Axera Ember

Full Name:

Axera Kalh Ember
The White Wolf




Lunar Isles, though not officially a member of the Moon Clan


Ivan Aleksey (Deceased)
Ivana Ember




Chaotic Neutral with Good tendencies



Axera Kalh Ember is the offspring of Ivan Aleksey and Ivana Ember, roleplayed by Macho Mystic (Mostly known as SpiderBox, or anything with Box in the name.). She is the result of the prophetic dreams of her father, Ivan, which has ultimately led her life in the direction it has gone. Despite this, she lives her life by her own choices, never adhering to rules of cities or politics.

The Dance of Moons and Dreams

Axera was a very energetic child during her development on the Isles. This was, in every way, a byproduct of her mother's eccentric and carefree attitude. She often found herself outside the walls and exploring before being plucked up by an owl and set back home. This never seemed to bother her mother, Ivana, who was more interested in watching her daughter cause mayhem than teaching her or scolding her, much to the dismay of some of her Moon Clan peers.

At the age of four, Ivana discovered that Axera had formed a mental tether to Ivan's spirit in the afterlife. It started off with Axera making mentions of a "big green drew" repeatedly, with Ivana eventually understanding what Axera was talking about. At first, vocal communication between Axera and Ivan required the aid of a ghostspeak amulet which, rather fortunately, Ivana owned unknowingly. Eventually, after three years of

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