Axe in all its glory.
Vital statistics
Title Axe
Pronunciation However you want.
Race Hatchet
Faction Gardening Tools
Alignment Choppy Chop
Power Chopping stuff up
Status Being an Axe
Axe is an axe made of the purest iron. It was mined on another planet, shaped into a triangle-thing, and the end painted red. Axe can be found on most tables, or in toolboxes. Axe can be a melee weapon, ranged weapon, or whatever you want it to be. If you have a good imagination, Axe will be your best friend.

Axe has been the cause of death to 1100 Vampyres, 620 Werewolves, 84 Leeches, 24 Guards, 96 Spiders, and Guthix.

Fear Axe.


Axe is used to kill Guthix. This is lore, folks.

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