Axel Blade, Champion and Adventurer


Axel is a native born Kharidian, Hailing from Al Kharid, He is the only son of the wealthy "Blade" family. His mother "Lydia" was a very successful merchant of exotic fabrics, while his father "Leon" was a retired master swordsman and trainer to many duel arena combatants, making commission on their victories in his latter years. Axel had a very much normal childhood, He was fascinated by the "Duel Arena" at a very young age, He watched his father compete against, and mentor many fighters from all over Glenior. This led to him following in his fathers footsteps and at the early age of 7 he began training under his father Leon. A prodigy in the making was soon erected and as Axel grew older and stronger he started his first offical amatuer duel arena match at age 12. He swiftly won the match upsetting a favored barbarian teen in the first minute of combat. This would be the start of a long and very prospering career for Axel.

Early Career, to the rise of a Champion


As Axel grew older and stronger, so did his career as a duel arena combatant. He was receiving intense training from his father, that alone would make Axel master the way of the sword, But in the arena he faced many different opponents from all over using different variants of combat. If he


was to achieve the title of champion he had to be skilled in the art of all skills in combat. When he wasn't under his fathers wing he was tutoring under various different Magic and Archery teachers, His father being well known Master Swordsman and trainer, had many connections so Axel received top quality training.

By age 16 he had many wins under his belt, even a few fans, But Axel never had much of a social life. If he wasn't training, he was competing. He never had any regrets though, the thrill the bloodthirst, the roar of the crowd, it was addictive he fed off the energy it gave him. It was his passion his calling his legacy to follow in his fathers footsteps. His father was a stern man and even a sterner trainer, but he had to be if Axel was to be great. "Champions


aren't born Axel, They're made." he'd say to axel to remind him, Even though he was setup with the best training offered and the son of a former champion himself, those things meant nothing without blood, sweat, tears, sacrifice and a life deticated to the arena.

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