindless sheep that called him a God, he had defeated those who had tried to usurp him, and many of whom had outnumbered him.

But yet, he could not withstand just a simple night in Wushanko, and a few bandits.

Searching for a haven, he had gone to Ice Mountain, the place of his birth. He often would find comfort here, alone. The realm had seemed too dark for him in this time of doubt, it had disturbed his troubled mind further with daunting memories of previous foes that had defeated him in combat, such as his former rival Bruce, or the Fremennik who managed to the killing blow off him during the Fremennik Uprising of Hauptsitz in the path that led to the Cruor-Fremennik War. Ice Mountain brought to him an even colder presence, however it was not one of doubt and regret, it was one of sorrow for him. It brought him memories of his mother, the only person he cared for other than a select few of his children, Lily and a select few others. The person that had been taken from him by Death early in his life, the one who gave him his traits of a human to feel emotions such as love, passion, sorrow and doubt, something a Mahjarrat would deem as unacceptable in their race. He didn't shed a tear, unlike the day she passed, however those memories still clung to him and reminded him that he was only a half a Mahjarrat, that he had weakness and he could be defeated, despite splitting his soul and putting half in an object that could just as easily be destroyed.

More often than not, Aztarwyn would not contain his levels of emitting aura, and left him prey to anyone who wanted to investigate. One such man did, in search of another, he had gone to Ice Mountain and had found Aztarwyn looking upon the snow that represented himself so closely. He had interrogated him. The man was also one of Aztarwyn's kin, perhaps a half-breed as well. Aztarwyn looked at him, and had no idea who he was. However, he eventually came off as hostile to him. After an exchange of words, the two began a sort of duel of magic. Aztarwyn had used his styles of shadow and his foe used styles of Vekonic lightning and wind. The two came to a stalemate very quickly, and the man would suggest that they both should conserve their energy for another day, a day where they would decide who was to win this destined battle. After they had both agreed, they both teleported away from the site.

Later on, Aztarwyn had used his influence in the Gonzo and even in the Empire, and had scouts of his own and of his grandsons to find out who he was, giving them details of his appearance. After much searching, eventually results came in. The most popular was Zarin Renderra. Once he had heard his name, he thought back to the days of Bruce, to the days when Cruor was just an infant, and he could only think of the Forgotten God from then.

And then a spark had ignited a flame within him, one so hot that it fueled a drive to gain revenge on those who had tortured him months ago, and one that motivated him to fight this new enemy and gain even more power. But first, his vengeance would come.

The Kaiser Rises Again

After establishing his new rivalry with Zarin, Aztarwyn had gone through extra measures to ensure his phylactery would remain safe. He had called upon his brother, Azeroth, to meet him in the manor. Azeroth had come, appearing as a much older man than what he was last seen as, and the two had exchanged words. Azeroth discovered that Cortana had been in Aztarwyns care since Rachel moved to the manor, and rightfully Rachel had been the mother figure for her. Outraged, Azeroth initiated a short duel of magic between the two, in which Aztarwyn only put in such little effort to make the duel a stalemate. Ultimately, he had to set Azeroth straight and defeat him once again. Once Azeroth had slighty cooled down, Aztarwyn made the offer that Azeroth would regain a good standing in the Gonzo should he protect a decoy phylactery and in extension, protect Aztarwyn. Azeroth only accepted under the condition that Aztarwyn would help him find Blaire, which was a condition that Aztarwyn could meet.

Although now Aztarwyn had his protection and felt pretty good about the future battle, he still had some sort of feeling that he was weaker than he once was. He had yet to gain his revenge over the natives of the island he had visited, and Tetnaziwyn had been coming along nicely in terms of training. He was worried about the future of the Gonzo now. Tetnaziwyn had yet to be battle-tested, and Cruor was in a time of prosperous peace under the rule of Kaiser Aztarwyn III. He knew he had to get Tetnaziwyn the experience to be a true Gonzo, to be the next Patriarch, to follow the legacy Aztarwyn had left and to make one of his own. 

And so Aztarwyn decided he had to rise to power again. 

Aztarwyn was just a shell of his former self now as a ruler. Despite having sworn that he was done ruling, he had to rule another kingdom to pass down to Tetnaziwyn, though having Tetnaziwyn conquer his own land would have been more ideal. Though, it was a step. Though, he needed an army and he knew Cruor would not go as far as go to war for him anymore. 

Aztarwyn still had a strong following in Cruor, as it dominated the charts of present religions in Cruor. The Knights of the Crimson Mist had continued their recruitment in Cruor and their schemes, spreading his influence. He knew they had potential, and it was what he needed. He travelled to Hauptsitz Stadt, which the headquarters of the crusaders had been located and demanded to see their leader. They hailed him, and Grand Master Brannau had met him. The two had spoken about Aztarwyn requiring their services for a crusade in the Wushanko, and Brannau had instantly accepted the ability to serve his lord completely. The meeting had concluded then.

Then Aztarwyn was concerned with transportation, however only slightly. He had gone to Hauptsitz Castle and met with his grandson, and had requested a small fleet to fufill his needs. His grandson was generous and had given him five ships from the Cruorian fleet that were not in use, which was a building step to something greater.

With the required army and fleet achieved, Aztarwyn could now begin his conquest for vengeance.

The army had gathered, with cannons, few airships and soldiers, and set sail for the Wushanko. Aztarwyn had provided a brief description of the island and the path he took to get there. During the trip the army had encountered several pirates, in which the juggernauts of battle had taken care of. Tetnaziwyn displayed an impressive style of destruction, blitzing his enemy with torrential fires and merciless swordsmanship. His son seemed to have passed the ability of power Aztarwyn had gained at the age of twenty one, and the boy was still young enough to do more.

After several weeks, the fleet arrived. Natives of the island had gathered at the sight of such a fleet, ready to invade their homeland. They took arms, and soon, tribes had banded together to defend their sacred ground. 

Aztarwyn was just as ready as they were.

Once cannons from the ship began to lay into the beach, Aztarwyn and Tetnaziwyn took flight towards the island to get a head start. Once they were in, they went to work. Aztarwyn had used all fields of elemental magic and his own shadows, creating an unstoppable force. He lifted the ground beneath warriors to send them flying into other obstacles and crushed them unto death. He had set fire to forests, making a wasteland of death. The crusaders had begun to purge the battlefield of the aboriginals and victory was achieved within two nights. They now had enough land to begin their operation.

Aztarwyn now had what he needed to build a kingdom again. And he would declare this land as land of Dargonia, the Kingdom of Death.


Dargonia flag

The flag of Dargonia

After a sizeable amount of land had been conquered by the crusaders, enslaved natives were forced to collect resources such as wood, stone, and several other materials to make settlements. Supply ships had come to the island, and several masons along with the shipment and they began to build a kingdom from the ground-up. As months had passed, Aztarwyn watched over his city in the making, watching it turn from a town to a fair sized village, in which was towered by a castle of such grand magnificance. Black stone was used to build Aztarwyn's castle, and he ruled from a gilded throne in which he would enforce his iron will against the aboriginals. Tetnaziwyn led battles against more native settlements, conquering more land and gaining more supplies. Tetnaziwyn had rightfully been named heir to the Dargonian throne.

Although Lily should have been standing side by side with Aztarwyn, he knew Dargonia had one major flaw that prevented him from ever bringing her to his new kingdom. He knew the natives were going to revolt at some point, as he doubted the capability of the crusaders to maintain a steady control over his slaves. He would often leave Dargonia to visit Lily, however he knew an underground movement was beginning to overthrow him, thus making his visits more scarce. He had crusaders begin to crack down on public meetings, and several were executed.

Aztarwyn truly had become a dictator now, as he once was before Cruor. Hardly anyone in Dargonia was free from his iron will, and he would execute anyone who he suspected to be plotting against him. He was paranoid. He had the feeling now that Zarin was after him, and Zarin would lead the charge against Aztarwyn and finally bring him down.

Aztarwyn finally felt what fear was like, and he wasn't too fond of it either.

Concerns of Death

Aztarwyn hadn't been sure what extra measures he could take to ensure that he would live. He had spoken with Azeroth to maintain a watch over the manor and track down any suspicious activity and eradicate it. His decoy phylactery had been spread all around, however he suspected that his foe was smart enough to realize that his phylactery would be out in the open. He started to make his appearances scarce, only few able to see him now. Whenever he left Dargonia, he did so in the middle of the night, as descretely as possible. However, he knew Cruor was a dangerous place. If anyone had known anything about him, they knew Cruor was the land Aztarwyn had graced with his presence. Aztarwyn knew he had to leave Cruor, but there was still a problem.

Lily was still there, and to abandon her would mean he would abandon everything he had become.

One Final Goodbye to Cruor

Aztarwyn had decided to leave Dargonia for one final time before he made it his sanctum of safety. He wanted to see Lily again before something happened. He had arrived in the Manor late at night and nobody else had known that he was there. The Gonzo guarding the manor couldn't feel his presence, as he had masked his aura prior to arriving. He spoke with Lily one final time,

He explained to her what was happening. He explained that a rebellion was forming, a time of grief was galloping its way towards them and it would be safer for her to stay in Cruor. He told her of Zarin. She wanted to go with him and stand by him, but he refused to let her do so. And so for one final time, they spent the night together filled with ravaging love before he would leave.

Aztarwyn didn't want to say goodbye to everyone for he had figured he would return, though little did he know it would be the final time he set foot on Cruor.


Brothers Severed



A Gods Fate

See, false idol, you see Fear as something that it is not. You see Fear as something that cripples our minds, that holds us back from achieving our goals that we set ourselves to. You’re wrong. Fear drives us to achieve our goals, it initiates our instinct to survive and thrive in our society. Fear helps us defeat our enemies and prevail in times of uncertainty. Fear turns to Initiative, Fear turns to hope. I fear Death, and I fear you. But I’m not afraid to die. I embrace both you and fear, just as my father had done before me. Gods have fear. now, false idol, shall we duel for one final time?

– Setomus to Aztarwn before their final battle

John Williams & London Symphony Orchestra - Anakin Vs

John Williams & London Symphony Orchestra - Anakin Vs. Obi-Wan Battle of the Heroes

Battle music for Setomus vs Aztarwyn.

Aztarwyn and Tetnaziwyn had been on the castle looking upon their city. The revolt was brewing. People had rallied and were marching to the bridge. However, Aztarwyn saw something odd. A man in a hood and cape with a red-headed woman were making their way across the moat. Aztarwyn recognized him. Setomus had come to kill him. "Son, looks like we have a fight. Come, we will meet them."

Aztarwyn made his way to the nearest hallway that faced the moat and opened a window, armored and ready to go. Setomus and Khione had made their way into the castle, and Aztarwyn waited for them.

“You don’t need to hide it anymore, boy. I know what you’re here for. You’re too stupid to use something else as a disguise.”

“I was hoping you didn’t recognize it.”

“You think I’m daft? Fool. You fear me just as much as your father did. That’s why he lost.”

“See, false idol, you see Fear as something that it is not. You see Fear as something that cripples our minds, that holds us back from achieving our goals that we set ourselves to. You’re wrong. Fear drives us to achieve our goals, it initiates our instinct to survive and thrive in our society. Fear helps us defeat our enemies and prevail in times of uncertainty. Fear turns to Initiative, Fear turns to hope. I fear Death, and I fear you. But I’m not afraid to die. I embrace both you and fear, just as my father had done before me. Gods have fear. now, false idol, shall we duel for one final time?”

“Just like your father, I’ll make sure you never see the light of life ever again.”

Setomus didn’t say another word and ran up to Aztarwyn, beginning the duel of fates. Swinging his sword at Aztarwyn, he parried and the two clashed swords in harmony as if it were a choreographed dance. Khione went to sneak up on them, however Tetnaziwyn was waiting and soon they battled throughout the halls as well, her using stealth to hide from him and attempting to gain the upper hand as he was just too strong to deal with in traditional hand-to-hand.

The duel between Aztarwyn and Setomus continued in the halls, making their way up stairs and through the entire castle. Aztarwyn began to manipulate the shadows with his magic and threw flurries of blasts at him, Setomus countering with his own light and shadow magic. Aztarwyn ripped the hood off of Setomus, finally showing his face. A kick and he was tossed back, however Setomus rose again. He ran back at Aztarwyn, swinging his sword wildly again. Aztarwyn ripped off his vest and threw him against the wall again. Khione had thrown a dagger at Aztarwyn, who became distracted and Setomus managed to get off a blast of light and threw Aztarwyn at the wall, damaging his armor. His armor dispersed in shadows and finally, Aztarwyn’s face was revealed. His black hair a mess and beard fairly kept, his eyes of death looked upon Setomus’ blue eyes of hope. Shirtless and armorless, both the men now, they continued the fight that would be won by sheer muscle and mastery of the magics. Tetnaziwyn finally got Khione, however a missed bolt of light from Setomus intended for Aztarwyn hit Tetnaziwyn, releasing her and damaging Tetnaziwyn’s armor. Their battle had finally taken to the roof of the castle with Setomus constantly in retreat to rethink his plan while Khione and Tetnaziwyn continued their fight upwards as well, Tetnaziwyn trying to end it quickly.

Aztarwyn began to push Setomus back. As Setomus paused to recalculate his move, Aztarwyn pulled a crimson shard and threw it behind him, shattering it and a beam of light shot into the sky, clashing with it and the clouds began to form and the seal of the Gonzo covered the sky. The snake and the pentagram, a curse that haunted Setomus’ family since the day Bruce met Aztarwyn. Setomus was caught off guard as Aztarwyn hit him with shadows and with a kick, he fell off the ledge of the castle.

Verde, the green dragon his grandmother had as a pet, finally flew in and caught Setomus, and Setomus mounted him and flew back to the roof. Khione looked, astonished, and Aztarwyn looked very angry as he hated the dragon. The dragon stopped him from killing Bruce before, which wouldn’t have led to this if he had done so. But then, he called upon his beast. A mass of shadow taking the form of a Kraken came from the seal, being transported from the realm and Aztarwyn turned himself into shadows, flying to the Kraken and mounting him as well. The two stood on their beasts as they flew at each other. Swords extended, as the two flew by, they swung at each other and clashed swords, forcing their beasts to turn around. Verde shot fire and the Kraken shot shadows, clashing in the air. Aztarwyn jumped and landed behind Setomus on Verde, and they did very little combat before Verde flipped around in the air to shake them off. As Aztarwyn fell, half of his body took the form of shadow and flew away from Verde and did combat with the dragon. Setomus finally caved in and used both shadow and light to fly, tearing him apart from the inside. He landed back on the roof as he looked up. Aztarwyn had slashed at Verde and then stabbed his head, and the dragon fell gracefully. having done his duty. He landed away from them, taking a bit of the castle with him, and with one final roar of pride, the dragon closed his eyes and began an eternal rest.

Aztarwyn landed upon the roof and the Kraken looked upon Setomus, preparing to strike. “It’s over, boy. I must end this now, I cannot allow you to live.” Setomus looked at him with a look of defiance, and charged a spell of light. Aztarwyn began to prepare a counter with shadows, however before he thought, Setomus shot. The bolt of light went to the Kraken and struck, The shadows of the Kraken began to crack and soon, in a huge explosion of darkness, it was gone. Aztarwyn, outraged, used the shadows to throw Setomus back to the floor, and he rose again. Defiance.

The two wielded their swords, and they charged back at each other. Blood coming from the slashes from hits they got off each other and bruises from how physical they got, as well as burns from the magic. Aztarwyn was a master of fire and was utilizing it against Setomus, however not successfully. Aztarwyn raised his sword and swung downwards, Setomus blocking. Their harmonious battle began to slow down as Khione and Tetnaziwyn continued to duel on the roof near them, Khione holding her own with swift, nimble fighting skills. Aztarwyn and Setomus had now charged their swords with their respective magics and clashed, a huge aura of energy coming off of the collision and they stepped back, charging again. They launched again and a huge collision once again occurred as the two beams of magic hit and broke. Aztarwyn rushed to Setomus and managed to grab him. Using magic to enhance his already overpowering strength, he slammed Setomus down and the roof collapsed, landing in the throne room where Aztarwyn had confided all this time, ruling over his people with tyranny. Khione and Tetnaziwyn fell, however Tetnaziwyn got up quickly and watched his father rise above Setomus. Setomus had a broken arm, however could still use his sword. He stepped back, preparing for one final drive. He had tears in his eyes, as he knew this was it. It was either kill Aztarwyn or Aztarwyn kills him. “I’ve taught you well boy, I must admit that. You’ve learned much more since the first encounter.”

“Of course I did, my father is Bruce Clough, the man who defeated Aztarwyn time after time.”

“He was also the man to be defeated by Aztarwyn time after time before he died.” Aztarwyn used fire to light the room up in flames, only the walls, to keep anyone from running now. “You know I cannot die, so what’s the point.”

“Gods can be defeated.” Setomus charged forward, bearing through his pain and using his broken arm to assist his sword. Parry after parry, block after block, the two fought tooth and nail. Setomus went full force into Aztarwyn and knocked him back, rocking his throne, Setomus made another and Aztarwyn dodged, causing Setomus to smashed open a cabinet hidden by the throne chair and there it was. His phylactery. Setomus couldn’t get to it and Tetnaziwyn marched forward, however he wasn’t quick enough. Khione launched herself at it and using a dagger, smashed the gem into pieces and a beam of shadow shot into the sky, causing it to thunder and Aztarwyn stood. His protection was gone. Setomus reacted quickly and shot up, overpowering the now weakened Aztarwyn and finally, stabbed him through the chest and his heart. His cold, black heart. Pulling the sword out, he was surprised that he bled. Setomus sat down, and Tetnaziwyn had retreated for now. He gazed upon Aztarwyn as shadows began to pour out of his body and unto the ground as if it were a misty fog with nowhere to go but down. Aztarwyn dropped to his knees, looking to the sky, screaming in defeat. The God of Death had chosen his own fate and after the shadows stopped, so did he. Aztarwyn’s limp body dropped, his aura was gone and it was over.



Aztarwyn had once been a stern man going into his training and very few first battles, inexperienced and somewhat nervous. He didn't know what to expect in hectic battles such as Gonzo-Nekai ones, where both melee and magic are both a constant presence and the usage of both is ideal. He seemed confident going into them at first, having knowing that he was indeed special and had the training of Arrondal to support him. After his first few battles, he started to ditch the nervous feeling he would get and look forward to many battles to come, as he was a fearsome unit of destruction on the battlefield.

Once Glaiwyn had passed, however, Aztarwyn went through a noticeable change. He wasn't open to others as he once was, often finding his way out of a casual conversation. He locked down all sorts of barriers, and the man known as Aztarwyn today had begun to take form. He seemed more angry than he usually was, often mad at the Gods for taking his beloved mother from him. He took out his rage on his enemies when he would participate in battles, often leading the charge.

When Aztarwyn was reaching his mid-fifties, he had a much more calm demeanor developing and he was very relaxed on the battlefield and didn't fear for anything. After taking control of the family and leading his soldiers to battle in both Varrock and Asgarnia, he had developed a strategic mindset to blitz the everliving shit out of his enemies until they had conceded or been completely eradicated. He was one of the first to use gliders in warfare, using them to bomb several towns and Port Sarim, and they paved the road to his victory in World War II. However, there was no doubt that he was a dictator, at best. He often deprived people of their freedom, some being forced into his army while others were told what they would do. Often the castle of Falador would be raided in his reign, though he always drove off the enemy.

Although he had started to casually talk with his allies now, Aztarwyn had discovered some strange feeling after his marriage with Alexys. Love. It was as if he forgot he was half human and could still feel human emotions such as love and sorrow. Alexys was the first person that he would open up to, showing that he was not just a Mahjarrat, but also a human. They had a child together, something Aztarwyn has had before and hadn't really cherished until Alexys gave birth to his first daughter.

After his divorce with Alexys and his rivalry with Bruce beginning, he would experience levels of rage beyond what he had felt before. He would use this rage to drive his fuel for war and conquer, and after several defeats by the hand of Bruce, he would make an alliance with his enemy to slay his bastard child. Aztarwyn began to use a strategy of compromise to begin working his way up the food chain again, gaining control of Vigilis Cruor and created his own empire. He would make deals with several, such as settling for Al Kharid and alowing the duke of Lumbridge to maintain regency in the empire.

Though, he still felt rage and now, doubt in life. After he had married Lily, the next best thing since Alexys, he felt something wrong with him. After discovering that Lily was a tool in changing who he was, he accepted his new, human identity for awhile. Lily was truly the only person he would care for, going out of his way to save her and when he couldn't, he felt the true feeling of pain.

Aztarwyn today has now expressed his Mahjarrat side more than his human, although remaining calm for the most part, whenever he is angry he would destroy something living in order to calm his troubled mind. He currently is on a quest for vengeance, after a demoralizing defeat that disturbed him for months.


  • Shadow Magic(Expert)
  • Blood Magic(skilled)
  • Ice Magic(Above Average)
  • Fire Magic(Expert)
  • Water Magic(Expert)
  • Earth Magic(Expert)
  • Wind Magic(Skilled)
  • Lightning(Average/Below Average)
  • Melee(Fearsome, brutish, skilled warrior)(Expert)

Could be improved:

  • Archery


Relations with other people.

Bruce Clough: Mixed, long-time former rival, former companion, slain by Aztarwyn.

Emma Genic-Clough: Divorced, formerly long-time rival, once killed by Aztarwyn.

Lily Gonzo: Wife, loved more than self, heart-broken from her death, revived

Iola Aerendyl: Formerly engaged, relationship was destroyed when Aztarwyn had her defiled.

Alexys Gonzo: Mixed, former wife, has killed once, however they have moved on from the past and have a neutral relationship.

Thomas Gonzo: Son, horrible. Killed.

Aztarwyn II: Ungrateful-worthless-bastard son. Killed.

Rachel Gonzo: Daughter, had a rocky point in their relation, however they both share a strong father-daughter relationship

Zephon Altus Gonzo: Son, good.

Akiza Gonzo: Daughter, good

Setomus Clough: Step-son, good relationship recovered since the battle.

Arrondal Gonzo: Father, good

Azeroth Gonzo: Brother, rocky. Have had battles. Defeated.

Samuel Gonzo-Clough: Grand-son, good.

Zenthos Dae: Mixed, good friend however once enemy.



Aztarwyn overall has had about 6 different outfits, his 4th and 6th are his most commonly known ones.

  1. The Nova Knight uniform
  2. Some kind of mish-mash for an archer. I can't remember back to 2010.
  3. He wore some steel like rune.
  4. Black plate-body, plate-legs, red boots. His crown is his winged helm (Helm of Neitiznot, derp), and he often switched up his sword and shield. The final sword he used with this outfit was the sword he used for the next two, before obtaining the Legendary Sword of Gonzo. It is an enchanted replica of Excalibur, the enchantments much like the Sword of Gonzo, stating the owners name, as well as the enchantment on the Elder Wand from the Harry Potter series, that one must disarm or kill the owner to be called the true owner. Though, if the sword does not accept the owner, due to the failure of disarming or killing the true owner, it will send constant shocks of eletricity to the hand of the fraud owner until it is dropped (For rofl-stealers).
  5. The helm stayed, though he switched to what O.O.Cly is torag's platebody and platelegs.
  6. The only changes here are a full black helm, and the addition to the Sword of Gonzo. He was always known for wearing the cloak of his kingdom/empire from the 4th outfit and beyond. This outfit is currently the one he wears.


Usually only seen when he is with his wife Lily Gonzo, though he is usually not seen at all if he is with her. A black shirt, boss shirt though, and black pants, with boots. His face is exposed. Very, very few have seen his full face and lived after. If he is not in this attire, he would then be in his robes with his staff, which is a very casual outfit for Aztarwyn to wear in public as it shows half of his face, something people don't often see.


Aztarwyn appears to be in his early 30's, due to potions and magick. He has a strong build, and scars along his chest, marking that he is, or was, a warrior. He has dat fringe, emo hurr, because he's cool. Upon his left eye, is a scar much like Bruce Clough's. The color of his eyes are black, in Gonzo legend it is said that he was born with them. The Gonzo Seal is tattoo'd on both of his arms, and is cosidering to get a enlarged one on his back. Across his chest as well, are just some random epic tattoo's, because he's epic and what-not.


Pictures, videos, all that fun stuff.

Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King

Avenged Sevenfold - Hail to the King

Aztarwyn's theme song


Here will list every title Aztarwyn has held since he was role-played, given he did not have any sort of title pre-roleplay. The list is in chronological order.

Current full title: King Aztarwyn the Deathless, Dark Minister of the House of Gonzo, first King of Zamorakian Varrock, first King of Zamorakian Asgarnia, second King of Lionheart, third Dominus of Vigilis Cruor, first Kaiser of Cruor, first King of Dargonia, God of Death and Master of Shadows

  • Patriarch of the Gonzo Family - Current
  • King of Varrock - Six months
  • King of Asgarnia - Three Years
  • King of Lionheart - One year
  • Praetor of Vigilis Cruor - Two years
  • Dominus of Vigilis Cruor - Two years
  • King of Camelot/Lionheart - Six months
  • Kaiser of das Kaiserreich der Cruor - An overall twenty years
  • Baron of Gonzo Manor - Current
  • King of Dargonia - Current

Languages spoken

List of languages known to Aztarwyn that he is capable of speaking.

  • Common Tougne - fluent
  • Gonzo Language - fluent
  • Kharidian - broken fluency
  • Ancient Tougne - mostly fluent


  • Aztarwyn is the oldest developed character that the user Aztarwyn has ever had.
  • Aztarwyn is the second character that Aztarwyn has ever used.
  • In a player-made quest series where the name Aztarwyn originated from, Aztarwyn is an elf.
  • Only three people have seen Aztarwyn's full face and lived afterward(That had been either in combat with him or just a natural enemy). Emma Genic-Clough, Setomus Clough, and Eden Syvian.
  • Although Aztarwyn is naturally intended to be an antagonist, he has turned to become a protagonist.
Patriarchs: Aztarwyn Zephon Gonzo, Azeroth Gonzo, Arrondal Gonzo, Tetnaziwyn Gonzo

Family Members: Blaire Gonzo, Rachel Gonzo, Zephon Altus Gonzo, Akiza Gonzo, AdriAnne Gonzo, Adolf Gonzo, Setomus Clough, Samuel Gonzo-Clough, Dorina Clough, Aztarwyn Gonzo III, Cortana Gonzo, Mikayla Gonzo

Servants: Kuolema Destruotus Kullis

Antagonists: The House of Nekai

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